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Turbografx-16 Mini Game Lineup, Price, And Availability Announced

The retro-console craze continues yet again.




If you think the full-sized C64 re-release would already be enough for the retro-console craze, think again. Yesterday, Konami updated its earlier announcement by revealing more about the upcoming Turbografx-16 Mini.

Earlier this June, Konami made a brief announcement about its intention to revive the classic NEC console. No specs or any other feature was detailed, but the company did reveal some of the games slated for the retro-console release.

As of yesterday’s update, the console’s game lineup was finally revealed, along with its intended retail price. The game roster is basically divided into two, 26 Japanese game titles, and 24 American release games. Take note that this will not exactly be 50 separate games as advertised by the trailer. Many of the games will actually be identical, only separated by each language and interface version.

For example, American Ys Book I and II and Japanese Ys I and II are the exact same games, just with a few tweaks due to version differences. There will also be a few games that are originally from the Supergrafx, which will be ported onto Turbografx-16 Mini, such as Aldynes, and Dai-makai Mura (Ghosts n’ Goblins). Most interestingly, a few pioneering games of their respective genres, such as Snatcher and Tokimeki Memorial, will be included in the lineup as well.

The complete game roster is available on the product’s official website.

Like the NES Classic and SNES Classic, which was released in Japan as the Famicom Classic and Super Famicom Classic respectively, Turbografx-16 Mini will be released locally as the PC Engine Mini. It will sport its own design reminiscent of the local version, as well as a slightly different controller design. Function and features, of course, will be universal across the two.

Menu tweaks and options for this upcoming retro-console will mostly be the same as previously released ones. Quick Save, for example, allows save-states to keep your game exactly where you left it. Screen modes will provide different looks for each game you play. As always, this will include the obligatory 4:3 CRT emulation option.

Additionally, Turbografx-16 Mini will allow up to five simultaneous players for the system, in order to accommodate for games that allow for such play.

The Turbografx-16 Mini is slated to be available exclusively through Amazon, according to Konami’s official introduction. No prices stated yet for its Western release, although PC Engine Mini will be sold in Japan at 10,500 yen (about $100).

The original Turbografx Mini or PC Engine was one of the most historical gaming consoles developed in Japan. Originally designed and manufactured by NEC and Hudson Soft in 1987, games developed for the system featured visuals and graphics that were arguably already more advanced to that of the NES or Famicom, the dominant console that revived the Western video gaming market after its disastrous crash in 1983.

In fact, it temporarily outsold the Famicom one year after its release, supported well by its very robust game title lineup from big third party developers such as Namco, Irem, and of course, Konami. It even became the eventual main rival console of the Super Famicom in Japan, as opposed to the rivalry of SNES and Sega Genesis in North America.

Had it not been for Sega’s hasty but well-calculated release of the Genesis to the non-European Western market, the Turbografx-16 would have likely significantly impacted video games in America as well.

By the time 1989 rolled in, it was replaced by the Supergrafx, an enhanced version of the console, featuring four times more RAM, a secondary video chip, and a separate video RAM. This successor, however, failed to break into the already bustling Japanese video game market, and it too was eventually replaced by the PC-FX in 1994.

Both Turbografx-16 Mini and PC Engine Mini are scheduled for official release on March 19th next year. Pre-orders for the retro-console will be available starting next week.

Christian is a passionate geek who loves to let everyone know the latest in science and technology. He is also a gamer at heart and is often looking for a balanced compromise that could allow him to present both sides of his interests appreciably.

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‘Mega Man X DiVE’ Closed Beta slated for a major PvP update

It’s a multiplayer jump n’ shoot fest.




Rockman X DiVE, now with the official international name of Mega Man X DiVE, has announced updates for its upcoming closed beta test event this end of August. Among the new information revealed, are details of its PvP system.

Mega Man X DiVE will be directly implemented with PvP mechanics that preserve all gameplay elements of the Mega Man X series. As you can see from the trailer, its an all-out battle royale with charged shots, multi-jumps, dashes, slashes, as well as, a dazzling array of new and old special weapons.

