‘Rockman X DiVE’ Capcom’s Blue Bomber Entry Into Mobile?

Another long-time big franchise dives into mobile game development.

Capcom, or more specifically Capcom Taiwan, announced the development of Rockman X DiVE (tentatively Mega Man X DiVE overseas), a new project of the Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) series developed for mobile devices. The unveiling was accompanied by a YouTube video, which showcases the teaser for the game.

The brief 15-second announcement trailer showed glimpses of very familiar stages and settings in Mega Man X that are overlaid with typical mobile game app touch controls. The graphics, though only seen for a few instances, seems highly reminiscent of Mega Man X8.

The story introduction, which is found at the game’s official website, is presented with the concept of “Deep Log,” virtually a record of all the events of all Mega Man X games condensed into a realm or world. For some unknown reason, errors within Deep Log started to occur, mixing up characters and events within different Mega Man X games. You, as the player, have the power to interact with this world and to help fix whatever went wrong within it.

Aside from this short detail, there is no other information available on the website.

The announcement of a mobile game for the Mega Man X series comes as a big surprise, especially after the critical success of Mega Man 11. It was presumed by a lot of fans that Capcom would ride this success bandwagon all the way through with an announcement of a new Mega Man X series game at a later date. Or at least, a remastered version of the classic titles.

Instead, we get this rather unexpected announcement for a mobile game. Then again, this is technically Capcom Taiwan. Maybe the development team is an entirely separate entity, and we can still hope for that anticipated main title game?

Either way, the development of this title as a mobile game brings intrigue as to what exactly Capcom is planning to do with the franchise shortly.

No specific dates announced just yet, but Rockman X DiVE is scheduled to be released sometime later this year.

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