Invites For Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha Test Now Out

It’s been a short while since EA announced the development of the next installment to PopCap Games’ beloved Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Plants vs. Zombies 3. As of today’s official announcement post, invites for the pre-alpha test for the upcoming game are now being given out to potential registrants, albeit with a few notable caveats.

First, the pre-alpha will be available directly at the Google Play Store, and the Play Store only. This means that the pre-alpha test will be restricted to Android users. However, the download link itself will only actually be available to selected players, which will be chosen by EA within selected phases.

EA reminds potential registrants that even if they did not receive an email that particular day, they may once again wait for the next in case an invitation will be sent for their registration. There are no specifics, the announcement post just simply instructs players to wait and see.

Also, your Android device should at least support Android 6.0. It must have the technical specs equivalent or higher (e.g., a Galaxy S7) to those released when that specific Android version was released.

Oh and in case you’re under 13, sorry but EA won’t allow you to participate in the registration.

A number of FAQs are also available at the announcement post, with most of them answering the game’s availability, current development schedules, and eventual release.

One specific question, which asked if the game is free-to-play, EA answered with a rather odd “the Pre-Alpha version is free-to-play” instead of directly referring to the title itself. Maybe some hint of minimum spending required for competitive play on official launch? Hopefully not.

Another particular query, which asked if the game will have microtransactions, EA responded accordingly with “not yet.”

Well, we suppose this is EA we are talking about, so most likely no surprise there — except maybe for surprise mechanics.

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