Canada-US Drug Import Plan Set To Provide Cheaper Alternative

Trump administration wants to make drugs imported from Canada legal and safe.

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Latest Trailer Shows Off A Kickass Morgana

Time to show off what our rad musketeer feline can do in the upcoming sequel.

Chinese Tariffs Could Raise PlayStation Prices Soon

Sony gives a stern warning to the impending crisis.

Gravity Announces New Cross-Platform ‘Ragnarok Online’ Title

Climbing from the ladder of success of recent Ragnarok Online-based games.

Two Competitive Teens Suffered Kidney Failure Because Of Squatting Too Much

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Two teenage girls from China went straight to the ICU after an uber-competitive match…

You Can Play Diablo On Your Browser Now

Idle browser gaming just turned up its nostalgia a few notches.

‘Dragon Quest’ Heroes Arrives In ‘Smash Ultimate’ Today

The Hero draws near is finally here!

Amazon Now Accepts Nintendo Switch Lite Pre-Orders

Grab one before the color you want is gone.

Contact Lens You Can Zoom In And Out By Blinking Twice

TweetShare6SharePin6 Shares Scientists have created contact lenses that can be adjusted by eye movements, such as…

Teen Wins $50 Million For Making Filters That Remove Microplastics From Water

The microplastic-filtering procedure can be used in industry-scale systems to prevent them from going to the…

Warning: There Is An Android Ransomware That Is Spread Through SMS

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares The prevalence of Android ransomware is back as announced by a group of cybersecurity…

Ethiopia ‘Sets World Record’ By Planting 350 Million Trees

The Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Green Legacy aims to curb climate change

Human-Animal Embryo Experiment To Grow Human Organs In Animals

TweetShare376SharePin376 Shares The Japanese government is backing an ambitious but also a controversial stem cell research…

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Developer Evades Tax In The UK For 10 Years

All the while even gaining more.

‘Disgaea RPG’ Pushes For Game Service Relaunch In November

From the earlier update of just "fall this year."

‘Blair Witch’ Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Please not the dog. Please not the dog. Please not the dog.

Millions Affected By Capital One Breach

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A hacker successfully penetrated sensitive information from Capital One Financial Corp., the fifth-biggest U.S.…

‘Yo-kai Watch’ Remake: More Retail Details Confirmed

The original game, from the makers of Ni no Kuni.

Grindr, Tinder Used To Track Potential STD Patients To Warn Them

TweetShare40SharePin40 Shares Health workers from Iowa are using dating apps like Grindr and Tinder to trace…

Bernie Sanders Proves A Point About Insulin Prices By Buying Them In Canada

Insulin prices in the US have surged to unreasonable prices, a thing that Bernie Sanders wants…

[Breaking] Monzo App-Bank Stopped Working; Users Demand Updates

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Users of the app-based banking solution, Monzo, are left hanging and unable to process…

Sephora Online Hit By Data Breach; Company Offers Monitoring Services

Affected countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, and New Zealand.

Android Unofficially Makes Its Way To The Nintendo Switch

XDA Developers makes the "big" announcement once again.

Fifth NYPD Officer Committing Suicide In June Prompts ‘Mental Health Crisis’

Five police officer suicides have been reported since June 5, and seven this year, prompting the…

Teen Wins $3 Million By Playing Fortnite

16-year-old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf has won the biggest e-games competition, The Fortnite World Cup

Brain Swelling-Causing Mosquitoes Detected In Florida

TweetShare15SharePin15 Shares Florida health officials are warning about a detected deadly mosquito-borne virus known as Eastern…

‘Recess’ Live-Action Remake Cast And Crew Do It For The Love, As Production Struggles With Funding

The team behind Recess remake shared hurdles and highlights their love and passion toward the hit…

CDC Investigating Salmonella Outbreak Across 48 States

The salmonella outbreak has been linked with people getting in contact with backyard poultry animals such…

Epic Games’ Fornite World Cup Starts This Weekend

Only one to survive wins the prize!

‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ Is Coming To Hulu

Don't Panic and don't forget your favorite towel.

How Two Boys Discovered Dinosaur Bones And Eggs In Different Parts Of The World

Two boys who share a love for dinosaurs found their remains at different parts of the…

Teen Suspects On Homophobic Attack In London Arrested

The boys were aged 15 to 17 when they attacked the couple on the London night…

A New NVIDIA Shield TV Filing Just Hit The FCC

That's a double confirmation as of today.

Trump ‘Very Disappointed’ In Swedish Prime Minister For Inaction Over A$ap Rocky Case

#FreeRocky wants the rapper released on bail as he awaits court proceedings

Temperatures In Europe Reach All-Time Highs

As global temperatures continue to rise, efforts have been taken to prevent it from going further.…

Discord (Finally) Implements Server Folders

Time to clean up that side clutter at long, long last.

Brain-Eating Bacteria Kills Man After Swimming In North Carolina

Naegleria fowleri, the brain-eating bacteria, is common in warm bodies of water but it is rare…

‘Monster Rancher’ Is Making Big Comeback With A Remake

In celebration of the franchise's 21st anniversary.

