Upfronts Week – Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Batwoman, Black Mirror, And More

Rom-coms, fantasy, comedy, horror, sequels, and surprising third installments are just some of what we saw from the slew of trailers that dropped this week.

If you’re not aware, upfronts week just ended, and it’s easily one of the most awkward and confusing times of the year, as networks and companies are jumping left and right trying to woo advertisers into investing.

A little FYI, upfronts week is an important time for networks and companies to show off their content for the coming months, so that advertisers would feel the need to buy airtime during shows. It’s literally a time where advertisers can buy airtime from networks upfront.

Back to trailers: there were some highs and lows but one thing’s for sure, a lot of the highs are coming from streaming platforms, which doesn’t really make a productive upfronts week for networks.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (October 18th)

We’ve all heard about Angelina Jolie’s return to the big screen as the antagonist-protagonist Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty, but this is the first time that we’re getting a glimpse of what Disney has in store for the evil-turned-good witch.

Initial reaction, Angelina Jolie is still looking good! At one minute and nine seconds into the trailer, you’ll notice that Maleficent has thrown away the shabby long cape and oddly reminds me of Lara Croft but with wings and horns.

Anyways, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil takes place years after the events from Maleficent (2014) and we’re guessing that Disney’s going to turn the tables again and bring the now-good witch back to evil as she faces another villain, this time a seemingly evil queen (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Batwoman (Fall 2019)

“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

The CW dropped the first glimpse into the thrilling world of Batwoman played by Ruby Rose, and that’s just casting perfection!

Ruby Rose plays as Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin, who steps into Gotham’s crime-filled city during a time when Batman went missing. While trying to rescue her girlfriend, Sophie Moore, (Yes! She’s lesbian! It just gets better!) she stumbles into the bat cave and decides to become Batwoman.

BH 90210 (March)


Fox is bringing back one of the most iconic TV shows in the 90s, Beverly Hills 90210!

Also, Fox is bringing back the original cast, except Luke Perry, who died tragically last March, and will be getting to play the iconic characters that made them famous all over again! The trailer also follows along with the 8-tone beat that’s oh-so nostalgic!

Angel Has Fallen (August 23rd)

First, there was Olympus Has Fallen, then comes London Has Fallen, and now there’s Angel Has Fallen. Gerard Butler just can’t be stopped and the President still needs help!

Nonetheless, I lived for the first two movies mainly because Gerard Butler’s one of the best action stars in the industry. But this time around, we’re seeing him protect Morgan Freeman from a swath of assassin drones. An action version of Black Mirror, it seems like to me.

Also in the mix, Jada Pinkett Smith stars in Angel Has Fallen where Gerard Butler is accused of plotting the murder attempt on the President.

Nancy Drew (Fall 2019)


The mystery solving girl from the novels is getting a reimagination in The CW’s upcoming series Nancy Drew.

There’s the usual mystery, the crime-fighting band of friends, and a weird town with even weirder old tales. However, The CW’s Nancy Drew gets a twist with a possible lover-turned-murderer, but we’re guessing it’s a misdirect but what’s most interesting is the overarching horror theme in the series. Whatever it is they’re brewing, it’s definitely going to be a hit.

On other news, it’s another spin-off from the Riverdale series just like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was also a hit.

Euphoria (June 16th)


HBO is coming with a coming to age series starring Zendaya and her other high school classmates.

The melodrama focuses on topics involving drugs, sex, gender inclusivity (as Zendaya’s playing a lesbian in the series), possibly depression, possibly body positivity, definitely more drugs, entirely sure more sex.

Moreover, Drake’s producing the series.

Black Mirror (June 5th)

Arguably the best trailer of the week, Netflix teases an all-new season of Black Mirror because nothing’s better than teasing a life that’s so surreal yet so incredibly close to reality with how technology’s slowly taking over our lives, right?

There’s a guy who pulls a gun at everyone holding a cellphone, another guy busy swiping right on other women, a young girl who’s getting validation from a robot, Miley Cyrus, some weird Mortal Kombat in the mix, and Miley Cyrus. Yes, we mentioned Miley Cyrus twice, I guess that makes thrice.

The trailer only shows tidbits from the latest Black Mirror episodes but we’re guessing it’s only about to get darker and even more twisted.

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