iOS 13 Reveals Potential New Feature For More Efficient File Transfers And Backups

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Based on the latest iOS 13 beta released for the iPadOS 13, tvOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS Catalina, changes indicate that a new feature is probably under development — specifically on transfers and backups.

The changes between the second and the third iOS 13 betas hinted that two Apple devices might be able to transfer data between each other over a direct wired connection when setting up a new device or restoring one from a backup. 

iOS 13 beta 3 suggests new wired method for transferring data between devices
Guilherme Rambo | 9to5Mac

Guilherme Rambo from 9to5Mac first noticed the asset change when he went digging in iOS 13’s new assets. Upon taking note of the icon on the unnamed asset, it resembles an iPhone with Face ID connected to an iPhone with Touch ID using a cable, indicating a directly wired transfer option when setting up devices. 

iOS 13 beta 3 suggests new wired method for transferring data between devices
Guilherme Rambo | 9to5Mac

9to5Mac added an image indicating a snippet uncovered in the beta that says, “Keep your other iPhone connected to this iPhone and connected to power until the transfer is complete.”

As of the moment, it remains unclear what the real intentions are with this feature peeking out in the horizon. In some ways, the new feature may also be applicable beyond setup and restore processes.

The cable connection might also be in some way a physical version with Apple’s AirDrop feature, which is excellent on its own. However, it tends to cut connection when transferring large files simultaneously, making a direct and wired connection more efficient in this sense.

Furthermore, speculation says that Apple currently does not sell a lightning to lightning-type cable, which leads to the assumption that the feature may not exactly come with the iOS 13 but is instead being developed and getting warmed up for a new line of iPhone in September.

But contrastingly, Apple may also start selling lightning to lightning cable when the feature pops up in iOS 13. There is, however, lightning to USB-C connector available in Apple’s stores. It was made available since the release of the new MacBooks, hinting at a possible new iPhone line with USB-C ports instead of the standard lightning port.

Today’s innovation is the result of working on its past

Years ago, setting up a new iPhone was a task that took too much time and too much effort when users mandatorily had to pick up a laptop and backup their phone’s files on iTunes—only after the timely process can users set up their new phones.

Even until now, it still takes a good chunk of time to set up your newly bought phone to contain the contents of your former iPhone. With new features introduced much later after iTunes iPhone restore, Apple now allows users to back up their phones via the cloud. However, it still takes some time to restore a new iPhone fully.

Apple has been trying to keep the balance between security and ease.

In this situation, the smartphone company doesn’t merely allow users to copy and paste their potentially sensitive information on any desktop and back to the phone to prevent threats from cyber hacking and viruses. However, it has caused to become quite a nuisance when you’re on your third or fourth iPhone upgrade.

Keep your old iPhone and your new iPhone close to one another.
Todd Haselton | CNBC

One of the most proactive updates to this relatively slow feature on an incredibly efficient device is the introduction of the Quick Start feature. It quickly and automatically activates when trying to restore an iPhone, but it’s only present in more recent releases, and sadly, a lot of people don’t know about it.

Quick Start can help get a new iPhone up and running in just a few minutes, all while your data continues to restore in the background. The feature is activated once a new iPhone is placed beside the device you want it to restore data from.

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