Marshall Adds Two New Speakers On Portable Bluetooth Lineup

Marshall Speakers

As much as we enjoy any form of entertainment, music has become a go-to especially when it comes to being on the road. It also means a sturdy portable speaker would be a great company to this long travel for those who would love to sing their hearts out while driving or to chill while steering the wheel. Thanks to Marshall Headphones, a licensee of the world-renowned guitar amplifiers since 1962 have created their line of headphones and speakers licensed to Zound Industries.

This year, Marshall expands its lineup of Bluetooth speakers with an additional two new models: the Stockwell II and the Tufton. Stockwell II is a smaller yet updated version of the original Stockwell. The Tufton, on the other hand, is bigger as compared to Stockwell II and the formerly launched Kilburn II. These two complete Marshall’s line of portable speakers of varying sizes.

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Size is the obvious answer when asked about the difference between Stockwell II and Tufton. Despite their varied size, these two portable speakers have almost similar qualities.

Looking at the two models, Stockwell II resembles a miniature guitar amplifier that is the size of a vintage transistor radio. The Tufton, however, is the largest portrait oriented portable speaker in the market at least in Euro.

These two models have the same flush mounted corners that protect the speaker and makes it a lot sturdier. This feature helps the speakers to stand the travel it will take because of its portability.

Stockwell II and Tufton also have three knobs for Volume, Bass, and Treble. At the rear of the speaker is a 3.5mm stereo aux socket where you can plug in different analog sources like tape and CD. With the USB-C charging port feature of the Stockwell II, it can serve as a chunky power bank for your smartphones. Tufton also has these main sockets to charge the speaker.

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Furthermore, both of these speakers have a carrying handle with a red fabric lining for more comfortable travel. This makes carrying, especially the Tufton, a lot easier with a weight of 4.9kg (10.8lb). They also offer the latest version of Bluetooth that is the v5.0 which provides strong signals and better transmission in varying distances.

However, this will only work if your device also features the Bluetooth v5.0. Also, the new speakers have the red LED ladder that illuminates in 10 levels showing how much battery your speakers have left.

Stockwell II and Tufton can last up to 20 hours of nonstop playing time when it is fully charged. But if you’re someone who’s always in a hurry, especially when charging your devices, you still can enjoy hours of music with only 20 minutes of charging time. For Stockwell II, 20 minutes will give you a playing time of 6 hours and 4 hours for Tufton.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, Stockwell II and Tufton have a multi-host functionality. This means that these two can connect to more than one device. A great way to host parties where everyone can enjoy each others’ playlist. These speakers also emit a noise that confirms when devices have successfully connected.

Now speaking of hosting parties, Stockwell II and Tufton can pump the beats by the poolside. With IPX 4 and IPX2 ratings for Stockwell II and Tufton respectively, these new speakers can take a splash for some people who would love to jump on the pool. Just be warned that the water-resistant for these speakers does not mean you can throw them into the water

Thanks to the Blumlein Stereo Sound built around Tufton and Stockwell II, they deliver a multi-directional experience which projects an all-around sound from its stereos. Stockwell II stereo speakers rates at an overall 5W to 10W. But for Tufton, its stereos have a combined output of up to 80W. Blumlein Stereo Sound is a pattern of speaker and microphone that helps with the multi-directional sound experience.

The goal for every company is to have a range of quality products of every possible need of the market. And for Stockwell II and Tufton, sound quality and portability in varying sizes are what they offer. That is why starting this month Stockwell II, and Tufton are now available on the market. Stockwell II retails at $249, and Tufton is at $399.

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