VAPE vs. PAVE: Subcommittee Hearing Held On The Rise Of E-cigarette Use Among Teens

The subcommittee is putting JUUL Labs, Inc. on the spotlight.

Cybersecurity Directorate Is The NSA Cyber Frontier

The division's first Director of Cybersecurity is Anne Neuberger.

‘Alan Wake’ And ‘For Honor’ Currently Available For Free

Grab your copy until August 8th!

‘Project Sakura Wars’ New Details Revealed, Plus Official Release Date

The Imperial Assault Force dashes once again.

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Returns After A Decade

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The last we’ve seen about Zombieland was 2009. Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped the…

Xbox One Bids Goodbye To Cortana

And in no time too soon.

Confidential User-Uploaded Docs Exposed In FormGet Data Breach

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Another day, another company recklessly exposed their database for everyone with the link can…

Youtube Urged To Prioritize Videos That Adhere To Scientific Consensus On Climate Change

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Climate scientists and environmental researchers are calling for Youtube to change their algorithms to…

Nissan Set To Lay-off 12,500 Workers Worldwide

Nissan Motor Corp. is working on reducing costs to revive its business after a poor performance…

It’s Not A Good Idea To Stick Ice Lollies Down Your Vagina

It's summer, it's hot, and it's causing your private parts to feel a little bit uncomfortable…

Bugs Plague Facebook’s Anti-Misinformation Platform; Researchers Call It ‘Useless’

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Plagued with controversies surrounding the 2016 Presidential Elections and the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal…

India’s LGBT Identity Theft Problem: Stalkers Lurk Grindr App

These stalkers know the most intimate information of their victims, including their address, their close friends,…

‘LightSail 2’ Solar Sail Deployment A Success And Now Surfing Around the Earth

The Planetary Society live-tweeted the glorious moment!

BeyondMeat To Make Plant-Based Bacon And Steak

BeyondMeat's bacon and steak are still in development but should be available to customers soon now…

‘Super Robot Wars V’ and ‘X’ Coming to Nintendo Switch And Steam

The revival of the franchise is coming over to Switch and PC!

Nintendo Finally Acknowledges Joy-con Drift Issue, Offers Free Temporary Fix

Better pay for customer services than pay for lawyers it seems.

There’s A Market For Hacked Deliveroo Accounts, And They’re Sold For Only $6

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares For only $6, you can now purchase a hacked Deliveroo account from the dark…

Bulgaria Police Zeroed In Some Data Breach Suspects

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The Bulgarian police are investigating last week’s attack on the country’s tax systems. The…

Democrats Eye Banning Facial Recognition In Public Housing

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares In landmark legislation to be proposed in the Congress this week, lawmakers move to…

France Taps Science Fiction Writers As Military Defense Consultants

Science fiction writers, it's time to apply!

2020 Tokyo Olympic Medal Will Be Made Of Recycled Metal From Electronic Waste

The metals were molded from discarded gadgets like smartphones and cameras.

Tinder Travel Alert To Notify Users Entering LGBT-Hostile Countries

Traveler Alert notifies Tinder users if they are entering a LGBT-hostile country.

DoorDash Chief Vows To Pay Their Workers’ Tips

The details of the new policy will be announced "in the coming days."

MIT Researchers Develop Tool That Improves Sepsis Treatment

Sepsis can lead to potentially fatal results if undetected or treated too late. MIT's diagnostic tool…

Senate Passes 9/11 VCF Bill; Secures Win For 9/11 Responders

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Senate has passed the bill for the September 11 Victims’ Compensation Fund (9/11 VCF)…

Here’s Amazon Prime Full August 2019 Lineup

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Another month, another Amazon Prime lineup. This time, the streaming platform is offering quite…

Justice Department To Launch Anti-Trust Investigation Against Huge Tech Companies

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares There is no denying that technology dominates the world we live in, and among…

[Breaking] FTC Voted To Settle With Facebook For $5 Billion

$5 Billion is the biggest penalty imposed by the FTC in history.

China Moves To Develop Own Digital Currency As Libra Accelerates

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Facebook’s announcement of its most ambitious yet powerful project yet, the Libra currency, has…

‘Overwatch’ Newest Hero Sigma Shows Off His Attractive Skills

Gravity is a harness indeed.

Bitcoin Network Still Rapidly Growing And Getting More Powerful

If the trend continues regardless of the downward spiral that it has been experiencing in the…

Philippines Jollibee Acquires Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf For $350 Million

Jollibee Foods Corp. acquires Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to grab a spot in the world's…

Apple’s Dropping Three New iPhones In September

The three new iPhone 11s will arrive in September along with new features and specs.

‘Now & Then’ Coming To Netflix; Here’s Netflix August Movie And TV Show Lineup

The nostalgic movie about female bond and friendships is coming to Netflix this August.

