The CW And Netflix Break Up Means No More Riverdale?

Netflix and The CW official ends its long-term partnership

Netflix, at its early stages, was used to be frowned upon because the entirety of its idea was too new and ambitious. The streaming company aims to catalog all the greatest TV shows and movies in a single platform for viewers to choose from, no matter what network, production house, or company they came.

But in actuality, it was an ingenious idea where they could easily take advantage of the rapidly emerging Internet services during that time. People were also having a craze, even though it was utterly new, everyone wanted to get their hands on it. Netflix just needed to convince networks and companies that it was a great idea, and so they did.

Fast forward to over two decades later, Netflix isn’t only chasing networks and companies after old titles, but are also after their newest shows, movie releases, and have even invested in producing their self-titled originals. Over the years, Netflix became a streaming giant in the realm of the Internet and hailed as one of the most profitable tech companies in the world.

With Netflix’s success, attracting the attention of global users and even creators or producers is no longer a struggle mainly because of its excellent income-generating platform. Adding to that is the shift to what we call the post-cable era, where people are opting for web-delivery services rather than traditional cable or broadcast.

In recent years, networks and companies have started the trend of providing their own exclusive online streaming platform, given that some of these already have decades and decades worth of content in their library. As a result, more and more networks and production houses or companies started rolling out their ‘Netflix-style’ materials, taking away several catalogs from Netflix.

For example, Disney is launching Disney Plus in November and has already severed its ties with Netflix. This move means that all the shows and movies under Disney’s umbrella such as all the Disney Princess movies, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel will be made available only to Disney Plus, which quite frankly are a lot of content that Netflix fans love watching.

Today, the CW will part ways with the streaming giant as its contract wasn’t renewed and is set to expire this spring. However, The CW has a long-standing relationship with Netflix, and both benefited from each other in various ways, and that makes the situation different from other media companies.

Mainly, Netflix made a deal with The CW way back in 2011 during an indefinite period for the network. The CW hails at as a groundbreaking deal, with a $1 billion windfall that helped save the struggling up and coming streaming company. They renewed their contract in 2016 following some changes, but it seems the buck ends here as The CW parent companies, CBS and WarnerMedia, are also set to release their exclusive streaming platform.

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Netflix and The CW’s contract enabled both companies in leveraging entirely new seasons eight days after the show’s finale. Taking Riverdale as an example, the second season of the show turned out to be a massive success after premiering on Netflix. In numbers, there was a 60% increase in viewership because of the “Netflix exposure.”

So, you’re probably wondering what will happen to your favorite Netflix series like Riverdale and Dynasty. Well, it seems like you won’t have to worry about it anyways. Stated in the Netflix-The CW agreement, the streaming giant will still be able to receive latest seasons of all tv shows that aired during the 2018-2019 season and throughout its lifetime. Meaning, nothing will be leaving Netflix.

However, all upcoming shows like Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene will no longer be added to their catalog, but Netflix can still bid for these and other future shows.

Ideally, it would be wise for both companies to put Katy Keene under Netflix as it would complement Riverdale well. While it’s unlikely that DC comics-character Batwoman would come to Netflix as WarnerMedia has been vocal about putting their more popular shows under its wing.

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Meanwhile, other tv shows and movies are also leaving Netflix including their number 1 most viewed series The Office and cult favorite, Friends, as they are also going home to their original networks’ streaming service.

To fill the gap of shows leaving its platform, Netflix has been investing in producing its own TV shows and movies under the Netflix Original brand. Although it has its highs and lows, Netflix is giving it the chance to push the platform further by shelling out $15 billion on originals this year, going up to $17.5 billion next year.

As of the moment, two-thirds of the content in Netflix’s viewership comes from their licensed library programming, which all of 149 million global users enjoy.

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