More Than 4,000 Developers Are Now Signed-up For Google Stadia

New updates rolling in from the development of Google’s very first gaming service has revealed that at least four thousand developers have already signed up for the service. This was confirmed by Stadia’s Technical Account Manager Sam Corcoran during the recently held Develop: Brighton 2019 conference.

We now know how Google Stadia will mostly operate. The theme of seamless gaming through multiple devices does offer a very convenient solution to the problem of gaming time management and portability. Even though opinions are currently polarized as to how effective it would be, there is a general agreement that the concept, at least, represent one of the next steps in the technology of gaming.

By the time June came in, little updates were being mentioned on the developer’s side of the service. A few tidbits were hinted in the service’s business model, but the latest news marks the first important reveal of information on that side, as quoted by Sam Corcoran’s statement:

“The two-page application form is reviewed by Stadia personnel, so don’t take it lightly. We’ve had more than 4,000 companies apply for Stadia access, and every single one of them is reviewed by a human. So really, put some thought into that application.”

The last sentence of “putting thought into application” though points at the true meaning of the statement. Along with a progress report represented in numbers and process, those last few words were meant for the developers to think of how to optimize Stadia’s platform. Corcoran specified that developers have to keep that in mind if the platform “does anything particular for your game.”

In other words, it shows a deliberate focus on marketing the convenience of seamless multi-device usage both in updating available titles ported onto it, and developing upcoming titles for it.

The mention of application reviewers being human is also of particular note, presumably due to the numerous issues caused by Google’s algorithms for its services in the last few years. Perhaps the detail was briefly dropped to ensure that considerable due process was being manually done and that the developers are not getting screwed over simply because review bots miscalculated or overlooked.

Aside from the application and curation process for developers, games, and titles for Stadia, another vital subject addressed by Corcoran was the immediate effects of the program.

On the developer’s side, the application is meant to “tailor-make a support plan that will work for your title and fit with the rest of our portfolio.” This will presumably be important for the developers, as using the platform should take several different forms due to the simple nature of variety in games.

For Google, the number of ideas and concepts that will be brought forth by the combination of game development and optimizing for multi-device play is the biggest benefit itself. Corcoran encourages anyone with an idea to come forward. Those who are interested in providing suggestions, motivated to pitch other implementations or just anyone with enthusiasm to think of what this combination of platform and games could do.

Indeed, more support for the platform by developers will be the backbone of Stadia’s viability in our current gaming environment. The platform, as currently presented, seems to be at great odds with its expected success because of how it is viewed. This is both due to current internet protocol and telecommunication limitations, as well as the overall mentality of game ownership by gamers in general.

Only time will tell, of course, but if lots of developers support it, then it could give proper impetus for gamers to change their minds about it, and to adopt it early as well.

As of this article’s writing, applications are still open for developers. Keep in mind that if you are based in the US, you need to provide proof of corporate identity, as well as an Employer Tax ID Number. The two-page application is available at its official link.

Google Stadia is set to open its services this coming November officially.

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