‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leaked Footage Finally Shows Each Avenger In Action

Comic-Con 2019 was the location for what was supposed to be the scheduled demo for Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game.

Fortunately (or maybe, unfortunately), a Reddit user by the name THEPROMISE102 (the one who posted the original leak) decided to do the usual thing of sneaking into the demo and recording some of the gameplay footage.

There’s quite a lot to unpack here, so let’s give a few highlights for some of the shown characters:

First on the footage is Thor. Most of his gameplay seems to boil down to the usual hack and slash bash formula, followed by some movement tricks and special moves involving Mjolnir. There’s the co-op element too, so that could spice up his gameplay depending on the stage, enemies, and available allies.

Next is Iron Man. The first part of the footage shows him flying over to the stage area hitting stuff with his repulsors while advancing through. His powered flight is somewhat reminiscent of Anthem‘s flight mode (or maybe it’s the other way around?). You can boost your way while being able to stop and land down to punch some baddies up close.

Hulk doesn’t really deviate away from the smashing and bashing that he regularly does, but it was kind of interesting to see him hold onto truck trailers like it’s some form of a platforming maneuver. The guy he used as a club though, he’s probably already dead at the very first swing.

Black Widow, for someone who doesn’t have superpowers such a strategic and tactical character, surprisingly doesn’t get much gameplay footage. There was only one shown sequence where she jumps and takes on Taskmaster while you do some QTE-esque actions with all the chaos in the background.

Lastly, Captain America has most of the same moves as what you would see him do in the movies, and this is kind of strange. It was already revealed in the game’s E3 2019 presentation that he would die, or be significantly incapacitated at the very start of the game. This hints as to his next return into the story, or maybe another character like Sam or Bucky takes his moveset. Either way, it’s quite interesting to see how his shield was incorporated into his gameplay.

Did this leaked gameplay footage make Marvel’s Avengers more impressive so far? It certainly was quite intriguing, as several of these exclusive gameplay perks would inevitably mesh into the game’s co-op play system. This would then presumably make for very different and unique plays, depending on who you team up with and how they use each character’s abilities for each stage/area.

The next upcoming event where the game will once again be presented is next month during Gamescom, on August 24th. Maybe more footage will be revealed there, hopefully, official this time, so that we can have a closer and brighter look.

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