‘Now & Then’ Coming To Netflix; Here’s Netflix August Movie And TV Show Lineup

The nostalgic movie about female bond and friendships is coming to Netflix this August.

‘Critical’ VLC Zero-Day Warning Raised

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Cybersecurity researchers have warned users of the popular multimedia player, VLC, of a “critical”…

Chinese Fugitive Caught By Police Using Facial Recognition

It's part of China's project called "Sharp Eyes."

New Restrictions On SNAP Food Stamps Will Cut Off Millions Of Americans

Trump Administration wants to put tighter restrictions on SNAP benefits.

North Carolina Passes Bill To Stop Robocalls And Scammers

The law also applies to text solicitors.

Phishing Attack Targets Lancaster University Students And Applicants

The hackers gained access to students' and applicants' names, addresses, phone numbers, ID information, and emai…

iNSYNQ CEO Asked Clients For Patience Following Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack infected the company's server since July 16.

MCU Commits To Diversity; Valkyrie Gets A Bisexual Storyline

Fans are all for it!

DoorDash Is Stealing Their Workers’ Tips To Pay For Their Wages

Instead of adding tips on top of their wages, DoorDash kicks off its wages by the…

Iranian Hackers Are Posing As Cambridge Officials To Target US Government

The threat actors are using LinkedIn to send malicious documents.

Fujifilm Has A Surveillance Camera That Can Zoom In To See License Plates From A Kilometer Away

Now, imagine this technology being used in smartphones.

LOOK: A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Trailer

Based on Tom Junod's work in 1998, the movie will tell how the kindest man in…

The Cost Of Data Breaches Are Rising, And SMEs Are The Most Affected

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares With data breaches and cyberattacks happening every day that affects millions of companies around…

‘Oninaki’ Demo Now Out, Test The Might Of Your Daemons

Don't forget the Nintendo Switch package deal for those interested.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Spread Across Southeast Asia

Researchers found that malaria-causing parasites have spread across Southeast Asia but the threat is potentially worse…

Tencent’s TIMi Studio Group Reveals Joint Pokémon Project

A new Pokemon title in the works, from a team affiliated with the owner of games…

Stop Taking Daily Aspirin To Prevent A Heart Attack, Doctors Warn

Doctors warn against people taking daily aspirin therapy without a physician's recommendation

‘Digimon Survive’ Opening Trailer Gives Off Strong ‘Persona’ Vibes

The newest teaser for the next Shin Megami Tensei serie— oh wait.

Google To Pay $11 Million Settlement For Age Discrimination Claims

Age discrimination complaints about Google's practices is not new but the latest report dates back in…

NASA ‘Legend,’ Chris Kraft, Dies At 95

The man behind human's first landing on the moon has died.

Textured Breast Implants Linked To Cancer, Doctors Warn

A UK agency issued an alert that textured breast implants may be linked to human-made cancer.