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See Through The Dark: A Helpful Guide On Setting Every Device On Dark Mode



Dark Mode for Android, Iphone, Mac and Windows

Bright and blinding screens on your phones, computers and other devices have currently become a “problem” for most users. Although the brightness of these screens can be manually set from bright to dim, users still demand something like an option that would make their experience a lot easier, especially for the eyes.

These demands are the reason why several devices, operating systems, and phone applications have included a dark mode option for their programs.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode is a feature on the theme of your phones, laptops, and applications that sets it to black or something close to it. Aside from the fact that it changes the look of the program, it also helps the eyes especially when you use your devices in the middle of the night, and you’re too lazy to turn on the lights. Also, the dark mode helps the battery life of devices to last longer especially when smartphones have an OLED display.

But during these days, with the undeniable support for dark mode option for devices, it is not rare anymore to find programs and operating systems that support this specific feature. A system-wide dark mode was added by Google to the third beta of Android Q. You can also notice this on the operating system of the maCOS Mojave and Nintendo Switch. There are also certain apps that have the dark mode option like Twitter, Google Chrome, Messenger and Slack. Moreover, Google is devoted to applying this feature on all the first-party applications they produce, but the dark mode is not yet available everywhere.

With the unlimited demand for dark mode, there are third-party solutions that let you apply the dark mode on your device, but this does not guarantee a successful dark mode display.

Either way here are some tips and tricks to set dark mode on your devices. But do take note, that before jumping on this opportunity, there are inevitable mishaps due to device incompatibility.


All iPhone users know that dark mode is not yet supported on the current iOS. However iOS 12 offers a smart color inverter for its apps. But it does not guarantee a full on color change for the downloaded programs. There will be app elements whose color would not be able to be inverted by the iOS 12. Do not fret because this option works very well with the pre-installed applications of iPhone.

To turn on color smart inverter:

  1. Tap on the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and tap on General, then on Accessibility
  3. Tap on Display Accommodations which is the fourth from the top options.
  4. Find Invert colors and tap on it
  5. Switch on the Smart Invert option

If the Smart Invert isn’t enough for you, according to a report from Bloomberg a full support dark mode will be launched on iOS 13. This next update on the iOS software may have a full effect on the whole interface of the operating system.


The third developer preview for Android Q launched Dark Theme, a google system-wide dark mode. However, this feature is only available on Pixel phones and 15 other devices.

To activate Dark Theme on Android Q. On your screen, pull down from the top of the display to reveal Quick Settings, and you will find a button to activate Dark Theme. If you can’t immediately see the icon, pull all the way down of the screen and click on the pen icon. Drag the Dark Theme icon on your main lineup, and when you click it, it will automatically enforce the Dark Theme on the whole system of Android Q.

There is a chance that Dark Theme won’t be activated on some applications, but you won’t have to worry since Google is trying its best to build this feature on its first-party apps.

If ever you still don’t have the device that runs on Android Q beta, the case is a little bit different, but there is still the dark mode option but with limited performance.

Here is how to activate the Night Mode for Samsung phones that have the Android 9 Pie:

  1. Find the setting menu a tap Display > Advances
  2. At the bottom of the feature list, you will find the “Dark Mode.” Then activate the setting.

Furthermore, whatever Android phone you have as long as it runs on Android 9 Pie, you can set Night Mode as your default setting as long as you have Developer options.

  1. To activate Developer options, open Settings and click on About Phone
  2. At the very bottom, you can find “Build number” then tap that seven times to access Developer options which you can find in Settings in this sequence: Settings > Advanced  > Developer options
  3. Scroll down, and you can see Night Mode at the bottom, and you can set it to “Always On” or “Automatic (based on time of the day)”

If you want a quick solution to set your phone on Night Mode, you can download from Google Store the app, “Nova Launcher.” It’s free, and it sets your phone’s user interface to dark mode.


If your device is running on macOS Mojave, it already has a built-in system-wide dark mode. It can also toggle on third-party applications that are built to support it such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

To enable dark mode on a macOS Mojave-running device:

  1. Open system preference by clicking the Apple logo at the top left of the screen
  2. Click on General
  3. In the Appearance section, you can see the option to switch the look of the user interface
  4. There are Apple applications that won’t automatically turn on dark mode unless you manually enable their settings. Apps like Notes, Mail, Maps, TextEdit and Dynamic Desktop, are some of the apps with this rule.

If you only want dark mode for your device on a specific time, you can download f.lux and NightOwl which can change the scheme of your device’s theme on a specified time of the day you want it to activate.


With Windows 10, it’s straightforward to enable the dark mode settings on your device. However, just like other programs, the dark mode setting for Windows 10 is not automatically supported by the application, but it still does work for pre-installed applications

  1. Go to Personalization menu within the system’s settings which you can also navigate through by right-clicking on the window
  2. On the sidebar, you can choose your preferred color Under App Mode and select the dark option to enable the dark mode.

With all these tricks of the trade for your gadgets, you can now easily navigate through your device at any time of the day and circumstance. So the next time you’re stuck in your room at the dead of night and still can’t go to sleep, you can avoid counting sheeps but instead read through tweets, answer emails or scroll through social media without the need to turn on the lights because you already know how to set everything in dark mode.

