Apple WWDC 2019: What To Expect

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Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference is happening this June 3rd at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. The keynote will be held in San Jose, California, at the McEnery Convention Center. Thousands of people from all over the world are anticipating to witness the new technologies Cupertino has prepared.

Last year’s WWDC was an unexpected turn — Apple did not announce any new single device. Hence, we’re expecting to hear new releases this year, starting with the MacBook Pro. Although WWDC is a software event, tech companies tend to use the opportunity to release all their exciting stuff to the public.

Here’s a short recap of the previous announcement Apple released two weeks ago:

Recently, Apple teased (1) new additions to its Apple TV. Further, Apple announced (2) new MacBook devices that sport new hardware — the first 8-core processor model — that guarantees 40% faster performance. The update also includes the (3) improved butterfly keyboards built with latest materials that aim to resolve resounding customer complaints. Also, Apple adds the (4) 2018 MacBook Pros and the current MacBook Air to its keyboard repair program.

The WWDC event is something to look forward to — especially with the prior announcement Apple released. Here’s a preview on what to expect from Apple in this year’s WWDC:

iOS 13

Screenshots of iOS 13 Dark Mode Feature
Photo From: 9to5mac

Apple is rolling out a new OS update dubbed as iOS 13 for all compatible iPhones and devices.

According to the leaks presented by 9to5mac, Apple is joining the bandwagon along with a multitude of devices that offer the Dark Mode Feature in the iOS 13 update. Dark Mode intends not only for aesthetic purposes — but the feat also helps in extending your device’s battery life by limiting the use of energy in projecting white light as a backdrop.

Based on the screenshots provided above, the home screen shows less of a difference when Dark Mode is on. However, it predominantly turns bright apps like Apple Music into a black background.

Furthermore, the iOS 13 update will provide subtle changes to most of Apple’s applications, particularly its interface animations, says Engadget. Hence, aside from bringing in bug fixes and performance enhancements, Apple takes on app designs in the new OS.

MacOS 10.15

Macbook Pro macOS Preview Facetime
Photo From: TechCrunch

The new updates on the Mac ecosystem are one of the most anticipated announcements ahead of the WWDC this year. Project Marzipan (as they call it) will start integrating Apple’s iOS with the MacOS. Meaning, developers can create apps in their MacBooks and port them to their iPads directly.

However, last year’s preview is without a doubt disappointing, especially when Apple showed off how iOS apps perform in the MacOS environment. Mainly, the apps like News, Stocks, and Voice Memos didn’t feel native compared to the MacBook’s set of applications. Critics believe it lacks better distinguishing features to make it a proper desktop application. Although, solutions for these issues may be discussed in this year’s WWDC.

Further, there’s a possibility that Apple will break up iTunes to its respective Music, Podcasts, TV, and Books apps. Bloomberg published a very detailed report on how iMessage will receive a new design update, like adding profile pictures and more-nuanced privacy settings. Also, messages might include wacky iMessage effects.

Mac Hardware

9to5Mac‘s images make a compelling argument for an ultra-wide Apple display.
Photo From: Engadget

Apple promised a new Mac Pro years ago after its trashcan Mac Pro — which Phil Schiller introduced way back in 2013. In this year’s WWDC, reports circulated that Apple will finally fulfill that promise by announcing a 31.6-inch, 6K pro display that 9to5Mac leaked.

How it will look, perform, and other specs are still unknown.

Little Things

As stated above, Apple announced changes on its Apple TV. This time, however, Apple teased regarding its upcoming TV Plus service. Details on pricing and bundles for Apple services are yet to be disclosed.

Lastly, WatchOS 6 will lean more towards its health functions — as Apple tries to brand the Watch OS 6 as a health-friendly unit with more leniency from the FDA and medical practitioners. Also, based on various reports, Apple will predominantly talk about the health app and its two new features that help you remember to take your pills and track menstrual cycles.

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