‘Critical’ VLC Zero-Day Warning Raised

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Cybersecurity researchers have warned users of the popular multimedia player, VLC, of a “critical”…

Chinese Fugitive Caught By Police Using Facial Recognition

It's part of China's project called "Sharp Eyes."

New Restrictions On SNAP Food Stamps Will Cut Off Millions Of Americans

Trump Administration wants to put tighter restrictions on SNAP benefits.

North Carolina Passes Bill To Stop Robocalls And Scammers

The law also applies to text solicitors.

Phishing Attack Targets Lancaster University Students And Applicants

The hackers gained access to students' and applicants' names, addresses, phone numbers, ID information, and emai…

iNSYNQ CEO Asked Clients For Patience Following Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack infected the company's server since July 16.

MCU Commits To Diversity; Valkyrie Gets A Bisexual Storyline

Fans are all for it!

DoorDash Is Stealing Their Workers’ Tips To Pay For Their Wages

Instead of adding tips on top of their wages, DoorDash kicks off its wages by the…

Iranian Hackers Are Posing As Cambridge Officials To Target US Government

The threat actors are using LinkedIn to send malicious documents.

Fujifilm Has A Surveillance Camera That Can Zoom In To See License Plates From A Kilometer Away

Now, imagine this technology being used in smartphones.

LOOK: A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Trailer

Based on Tom Junod's work in 1998, the movie will tell how the kindest man in…

The Cost Of Data Breaches Are Rising, And SMEs Are The Most Affected

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares With data breaches and cyberattacks happening every day that affects millions of companies around…

‘Oninaki’ Demo Now Out, Test The Might Of Your Daemons

Don't forget the Nintendo Switch package deal for those interested.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Spread Across Southeast Asia

Researchers found that malaria-causing parasites have spread across Southeast Asia but the threat is potentially worse…

Tencent’s TIMi Studio Group Reveals Joint Pokémon Project

A new Pokemon title in the works, from a team affiliated with the owner of games…

Stop Taking Daily Aspirin To Prevent A Heart Attack, Doctors Warn

Doctors warn against people taking daily aspirin therapy without a physician's recommendation

‘Digimon Survive’ Opening Trailer Gives Off Strong ‘Persona’ Vibes

The newest teaser for the next Shin Megami Tensei serie— oh wait.

Google To Pay $11 Million Settlement For Age Discrimination Claims

Age discrimination complaints about Google's practices is not new but the latest report dates back in…

NASA ‘Legend,’ Chris Kraft, Dies At 95

The man behind human's first landing on the moon has died.

Textured Breast Implants Linked To Cancer, Doctors Warn

A UK agency issued an alert that textured breast implants may be linked to human-made cancer.

‘Rockman X DiVE’ Capcom’s Blue Bomber Entry Into Mobile?

It is a new Mega Man game indeed, but probably not the one you were expecting.

This AI Can Transform Your Photos Into A Renaissance Masterpiece

They said it is different from other photo-manipulation software available in the market.

Equifax To Pay $700M Or More For 2017 Data Breach

The credit reporting company has finally settled a deal with the Federal Trade Commission.

Doctors Warn Against Subscription Contact Lenses From Hubble

Hubble says they revolutionized eye-care. But did they, really?

Slack’s New Update Promises Faster Loading And Lesser Memory Consumption

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Popular online collaboration platform, Slack, is launching a new and improved version, but it’s…

Huawei Allegedly Helped North Korea Build Surveillance Infrastructure

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares When you think of espionage, two things will probably cross your mind: Huawei and…

This Cancer Drug Disguises As Fat To Kill Cancer

An under-development cancer drug that disguises itself as fat to kill cancer. The researchers describe the…

‘Interstellar Space: Genesis’ Launch Trailer Builds Galactic Hype

Praxis Games is now ready for ignition with the game's launch.

Microsoft Bets $1 Billion On OpenAI’s Ambition To Harness The Human Brain In Tech

Microsoft is getting in bed with OpenAI, and the price tag is worth $1 billion.

US Army Is Testing Facial Recognition Goggles

They can also see through the eyes of drones.

‘Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD’ Gives More Teasers of its New Game Modes

Multiplayer modes have gone bananas.

Even The Best Facial Recognition Algorithms Mismatch Black Women’s Faces More Than White Men’s

NIST reveals black women are mismatched ten times more than white women.

‘Men in White’ Violently Attacks Protesters In Hong Kong

Protesters accuse the police and government in working with mob gangsters to carry out the attack.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Is Now The Highest-Grossing Film Of All Time

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Avengers: Endgame is officially the highest-grossing film to date. The Disney film has earned…

Environmental Documentary-Maker Hugo Clement Arrested Amidst Adani Mine Protests

Clement is skeptical about Adani's capabilities to prevent media coverage on the on-going construction of its…

New Baggage Policy In Pakistan Caused Controversy

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has made a new policy that plastic wrapping…

More Female Superheroes In MCU Phase 4 Lineup

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Marvel Studio’s president, Kevin Feige opened the Pandora’s Box at the San Diego Comic-Con…

Seven Android Stalkerware Removed From Google Play Store

The apps allowed users to stalk employees, family members, and kids.