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Android Q Is Now Available In Beta And Here Are Things You Should Be Excited About



Today, over 2.5 billion devices in the world are powered by Google’s Android operating system. Good as it may sound for business, but that’s certainly a big number to satisfy and Google’s working double time to meet customer demands.

During Google I/O, they announced the new Android OS called Android 10 Q. They’re picking up unfinished business with last year’s Android 9 Pie, and I could almost hear everyone at attendance in the conference sigh ’Finally.’

There are tons of new features coming with the latest Android 10 Q that would undoubtedly make rivals like Apple have a hard time looking away.

I’m saying it now, Google’s updates on the Android 10 Q isn’t just for show. There are useful and practical features that would surely give it a boost against competitors.

Data Security and Privacy

For starters, in a critical time of discussing privacy protection in the digital age, Google has decided to take a more proactive role in trying to meet expectations.

One of which is allowing some functionalities on devices powered by Android 10 Q through more advanced AI tech. What Google presented was that information can now be processed locally without the need to send data from the device to their servers and back. In other words, Google won’t be having a copy of the information you put into their system.

Second of which is through allowing security updates to reach more users more efficiently. In the past, security updates take too long because they’re packaged along with major updates that manufacturers and sometimes also carriers take too long to ship. With what Google calls its Project Mainline, they can send security updates through the Google Play Store.

Project Mainline wouldn’t be able to perform complete software updates, but it will be good enough to mitigate issues on prolonged security updates, and it will also be able to detect and patch bugs faster.

Dark Theme

Like many other devices and applications, the Android 10 Q is also joining the bandwagon and will be introducing their version of dark mode.

As expected, it will be able to turn your device to black by toggling a few buttons. When using the battery saver mode, the dark theme will automatically be triggered since the great thing about Android 19 Q’s dark theme is its pure black versus the grayish black some developers opt for. In this sense, devices tend to save more energy.


At first glance, the gestures on the Android 10 Q might seem familiar. That’s because it is. It’s pretty much copied from Apple’s gesture commands.

In Android 10 Q, there’s a thin white line at ghe bottom of the screen that you can prompt to perform gestures. You swipe up and drag across to go into a multitasking view. You swipe across it quickly to switch between apps.

But the difference it has compared to Apple and probably why it’s better is that the thin white line at the bottom is its own entity instead of being part of the screen. It doesn’t cover the bottom.

Moreover, and probably up for debate, Google has also decided to abandon the back button and replace it with a sideswipe motion. At the moment, it’s still to be determined whether it’s from the right of the screen across, the other way around or both. Personally, this is a great feature either way, but as a righty, I would appreciate it as a sideswipe motion from the right across the screen.

Live Caption

Probably the most significant feature introduced in the Android 10 Q is the Live Caption. Quite literally, it enables your device to place captions instantly. This can be used during video calls, videos and more.

What Live Caption does is transcribe audio when triggered. This can easily be set up in settings and once triggered, a black screen will pop up to place text as you’re watching a video or talking to a friend. Text size and screen space can also be adjusted to your preference.

Moreover, in line with Google’s commitment to privacy, Live Caption can process information locally on the device too. Although it may take a few seconds of lag it’s undoubtedly something in its early days and would surely take on more improvements in the future.

In fact, the feature is seen on Google’s other platforms, putting it on a mobile device is something still worth calling at the edge of innovation.

At the moment, it is only available for the English language but I reckon Google will soon work on making it possible for other languages as well.

Android | Twitter

The beta version of Android 10 Q is available today on more devices compared to other Android OS probably because Google wants more people to test it our before it officially launches as an Android OS update.

Here are the list of devices that can try out the beta version:

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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iPhone users are switching to Android




iPhone users switching to Android

The decision on whether to switch to an Android phone from iPhone has been on top of the argument lists. While others will tell you that there is no reason to exchange their iPhones for an Android phone, others are already considering to switch and make the change.

Most of former iPhone users’ reviews you get to see on the internet will show how they are amazed by Android’s capability and mostly about how user-friendly it is.

Android is iPhone’s greatest rival, and both have been on the watch of what’s new and what’s not in the mobile industry. The question is: is it worth it to switch to Android?

There are a lot of latest models from leading Android phone companies like Samsung and Huawei, and all possess good and better reviews compared to iPhone.

Accordingly, Apple iPhones and Samsung have competed ever since the trend and demand on mobile phones have started. Their latest phones sometimes look similar although their features come in differently. But the months on when these phones are released always seem to have a close race.

Moreover, the price we get to pay for mobile phones has also been our most significant consideration when purchasing one and prices released for iPhones has gone unreasonably for most. Also, its value in the market has been fast-changing.

iPhone users who switch to Android are most likely never to return to iPhone while you do not always get to hear Android users hate on the new features they get from mobile companies.

Somehow, the latter gets to provide for what they need at a lower price, and Android phones offer almost the same features as iPhones, and its updates are always available.

Some would tell you that the only probability to keep them from switching to Android is the iMessage. The convenience users benefit from iMessage will always be different from all other SMS apps accordingly.

However, the decision to switch from iPhone to Android has always been a matter of whether your mobile phone still matches the demands of your everyday life or not. If what you have bothers you, do not be scared to try a different thing. You can always switch back to your iPhone anytime you want.

As we enter the year 2019, we hope that we get better and more convenient mobile phones at a more reasonable price. Get ready for more of the latest in Android and Apple next year!

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