Samsung Reportedly Plans To Make A Galaxy Fold Follow-Up Despite Current Setbacks

Despite failing the anticipated release of its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is reportedly adamant about releasing a follow-up even though the idea remains to be full of uncertainties.

A newsflash from the Korean outlet ET News revealed that Samsung is on the move to create a successor for the original Galaxy Fold, which they dubbed as Galaxy Fold 2.

What’s noteworthy about the rumored Fold successor is that instead of folding vertically like the original Galaxy Fold, this one folds half across the horizontal axis — giving you Huawei Mate X vibes.

The rumored Galaxy Fold 2 sports a 6.7-inch screen. It’s folded screen feature a 1-inch exterior display that showcases necessary information like calls and texts logs. Hence, you can only access your apps by opening the phone — no shortcuts. Though, the Galaxy Fold 2 can still operate as a smartphone when bent (if that rings a bell).

Don’t let your hopes up though since Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed any of the rumor. Albeit, sources claim that the smartphone manufacturer has begun mass production of its parts, and probably, the entire phone. However, again, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

To begin with, Samsung is yet to fulfill customer demands from the previous Galaxy Fold setbacks. The Galaxy Fold was initially scheduled for release back in May. But, after a series of malfunctions reported by the media and most of Samsung’s first-hand reviewers, the delivery was postponed.

In a statement released by Samsung’s spokesperson, the South Korean conglomerate reassure consumers that they are “conducting a thorough inspection into the issues reported by some of the reviewers of early Galaxy Fold samples.”

Two weeks ago, retailers were backing out from the Galaxy Fold pre-orders due to further delays. Best Buy and AT&T shared their sentiments and advised customers that they will no longer sell the Galaxy Fold, even after release.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold repercussions raised significant concerns over foldable phones becoming a reality. The Huawei Mate X also faces the same drawbacks and have pushed further delays.

Going back to Samsung’s rumored follow-up for the Galaxy Fold, it raises some eyebrows, especially on the idea that it has to fulfill promises for the Galaxy Fold.

However, The Korean Herald claims that release will most likely come after Huawei releases its foldable phone version. Mashable elaborates that this is a plausible strategy for Samsung to beat Huawei with regards to the foldable phone race.

The Galaxy Fold 2 (rumored) sought massive significance to the Motorola RAZR foldable who’s making a comeback this 2019.

And as mentioned, Samsung is yet to confirm the news regarding the rumored Galaxy Fold follow-up. There is no concrete evidence to suffice the claim of the outlet. However, as per the publication with regards to sources that are familiar with the matter, Galaxy Fold 2 might be scheduled for release as early as next year.

Will surely keep an eye on new information regarding this story.

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