‘Number Finder’ App Scam Flagged By Researcher

Check the reviews before you subscribe!

Teen Activists Secure New State Law That Will Allow Students To Take ‘Mental Health Days’

Mental health bill in Oregon aims to curb its high suicide rate and take the issue…

Biofabrik Wants To Convert The Worlds Plastic Waste Into Fuel

Biofabrik created WASTX Plastic that will enable it to turn trash into cash

Kazakhstan Forces Citizens To Install Government-Issued Certificate To Access HTTPS Traffic

Kazakhstan started intercepting HTTPS traffic to force citizens to install government-issued certificates to regain access to…

Will Huawei Outperform 2018 Performance?

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfai reportedly said he is optimistic about the future of Huawei and confirmed…

US First Successful Use Of MADIS Versus Iranian Drones

TweetShare6SharePin6 Shares The United States has successfully put down an Iranian drone using a new technology…

The Rise Of Adware And How We Are Used For Bogus Profit

Adware may not attempt to steal our money, but they use us to fake numbers for…

New Superheroes Making Their Debut To The MCU

There will be four new franchises added to the MCU as it ventures to Phase 4

10 Marvel Movies And New Series To Look Out For

There are a bunch of old superheroes from Phase 3 returning to the big screen and…

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leaked Footage Finally Shows Each Avenger In Action

Avengers gameplay assembled?

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Gunfight Mode Impresses In Crisp, Clear 4K

'Dueling' in 4k has never been this frenetic.

DataSpii: Chrome And Firefox Extensions Caused ‘Catastrophic Data Leak’

The data was being sold by the online analytics company "Nacho Analytics."

Woman Underwent Chemotherapy And Breast Surgery For Cancer She Didn’t Have

The mother of two from England was left traumatized after being told that her experience after…

Russia’s Federal Security Service Faces The ‘Largest Data Breach In History’

The breached documents revealed Russia's program to scrape social media, de-anoymize Tor browsing, and create its…

Invites For Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha Test Now Out

Registrants are advised to wait until it arrives.

Facebook May Be Tracking Your Online Photos Too

While no active hacking is happening, security experts believe that the discovery carries heavy implications.

FCC Chair Ajit Pai Slammed China’s Anti-Islam Policy, Called For Protection Of Religious Freedom

Pai claimed that China built a two-million strong army to police the internet and violate the…

Germany Will Make Measles Vaccine Mandatory Through New Law

Germany aims to pass a new law to increase immunity coverage to 95% all throughout the…

Educational Institutions And Services Are Targets Of Recent Data Breaches

Two separate data breach have affected 62 US colleges and more than 7 million users of…

Morpheus Chip Is Almost Impossible To Hack Says Researchers

Much like the Greek god, Morpheus chip is a hacker's nightmare.

Tinder Is Trying To Skirt Google Play Store Fees

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Following the decision of app stores from Google and Apple to impose taxes on…

‘F*CK THE POLICE’ And Other Things Tweeted By The Hacker Who Took Over Met Police Website

“FREE DIGGA D ON FOENEM GANG," another unauthorized tweet said.

The Future Of Child Care: Smart Diapers

Lumi by Pampers is a smart diaper system that allows parents to track their babies' sleeping…

The Walking Dead Movie Will See An End To Rick Grimes

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares AMC announced during the San Diego Comic-Con Friday that Rick Grimes (played by Andrew…

There’s A Flame-Throwing Drone You Can Buy, And It’s Completely Legal

The flame-throwing device can actually be used for industrial purposes other than burning people to the…

Mozilla Will Roll Out A Feature That Would Alert Users If They Passwords Were Compromised

The new feature is expected to rolled out with Firefox 70.

Netflix Investing In Originals Amidst Second-Quarter Loss

Netflix originals are starting to pay off for the streaming giant despite the subscriber loss in…

‘Touhou: Lost Word’ Takes The Touhou Series Deeper Into Mobile

At the very least though, the game may perhaps become Touhou's most collaborative fanwork collection ever.

Study Finds Google And Facebook Trackers In Porn Sites

Google and Facebook are watching you watching porn.

Google Stadia Reddit AMA: Most Important Questions Answered

And the speculation continues.

LOOK: ‘Cats’ Musical Trailer Released And Fans Are Confused

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Universal Studios dropped a full-length trailer of the live-action film adaptation of the 1981…

Tom Cruise Unveil Top Gun: Maverick Trailer At SDCC

Tom Cruise is returning to the Top Gun franchise after almost 3 decades since the first…

FaceApp And The Double Standards Against Tech Startups — An Opinion

FaceApp is crucified for doing the exact same thing as other photo-sharing platforms like Facebook and…

House Passes Raising Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

Democratic-led House approves raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour but will have to face…

It: Chapter 2 Takes A Darker Twist (New Trailer)

Mr. Pennywise has been waiting for the Loser Club and this time, he's ready to terrorize…

Dropping ‘Artificial Snow’ Could Stabilize Glaciers In Antartica, Study Suggests

However, the geoengineering project is very expensive and could take up to 10 years to complete.

