Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top Game Picks And Deals

Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us. And, before heading out to the biggest sale event on Monday, we prepared a list of the juiciest game deals you could take advantage once Amazon Prime Day clock starts ticking. We listed down games for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Best Nintendo Switch Prime Deals

Finding great deals for Switch titles is, while not that challenging, is not too easy either. That is mainly due to the various hardware-based gameplay modes of many of the console’s games. Nonetheless, there are several great deals this year for the console on Amazon Prime Day.

Recently Released/To be Released Top 5 for Nintendo Switch

Cheapest Top 5 for Nintendo Switch

Additionally, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame and Just Dance 2019 takes special mention in both categories, as both will be available at $19.99 (50%).

Best PlayStation 4 Prime Deals

The staggering number of new games, as well as major updates on already released games for the PS4, makes it one of the easiest consoles to find great deals with. This doesn’t even include even bigger titles, which are slated to make their huge splash into the PS4 market starting as early as spring next year.

Recently Released/To be Released Top 5 for PS4

Cheapest Top 5 for PS4

Spyro Reignited Trilogy, while not technically included in both lists, also takes special mention for those who want a good deal on current remastered games. Plus, it’s Spyro too! So there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Grab it tomorrow on Amazon Prime Day at $29.00 (37%).

Best Xbox One Prime Deals

Following right along the PS4 and Nintendo Switch deals, Amazon Prime Day deals for Xbox One games are also packing a lot of value for the great games that are available. In fact, it might be so much more than the already over-listed lineups earlier that we can only include so few of them for a top five list.

Recently Released/To be Released Top 5 for Xbox One

Cheapest Top 5 for Xbox One

As for console deals, Amazon currently has these great picks available for the PlayStation 4 ($369.48), Xbox One X ($399.99), and Nintendo Switch ($298). Do take note that stocks for these might change drastically as Amazon Prime Day comes, so be sure to secure your purchase, or at least to check and see if there would be enough supplies left.

Are you ready for the big day tomorrow?

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