Samsung Galaxy Fold Problematic And Will Delay Production

Samsung to delay release of galaxy fold. Reasons to whySamsung Galaxy Fold Problematic and Will Delay Production | Samsung

The Galaxy Fold is putting Samsung, the world’s largest phone maker, in a very tight spot. Their newest innovation to a smartphone has apparently overwhelmed the company with problematic issues that forced them to delay production indefinitely.

If you can recall, we’ve made an initial review on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and other smartphones with the foldable feature during the Mobile World Congress 2019 back in February. Now that Samsung is facing issues over its awaited Galaxy Fold, we can conclude, for now, that we weren’t wrong after all.

During the MWC, it was evident that Samsung was in the lead with the foldable phones race when they gave their first look to the public. However, people weren’t able to try out the seemingly innovative phone mainly because it was just a teaser on how the Galaxy Fold would look like and it was still evening out the edges (literally and figuratively) during the Congress.

Today, Samsung has delayed the release of their Galaxy Fold for over 21 days since the telecommunications company announced to put their supposedly groundbreaking smartphone in stores last April 22.

The first set of Galaxy Fold phones that Samsung released for initial reviews have encountered problems like the screen breaking, performance issues as well as drawbacks on its hardware.

Several journalists and phone reviewers have given mixed reviews regarding the phone’s performance, but there was a significant number of them that reports about the Galaxy Fold’s screen– a fundamental factor with the whole foldable innovation.

Here are some tweets from Galaxy Fold reviewers:

Samsung has unfortunately failed to inform reviewers that the Galaxy Fold comes with a layer of protective film that would appear like a screen protector that should not be removed where Mark Gurnam from Bloomberg and Marques Brownlee noted that removing would affect the device’s performance.

Misinforming review units about the protective layer wasn’t the only issue regarding the Galaxy Fold; one of the prevalent problems was regarding its performance. Notably, every time the phone was folded the screen flickered and, at times, lagged.

Although, Samsung claims that their phone was tested vigorously and promised that the Galaxy Fold would be able to withstand 200,000 folds in its lifetime or an approximate of 100 folds a day for five years. But the reviews regarding performance issues were made just days upon receiving the device, not entirely sure how it will withstand another five years or less.

Secondly, there were also reports about the Galaxy Fold’s durability. Specifically, the screen has problems itself. The Verge reports that the crease at the middle of the screen is undeniably a nuisance and it’s definitely there; you can see and feel it as you brush your finger across. But the biggest issue, which at the same time makes the technology available, is the fact that the screen is made out of plastic. “It isn’t as smooth as glass, and it’s nowhere near as hard. My second review unit has a little “dimple” in one spot, and in just a couple days of use, it has picked up a half-dozen little nicks.”

Third, it’s bulky and quite frankly, a foldable tablet. It is true that the main idea behind foldable phones is carried by the capability to maximize screen space while not sacrificing space but the Samsung Galaxy Fold is simply too bulky when folded. It’s no different than having 2 large phones in your pocket.

Lastly, it’s meant to sell at $1,980. If Samsung didn’t delay the launch, it would be the most expensive smartphone in the market but with all the problems put forward, we don’t think spending almost two thousand dollars would be a great investment.

As we have said, the new foldable feature in coming smartphones come more like a gimmick over a groundbreaking innovation in the world of mobile devices, mainly to drive more attention on to brands, therefore, more sales but it would also be fair to give Samsung the benefit of the doubt until they finally make an announcement and address the issues aforementioned.

As of the moment, there’s no concrete date to when Samsung plans to resume their release of the foldable phone but Samsung CEO DJ Koh told The Korea Herald “[Samsung] has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device] and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days. We will not be too late.”

Based on the report, Samsung may have an announcement before the end of May.

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