Israeli Researchers Test Drug That Starves Pancreatic Cancer Cells To Death

Isreali researchers believe that CPI-613 can effectively help expedite the process of curing pancreatic cancer of…

Resident Evil 5 And 6 Invades Nintendo Switch This Fall

A perfect release date for the classic survival horror high-octane action franchise.

Lenovo Patches Security Flaw Exposing 36TB Of Financial Data In The Wild

The compromised data include sensitive financial information like card numbers and financial records.

Outpouring Support For KyoAni After Arson Attack

Fans call for support and help via the hashtag #HelpKyoAniHeal.

This Free Service Detects And Blocks Suspicious Behaviors Of Android Apps

This service is still on the beta phase but they promise to release improvements and expand…

‘User Data Are Not Transferred To Russia,’ Says FaceApp

TweetShare4SharePin4 Shares The popular photo-manipulation app, Face App, has taken social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,…

~$27.8 Million Worth Of Crypto Stolen From Japanese Crypto-Exchange, BitPoint

BitPoint promises to reimburse users with cryptocurrencies.

Hong Kong Malvertiser Runs Malicious Tech Ads In Microsoft Apps

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Within the last few months, a malvertiser has been pushing malicious tech support scam…

2.2 Million More Patient-Victims Of AMCA Data Breach Came Forward

Clinical Pathology Laboratories blamed AMCA for not providing them enough information back in June.

‘Detective Pikachu’ Now the Highest Grossing Video Game Movie Of All Time

On just its first few months at the box office.

UK DOH Teams Up With Social Media Companies To Battle Eating Disorders

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares The United Kingdom’s Department of Health Secretary Matt Hancock challenged social media companies to…

Gossip Girl Is Making A Comeback Series

Manhattan's teenage elites better watch their backs, Gossip Girl is officially announced to make a return…

Instagram Roll Out Trial Updates In Australia

Instagram removes the feature that allows users to see the accumulated likes of every photo.

Global Health Emergency: Ebola Outbreak In Congo

The Ebola epidemic in Congo is now being considered as a global health emergency after it…

Another China-Based Server Discovered Open Containing 1TB Of Personal Data

The data appears to come from more than 100 loan-related apps and exposing a handful of…

This Designer Came Up With A Stylish Facial Recognition Shield

The problem is: it's not for sale.

Young Gamer Spends Almost $4,000 In ‘Hidden Artifacts’ Microtransaction

Apparently on just one single game.

24 Million Images Used For Facial Recognition Were Secretly Scraped All Over The Internet

They were taken from people's social media accounts, websites, social media, photo sharing, and online dating…

Sexually Transmitted Disease ‘Syphilis’ Highest In Alberta Since 1948

Syphilis cases in Alberta jump at 1,546 cases in 2018, a sharp increase from 2014's 161…

All You Need To Know About The #AgeChallenge Meme

The new meme is taking over social media and allows you to see what your 40…

Treasury Chief Says Crypto Is A “National Security Risk”

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A new jab was thrown against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from the US government after…

Sprint Resets Account Passwords Of Users After Data Breach

Hackers used the Samsung website to gain access to Sprint's accounts.

Amidst Zoom Zero-Day Fixes, Vulnerability Continues To Doom Partners Like RingCentral

Apple quietly released an update to remedy the situation.

Neuralink Will Allow You To Control Things With Your Mind

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Neuralink is a 100-man team of researchers that are developing cutting-edge brain implants that…

Taika Waititi Confirmed To Direct Thor 4

Thor 4 is a go now that Taika Waititi is reported to take the helm as…

Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Musical-Focused With Harry Styles As Prince Eric

Harry Styles in tandem with Halle Bailey is a musical waiting to happen on the big…

Drugs Flushed Down The Toilet Affect Wildlife — And Humans Too

Improper disposal of drugs and other medicinal paraphernalia down the toilet affect wildlife but, ultimately, humans…

Senator To Facebook’s Libra: ‘Can People Trust You?’

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares When it comes to Facebook’s Libra, the US government has made one thing clear:…

Google Hits Back: ‘We Do Not Work With The Chinese Military’

Google denies all allegation made by Peter Thiel.

FCC Comm Geoffrey Starks Is Disappointed With How Carriers Move To Block Robocall By Default

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A month after the Federal Communication Commission voted to allow telecom carriers and service…

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets Its Escape Room Experience

Play not as Leon or Claire, but as you!

President Trump VS ‘the Squad’: Here’s What Both Sides Are Saying

Both sides have aired their responses on Twitter and press conferences.

Meet ‘Agent Smith’: The New Wave Of Android Malware

It has already affected 25 million Android users globally.

