Bill Cosby Has Never Been Visited By His Wife In Jail

Bill Cosby has been in prison for the last nine months, and he only received his representative as a visitor — and not even his family. But that’s precisely how he wants it.

The disgraced comedian, who has been in prison since September, doesn’t want his wife and family to see him as a prisoner, Andrew Wyatt said.

Andrew Wyatt is Cosby’s legal representative and spokesperson, and for the last nine months, he is the only one who has visited convicted America’s Dad in prison. “He feels that when he left home, he left home the day of the sentencing as Bill Cosby, not as NN7687, the number they have given him, and he wants his family to see him in that light, not in the light of a prison uniform,” Wyatt said.

Cosby is detained at SCI Phoenix, a maximum-security state prison in Pennsylvania to serve for a three to ten-year prison sentence and has never since seen his family after his sentencing. However, Wyatt said that the comedian had received message of encouragement and support from his pals from the entertainment industry including Quincy Jones and Spike Lee.

“He views it like you’re going to war and you’re not going to see your friends and family,” the spokesman said. “You have to abide by the rules.”

A family in prison?

Amidst not seeing his family in prison, Cosby seems to found a new family among the inmates who he talks to every day. Wyatt said that the reviled Cosby has become “very popular in prison.” He has been giving speeches and lectures to inmates for topics ranging from fatherhood to drugs to life.

Cosby is reportedly giving lectures to inmates for four times a day with an audience of around 100 prisoners per address. Cosby preaches about re-bonding with kids after the prisoners get out of prison and how drugs can destroy life. He is also offering tips and suggestions on how to stay clean.

“Mr. Cosby, roughly three months ago, had been requested by several inmates to come and speak at some of their support groups, and he debated about it and decided to take them up on their offer,” Wyatt said. “One group that he consistently speaks to is a group called ‘Man Up.’ These are guys that are going to be paroled in a few months, and he is talking to these guys because a lot of them have been in prison… and they are afraid of going back to (their) communities.”

“They viewed him as their father figure. To them, he is America’s dad,” Wyatt added.

Wyatt claims that inmates have grown close to the comedian, and some of them revered him for being “fatherly.”

“He’s extremely popular,” Wyatt said. “Some of them come up to him and want just to talk and want to talk about various things like ‘The Cosby Show’ and (other celebrities).”

“’Mr. Cosby is educating these men on how to remove the ‘d-i-s’ from disadvantage and recognize that they have a second chance when they get parole, they get to be better fathers, great community activists,” Wyatt added.

Cosby was sentenced in prison for drugging and sexually harassing a female basketball athlete, Andrea Constand, back in the 2014. The actor has vehemently denied these allegations and appeals are being processed to overturn the court’s decision.

Rehab classes not going to happen

He will be eligible for parole in three years if Cosby were to attend rehabilitation classes for violent sexual predators, but his rep is saying that that is not going to happen.

“He feels that this is how they get inmates to confess to a crime they did not commit because they force them to go to these sorts of classes,” the spokesman said, adding, “[H]e’s willing to sit there the entire ten years rather than attend that course.”

Aside from the Constand case, Cosby is also facing a rap sheet of sexual abuse allegations from around 60 women in his seven decades of a fruitful and successful career. A currently on trial case is that of Chloe Goins who alleges that alleges that the previous disgraced the Medal of Honor recipient has drugged her during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. She added that she awoke with a sticky feeling in her body as if she was licked in different sensitive parts.

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