Something Is “Out Of Tune” In Spotify — As Service Blackout Experienced In The US and 30 Other Countries

Spotify is down in more than 30 countries but the company says it is unrelated to the recent UI update.Spotify is down since 8AM. Photo: Andrew Mager | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Spotify says that today, something is “out of tune” as reports regarding the outage in the app and the inability of users to use the favorite music and podcast streaming app exposed a problem in the platform. The disruption comes after the company has officially a rolled out a redesigned user-interface today.

The downtime was first noticed by users who have stormed to Spotify’s official Twitter account, @SpotifyCares, to report the problem. The same outage was also reported by downtime tracking company, Down Detector, who said that the problem started since 8:22 AM EDT.

Initially, the company have failed to acknowledge the outage in its status Twitter account but has recently posted about it saying that the company is already doing something to fix the problem.

“Something’s out of tune. We’re currently investigating, and we’ll keep you posted here!” posted by the company in its @SpotifyStatus Twitter to update users regarding the apparent service blackout.

Aside from its official announcement, Spotify’s technical support has also started responding to users to update them personally with what is happening.

Many of the users have attributed the problem with Spotify’s latest UI update as they started experiencing the loss of service following the update completion. However, Spotify denies it as they said it is not the case.

Nonetheless, the company is yet to offer further information regarding the problem or has released any statement as to what caused the outage.

According to outage tracking company, Down Detector, the outage started around eight in the morning, but their outage map shows that reports regarding the outage spikes later in the morning and continued until the afternoon.

It also appears that most of the outage is localized in the United States, but reports from the U.K. also suggests that British users are also experiencing the service blackout. Another outage tracking company, Outage.Report, claims that reports hail from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., and 26 other countries, it says.

Spotify UI update

As the Spotify moves towards promoting podcasts in its platform more, the company today has announced that it will be updating its UI where a new “Your Library” section is being rolled out now to paying subscribers on its Premium plan. The latest update will make it easier for users to navigate from music and podcasts.

With the update, users will be able to swipe or tap to switch between music and podcasts, while the latter also features three sections for podcast management: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows. The Episodes tab is where the users can find the episodes of the podcast they are already listening to so that they can get back to where they previously left off. The Downloads tab, episodes you’ve saved for offline listening and the Shows tab is where you can manage the podcasts you follow and check out their previous episodes.

The redesign places far less emphasis on video content, an earlier focus for the streaming music provider. This year, Spotify has instead doubled down on podcasts, believing in its ability to shift radio advertising over to its app by offering better targeting.

Spotify puts its money on podcasts

The favorite music streaming app, Spotify, is all-in with podcasts as it launches a redesigned user interface (UI) that refocuses Spotify into two different audio categories: Music and Podcasts. While it is not new that podcasts and audio shows are already thriving in the app, Spotify makes it easier for listeners to navigate the app to search for their favorite podcast shows.

According to Spotify, last year, “seven million people in the US produced podcasts—and even more, people consumed them.” And it makes sense why the app company is putting money on podcasts on its platform. Spotify has spent up to $500 million on podcasts alone. The spending included their acquisition of major companies like Gimlet Media. The equivocal emphasis of Spotify to spend on promoting podcasts on its platform says so much about its goal to compete with Apple and Luminary to try to become the go-to place for podcast listeners, and improving “discoverability” and ease of use is necessary to achieve their goal.

Spotify also released a tool called Soundtrap for Storytellers to encourage podcast producers to produce more shows on Spotify. Soundtrap for Storytellers is a comprehensive podcast creation tool that offers recording, remote multi-track interviewing with video chat, smart editing of audio as a text document, full audio production, direct-to-Spotify publishing of the podcast, and transcript publishing to optimize SEO all in one service.

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