[Breaking] Donald Trump Said His Admin Will Investigate Google For Treason

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Following the call of Presidential adviser, Peter Thiel, for the National Bureau of Investigation…

More Than 4,000 Developers Are Now Signed-up For Google Stadia

Developer support for Stadia is just getting started.

This App Poses As Telegram And Redirects Users To Malicious Sites

It's called MobonoGram 2019.

A ‘Jack Reacher’ Series Is Coming To Amazon Prime

News Alert: Tom Cruise will not be Jack Reacher.

[Breaking] 70% Of Bulgarian Citizens’ Sensitive Data Leaked In The Country’s Biggest Data Breach

Eleven gigabytes of data were extracted in 57 databases from Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency.

Low Sign Up Prompts Desjardins To Offer Identity Theft Protection To All Members After Data Breach

Only 13% of the affected members signed up for their earlier offer.

Bond Franchise Needs To Evolve To Stay Relevant

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares The 25th installment of the Bond franchise is reportedly set to cast Lashana Lynch,…

Bug Bounty Hunter Paid $30k For Discovering Instagram Vulnerability

The vulnerability, if not patched, could allow hackers to take over Instagram accounts in 10 minutes.

Hackers Can Manipulate Media Files Sent Through WhatsApp And Telegram With A Zero-Day

The vulnerability is dubbed as “Media File Jacking.”

LOOK: The King’s Man, A Kingsman Prequel

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares The first trailer into the 2020 Kingsman prequel, The King’s Man just dropped, and…

Is The PS5 A Technological Necessity?

A look into the upcoming exciting technologies of the PS4's grand successor.

Political Stand-Off: Chinese-Canadian Goods

Canada cites 900 Chinese products with "detected problems" while China continues with bans against Canadian agriculture…

[Breaking] Democrats Move To Ban Big Techs From Issuing Digital Money

The bill is bluntly named as "Keep Big Tech Out Of Finance Act"

Trump Adviser Peter Thiel Wants FBI And CIA To Investigate Google’s ‘Treasonous’ Behavior

He asked: “How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?”

Recent Effect Of ‘Entity List’ Issue: Huawei Will Lay-off Hundreds Of Employees

Huawei is set to lay-off hundreds of Futurewei employees across the US.

Ireland To Investigate Google’s Potential Data Breach

They are "looking into it."

Huawei Exec Backtracks: Hongmeng OS Is Not For Smartphones

Liang Hua said they prefer Android as the OS of their smartphones.

This App Uses AI To Track Dogs By Their Unique Nose Prints

Authorities can also use it to monitor "uncivilized dog keeping."

More Than Half Of Facebook Employees Are White Men; Claims They’ve Come A Long Way In Terms Of Diversity

Less than 10% of their employees are Hispanics, Blacks, and Mixed Race.

‘Bond 25’ Full of Surprises; Lashana Lynch Is Agent 007

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The Bond Franchise is getting an upgrade! Lashana Lynch, the British actress who played…

India Chandrayaan-2 Postponed Due To Technical Difficulties

India's Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission delayed but its historic first landing on the moon will still push…

Amazon’s Workers Plan To Disrupt Prime Day With An Organized Strike

TweetShare29SharePin29 Shares Customers are hyped with Amazon’s Prime Day, that’s starting on Monday. For 48 hours,…

‘Stranger Things 3’ Breaks Netflix Records

Season 3 is out! Spoilers, ahead!

Ketamine Drug To Lower UK Suicide Rate

This drug called ketamine could reduce the UK's suicide rate.

Barneys Might File For Bankruptcy

Another retailer struggles with fierce competition against online retailers.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top Game Picks And Deals

Wrapping up our short list of good deals for this year's 'prime' event.

Delta Airline Won’t Tell You That You Can Opt Out Of Their Facial Recognition Boarding

They intentionally left it out their script.

AT&T Expands Call Protection Feature To Block Fraud Calls By Default

The new feature expansion comes with no extra charge but to fully block spam calls, it…

UK’s Department Of Health Focuses On Sleep

TweetShare14SharePin14 Shares Cabinet ministers are aiming to help the public with their insomnia problems. The United…

Microsoft Closes Internet Games And Reminds Windows 7 End-of-Life

Make sure to upgrade your OS before January 14, 2020.

HIV Vaccine Trials Will Start In The US And Europe

Johnson & Johnson is proceeding with expanded trials of their new HIV vaccine for men.

Turbografx-16 Mini Game Lineup, Price, And Availability Announced

The retro-console craze continues yet again.

Japan To Investigate Facebook’s Libra

TweetShare204SharePin204 Shares Financial officials of Japan are looking into the impact of Facebook’s newly announced cryptocurrency…

TrickBooster Phished 250 Million Emails To Make A Target List For TrickBot Malware

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A malware that has existed since 2016 has been noticed once more; this time,…

All You Need To Know About Amazon’s Prime Day 2019

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Amazon’s annual 24 hours sale for its Prime Users known as “Prime Day” will…

Hotels And Businesses Affected By Immigration Raids This Weekend

Businesses are profoundly affected by this weekend's ICE raids.