Being that it is a mobile game, there might be a few balance-related concerns for such versus system built directly from what originally was a platforming system. However, given that mostly PvE action mobile titles such as Honkai Impact eventually got implemented with PvP mechanics, and since this is Capcom Taiwan, we should at least give its developers the benefit of the doubt of its potential fun factor.

On a less competitive note, Mega Man X DiVE tweaks the classic ability acquisition from robot masters with the Chip system. While players would still get new skills from defeated enemies, it would be in the form of a chip that requires to be equipped in order to use that specific skill.

Take note that the term used was “enemies”, specifically referring to mini-bosses and similar types of heavier reploid foes that are not classified as robot masters. Since we already have a huge number of such major stage enemies from throughout all the Mega Man X titles, players should have lots more skills for players to work their Maverick Hunters with using the Chip system.

Last but not least, it has always been the tactical default modus of the Maverick Hunters to provide navigators for their field agents. In Mega Man X DiVE, things are no different with the introduction of the cute, blue-haired reploid assistant RiCO.

There are no specific details as to how much will she be implemented in the game’s interface and access menus. Though, she would most likely give a helping hand to newer details that players might not be familiar with this upcoming mobile game.

As announced before, the CBT for Mega Man X DiVE is slated this coming August 23rd. You can register for the event at its official recruitment page, but keep your fingers crossed for that confirmation email.

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Man Sells Old NES Game for $9,000

Way more than just a delightful attic find.




Scott Amos, a man from Reno, Nevada, was reported to have discovered a perfectly preserved copy of the NES classic game Kid Icarus and was able to sell the mint-condition vintage cartridge for $9000.

The report came from the local newspaper of his city, and it details much of the circumstances that led to both the discovery and the eventual purchase of the game. According to his account, it was possible that the game was supposed to be a Christmas present from 1988, but was somehow forgotten and had stayed in his home’s attic since then.

Mr. Scott had said that he already knew that the game was worth something based on its vintage profile and level of preservation. But he did not expect it to be so much more valuable. Only after consulting with people who are more familiar with the pricing of such vintage games did he realize its additional worth.

As for the fate of the cartridge itself, it was sold for the aforementioned amount shortly after the following days upon its discovery.

The discovery of the Kid Icarus cartridge may not seem important for people unfamiliar with the game industry, but it represents a historical relic of the time. Even more so, since the game was found in perfect mint condition, almost fresh out of the game store within the year, it was actually bought. In fact, the purchase receipt was even in the packaging, clearly indicating the year it was bought.

As such, though it may have costed a fortune, it surely would have been worth it for the collector that would now own the preserved copy.

So what exactly did Mr. Scott do with the money? Well, the report also detailed something along the lines of “just having fun with it.” He also planned to split the earnings with his sister evenly.

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‘Street Fighter V’ Update Gets E.Honda, Poison, And Lucia

Now the entire classic Street Fighter II roster is complete.




The teaser trailer for the latest DLC pack for Street Fighter V is finally up and uploaded today. As announced prior, this update will include fighters E. Honda, Poison and Lucia.

This announcement first came from last week’s Evo fighting tournament, when during a break from the event, the information was revealed to the attending audience. This was, of course, met with the usual enthusiasm as far as new character reveals on fighting games go. However, there were some very interesting points to the characters that will be added in this update.

E. Honda, for example, is important for this DLC update because he is the only character from the original Street Fighter II that is yet to make an official appearance as a playable fighter in Street Fighter V. A fact that the teaser trailer, of course, makes apparent immediately during its very first few seconds.

The next two characters are Poison and Lucia, which were originally from Capcom’s Final Fight series. Poison had at least the opportunity to appear previously on another Street Fighter title. Thus her appearance is more or less somewhat expected. Lucia on the other hand, was one the main characters on Final Fight 3, but this will be her very first time to appear in this particular game.

In fact, she rarely had appeared, if at all, on any other Capcom title outside her original appearance in the SNES title. For Street Fighter V, she sports her updated fighting gear, which is significantly different from her very first original getup. No worries though, her original one is also available as an alternate skin.

In addition to the three characters and their alternate skins, E. Honda’s classic bathhouse stage will also be available.

The new character DLC update for Street Fighter V is scheduled to be available this coming Sunday, August 4th, to coincide with the finals event of this year’s Evo fighting tournament.

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