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Sony Pictures Entertainment freshly dropped the first trailer into the 2019 version of the iconic Charlie’s Angels movie Thursday putting women in the spotlight from cast, crew, and OST. There’s also a lot to look forward to and even more to look at when the movie hits theaters this November.

First of all, it’s really hard to ignore but Kristen Stewart is making a comeback to the big screen and leading the trio of girls who are the spy-like assassins popularly know to be ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ She’ll be playing ‘Personal Shopper,’ from the original 2000 movie.

Stewart is coupled, or should we say troupled, along with Naomi Scott, playing as ‘Power Rangers’ and Ella Balinska as ‘Casualty’ on a mission to prevent possible destructive technology from getting on the hands of the wrong people. As Scott says in the trailer, “I’m a lead programmer on a product that can revolutionize the power industry but there is a possibility that it can be weaponized.”

Elizabeth Banks is also making a chunk of an appearance on the movie who at the same time is also the lead on the movie’s screenplay and the director.

Specifically, Banks will be playing as the trio’s Bosley—somewhat like a manager assigning them missions, providing the girls their clothes, guns, and other fun gadgets, and setting the plan of how the mission is going to pan out as the trio executes them into motion.

Furthermore, Banks’ character will be the intermediary between the trio and the mysterious Charles Townsend or Charlie (played by Patrick Stewart), who has expanded his security and investigative agency internationally. Unlike the 2000 version, there are now smart, brave, and highly trained trio of Angels around the world with their own Bosleys to take down bad guys.

In line with the 2019 storyline, it will serve as a sequel to the Charlie’s Angels in 2000 and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle in 2003, which starred Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu.

It also makes sense since Sony Pictures are rebooting its old movies by taking them to an ‘international’ level as seen with the latest Men In Black: International and the long-awaited Zombieland 2 that will also be released this year.

The two-minute and fifty-three second trailer showed what a bad-ass, suspenseful, funny, and action-packed movie with an all-woman cast should be in this century, at least so far.

As a refresher, if both Banks and Scott seems to be pretty familiar faces, that is because Banks made her big screen debut on Pitch Perfect 2 while Scott was the 2019 Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin that was recently released.

Banks, whose comedic sensibilities worked great on Pitch Perfect 2 is seemingly bringing it along with her in the Charlie’s Angels reboot to give the whole movie the funny twist that’s recently raking in the viewers as seen on Marvel’s latest movies—involving humor with action-packed scenes.

Although highly inspired from the ’00s version, the 2019 one is toning down the objectification with lesser skin and replacing them with more guns and fight scenes that’s ought to make the whole experience even better.

There are more bigger names in the background, specifically in the movie’s 2019 version of the original soundtrack that will be sung by three ionic female singers in this generation namely: Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Ariana’s tasteful runs and Miley’s grunty and ragged vocals.

There’s also a cameo from Netflix-born heartthrob, Noah Centineo playing as a “handsome nerd,” which should give a new depth to his boy-next-door appeal and would pan quite interestingly on the big screen.

“Well we felt like we had a big responsibility with this trailer because it’s going to be on [Spider-Man: Far From Home], which is a big movie, which means a lot of eyeballs are going to be on the trailer and we felt like we wanted to invite that audience into our movie,” Banks told People. “We’re reintroducing Charlie’s Angels to people. The last movie came out almost 18 years ago, so there are many, many, especially young people who just don’t really know those movies. So we’re kind of reintroducing Charlie’s Angels to new fans but also reminding people who love Charlie’s Angels what they loved about it and bringing them back into the theater.”

The 2019 story is by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. Other casts also involve Jonathan Tucker, Sam Claflin, and Djimon Hounsou.

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