Zoom Zero-Day Allows Hackers To Turn Mac Cameras On Remotely

Tech experts believe it was "irresponsible."

‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Hype Ramps Up Further

Coming very soon this fall.

Apple Watch’s ‘Walkie Talkie’ Feature Disabled Following Privacy Vulnerability

There are no reports that the bug has been exploited; thanks to Apple's quick actions.

Homeland Security Hearing On Data Breach: CBP Seem To Not Know What They’re Doing

They're not even sure when they knew about the incident.

Trump Vs. Crypto: Dollar Is The Only Currency Of The USA

TweetShare9SharePin9 Shares Cryptocurrency is not everyone’s cup of tea; and most definitely, not President Trump’s. In…

Google Is Listening To Your Smart Home Speaker Recordings To Improve AI

They said the recordings they heard were anonymous.

Sika Deers In Japan Dead Because Of Ingested Plastic

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares In the last four months, nine Sika deers in Nara prefecture has died due…

Marriott Challenges ICO’s £99 Million Fine Over Data Breach

The breach exposed personal and financial data of 383 million customers.

Farewell 3DS, ‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ Is Taking Over

It would seem that Nintendo's current flagship console still wasn't as portable as they would have…

Retro Commodore 64 Is Back With A Full-Sized Release

Emulation at its maximum? We certainly hope so.

‘Blue Protocol’ First Look, Bandai Namco’s First Foray Into Action MMOs

A sneak-peek at the upcoming "anime movie"-esque MMORPG.

Facebook And Google Aren’t Trustworthy Says Conservatives

76.7% believes that Facebook could not be trusted to treat all users equally.

Amazon’s Alexa And UK’s NHS Collaboration Might Lead To Increase Of Self-Diagnosing Patients And Privacy Concerns

UK's Department of Health moves forward with a "first in the world" NHS collaboration with Amazon.

Uber Shares Successes Of New Products: ‘Quiet Mode, Uber Copter, And Uber Transit’

You can now get an 8-minute ride to JFK Airport. You'll never miss a flight because…

‘River City Girls’ Trailer Shows Beating Punks And Rescuing Boyfriends

This time, it's our main brawling hooligans who need to be saved.

Instagram Uses AI To Detect Bullying

Once the AI detects a user posting hurtful comments, Instagram will ask, "Are you sure you…

Deadly Virus Found In Meat Allergy-Causing Ticks

Mysterious killer virus discovered from a species of ticks known to induce allergy to red meat.

Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill Is Dead: All You Need To Know About The Controversial Bill

Protests will continue since the Hong Kong government have not addressed the protesters' demands.

US National Women’s Team Wins FIFA World Cup And Spotlights Equal Pay Among Athletes

The USWNT has won their fourth World Cup and choose to celebrate by shining light to…

UNESCO Revealed Six New Sites To Join The World Heritage List

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares More than 185,000 people visit Jodrell Bank per year, enough to include the famous…

Warframe Wants You To Go To Space, But There’s A Catch

Hint: It's not going to be a luxury cruise.

PlayStation Classic Price Down 75 Percent

And its next sale might let it drop even harder.

British Airways Receives Highest Penalty Due To 2018 Data Breach

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares British Airways (BA) will face a fine of $230 million (£183m) for the hacking…

Disney Star And Actor Cameron Boyce Died At 20 After Suffering A Seizure

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Actor Cameron Boyce who is known for his roles in the Disney Channel Franchise…

Look: ‘Mulan’ Live-Action Film Teaser

The much-awaited film joins the list of Disney live-action remakes with the likes of Aladdin, Maleficient,…

Starbucks Apologizes As #DumpStarbucks Goes Viral

Starbucks issued an apology immediately as #DumpStarbucks trended worldwide.

Stevie Wonder Announces Music Break Due To Scheduled Kidney Surgery

The audience cheers on as Stevie Wonder announces he's okay.

China Forces Tourists To Install File Scanning Android Malware At Border

They are looking for Islam-related files.

Microsoft Warns Error Affecting VPNs In New Windows Update

Another update, another problem for Windows.

Detecting Future Quakes Made Easier With These Earthquake Warning Technologies

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares Two strong earthquakes have struck Southern California in just 36 hours; one occurred in…

The Dark Side Of Breatharianism — Diet Leads To Severe Issues

Breatharianism is either a lie or a death sentence.

Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff Continues To Wow In Wimbledon

Cori "Coco" Gauff wins over the audience at Wimbledon.

UK Mobile Networks And Huawei 5G Is A Done Deal Amid US Warning

It is still unclear if UK officials will approve Huawei's entry.

Prof Developed Facial Recognition To Track Student Attendance

A Smart Attendance System capable of tracking students real-time location within the school campus.

