Computex 2019: Roundup of Things You Should Expect

Computex Taipei | Computex

Computex 2019 is just around the corner as it’s scheduled to take place from May 28 until April 1 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Computex, formerly known as the Taipei International Information Technology Show, is the world’s largest gathering of computing technology companies from all over to discuss and introduce innovations to the world. It’s a trade show of who’s the best and brightest or who’s on the lead with faster, smarter, and more efficient tech.

However, a lot of things take place during the event, and sometimes it’s too many to absorb. Hence, we’re rounding up the innovative technologies these companies have in store.


AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU
Photo From: PC Games

First of all, AMD is set to make the keynote for Computex 2019 a day ahead of the event proper. Most likely, AMD will also use the stage to unravel some of the public speculation regarding its third generation Ryzen 3000 CPUs, which they have also teased for quite some time now.

At the Consumer Electronic Show 2019, AMD announced that it will use TSMC’s 7nm process technology for the Zen 2 architecture and Ryzen 3000 CPUs. This means we’ll be able to get the chance at seeing smaller chips and if rumors are true, we’ll also be seeing their 16-core/32-thread processor. These additional cores and threads can help the processors deliver better performance and faster clock speeds.


Intel has been receiving a bad blow for a while now since AMD’s rise to computing technology with its Ryzen CPUs. In relation, Intel announced last year about a 28-core/56-thread processor clocked at 5GHz, though reports say that it was soon discovered as overclocked. Particularly, Intel is still in the position to announce a processor to rival AMD.

Moreover, at the CES 2019, Intel unveiled its first 10nm processors based on its Sunny Cove microarchitecture called Ice Lake. According to TechRadar, the company is likely to discuss details regarding specs, price, and release dates at Computex.

In other news, Intel was also recently reported regarding a security flaw in one of its processors where bugs can leak personal information from the user’s laptop. Maybe we’ll hear a little about that and how they will move forward with security measures.


Gigabyte will also be in attendance in this year’s Computex. Based with how AMD’s Ryzen 3000’s new processors, we’re expecting its gaming brand, Aorus to release an all-new gaming laptop during the trade show. Specifically, with their existing Aorus 5 and Aorus 15 laptops.

From another perspective, it would be most likely that we’d be able to hear something exciting since Gigabyte’s a Taiwanese brand and since everyone’s in Taiwan, why not?


Nvidia announced that they would have a press conference at the show where they will unveil their latest technologies. TechRadar thinks the company might debut the rumored 7nm Ampere graphics cards as the supposed successor to 2017’s ultra-powerful Volta cards.

The company has also be pumping out graphics cards since September 2018, and with graphics cards flooding the market, a product aimed at professionals might be ideal.

Whether it’s geared towards gamers remains to be seen. The Volta cards launched with hefty price tags, catering more towards creatives and professionals.


MSI earlier in the month posted a cryptic teaser for one of its Computex 2019 reveals. The image contains what appears to be a motherboard with the numbers 5, 6, and 7 at the bottom. This is obviously a tease at what the company is planning to introduce at this year’s Computex. Whether or not it’s something worth seeing and hearing, that’s something that will have to wait until the trade show to find out.


Asus is one of the leading companies in computing technology, everybody knows that. They’re a very large company that makes a lot of products under its wing, from laptops to one of the best graphics cards available.

ASUS ZenBook, StudioBook, ROG laptops: the CES 2019 roundup
Photo From: Slash Gear

It’s easy to expect that they will be announcing something fun and exciting from their manufacturing houses but based on their performance at the CES 2019, where they already introduced a variety of ultrabooks and gaming laptops, we’re guessing it’s best to skip them at this year’s Computex.

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