Stop The Hate: Here’s Why A Black Or White Actress Should portray Ariel In ‘The Little Mermaid’

TweetShare3SharePin3 Shares Disney announced on Wednesday that the search for an artist to portray the Little…

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Will Never Be The Same

And that's a good thing.

Google Stops Trends Alerts In New Zealand Following Criticisms From NZ Government

Google is doing the right thing.

Aquaplus Broke Promises With ‘Utawarerumono’ Going Mobile

The days of Aquaplus "campaigning" against mobile games with the Utawarerumono series is officially over.

Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling; Cites Culture And Historical Practices

TweetShare316SharePin41357 Shares After 31 years, Japan has officially reopened its commercial whaling last July 1. This…

Thousands Of ‘Jim Beam’ Barrels Destroyed In Warehouse Blaze

Firefighters said that the air smelled like bourbon for hours.

Proteins Found In Quorn Beat Regular Whey Shakes, Should You Switch?

It may have outweighed typical whey protein shakes, but its "always-on-the-go customers" might think twice.

California Updated Its Racial Discrimination Law To Include Natural Hairstyles

TweetShare282SharePin57339 Shares California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed the Crown Act that bans employers and school…

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Plaguing US Beaches

Flesh-eating bacteria is moving to the East Coast.

Don’t Be Too Optimistic For Google Stadia

Last month, as more information unveiled for the upcoming service via the first Stadia Connect live…

Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp’s All Down For The Second Time This Year

Facebook social media family — Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp — suffers downtime in some parts of…

Obesity Linked To Four Types Of Cancer More Than Smoking

Obesity is found to be linked to more cases of cancer than smoking does. However, individual…

Environmentalists Rely On Technology As Poaching Crisis In Botswana Rises

TweetShare326SharePin64390 Shares A terrible crisis that took Botswana by storm in 2014 has again dominated the…

‘White Chicks 2’ In The Works; Terry Crews Confirmed

Start streaming A Thousand Miles! Terry Crews have just confirmed that there are talks about White…

iOS 13 Reveals Potential New Feature For More Efficient File Transfers And Backups

A feature that allows a lightning cable connect two iPhones might be coming soon to help…

[Updated] Orvibo Confirms No More Open Database; Necessary Fixes And Enhancement Ongoing

We talked with Orvibo and the researchers who discovered the open database, both parties confirmed fixes.

Surprise Mechanics Now The Most Notorious Gaming Meme For EA

Last week, at a hearing with the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, the…

Breakthrough: Researchers Discovered ‘A Proof Of Concept To Cure HIV’

Researchers are developing a possible cure to the elusive HIV by using a two-thronged approach.

Tesla Squash Critics With Record-Breaking Second Quarter Numbers

Tesla was previously criticized due to its weak first quarter, but its second-quarter figures easily prove…

Facebook Sarin Scare Turned Out Negative

The FB headquarters are all cleared of sarin.

You Will No Longer Be Able To Read ‘Ebooks’ You Bought From ‘Microsoft’

The good news? You will get a refund.

‘Ratsnif’: The Undetected ‘OceanLotus’ Malware Trojan

It evaded the public eye for two years.

FDA Says That Grain Free Dog Food Linked To Heart Disease

TweetShare373SharePin200573 Shares The US Food and Drug Administration recently published a statement that they are looking…

Nike Racist ‘Betsy Ross’ Shoes Becomes An Instant Collector’s Item

Nike decided to admit fault and cancel the Besty Ross-inspired Air Max 1s due to its…

Researchers Found A Way To Stop Tumors From Developing

Targeting a protein called ATF4 can cause death in cancer-causing MYC genes.

European Court Rules ‘OTTs’ And ‘VoIP Services’ Are Subject To European Telecom Regulations

The ruling was issued nine years after the case started.

E-Cigarettes Hamper Brain Development, Study Says

Prolonged e-cigarette use could hamper brain development and might lead to neural cell death or disease.

‘Facebook’ Moves Against ‘Census’ Misinformation As ‘2020 Elections’ Draws Closer

An update in Community Standards and a Task Force is coming.

‘Orvibo’ Smart Home Devices Leaked 2 Million Users’ Exact Geolocation

As exact as latitude and longitude coordinates.

All You Need To Know About The July 2 Total Solar Eclipse

Catch the only total solar eclipse in 2019. Here's what you need to know:

‘Uncall’ Promises To Remove Your Number From Generic Robocall Lists And Dark Web Databases

They also work with service carriers around the world.

Europe Wants Electric Cars To Make Noise

The European Union set new rules on electric vehicles that require them to make a noise…

‘The Sandman’ Might Be Coming To Netflix Soon

Fans of the long-awaited The Sandman adaptation may have something to celebrate! Netflix is finishing a…

Amazon Prime July 2019 List

TweetShare349SharePin100449 Shares Hellboy joins Amazon Prime’s July 2019 list of movies and shows. The 2019 adaptation…

Hulu July 2019 Full List

TweetShare359SharePin73432 Shares July is here, as well as the summer heat. And, if you’re one of…