What to Expect From Google I/O

Google I/O 2019, What To ExpectHere's what to expect from Google's upcoming event. Nicolas Vigier | Flickr | Public Domain

Google annually hosts Google I/O where they take the opportunity to introduce the latest tech additions such as new versions of Android, Google Home, and Google Assistant. Every year is a step into the future after Google I/O. And since most of today’s hardware is powered by Google’s technology, Google I/O is our first glimpse to the biggest upcoming offerings of major tech providers.

Today, Google I/O or Google’s largest conference for tech developers will be happening in its hometown of Mountain View, California. A reported 7,000 people are said to be in attendance at its shoreline amphitheater to discuss future innovation that Google will be implementing to step forward.

This year’s Google I/O follows after some of the company’s significant setbacks or public display of discontent from its employees. Just late 2018, the historic Google Walkout where over 20,000 employees walked out from some of Google offices across the world to express their grievances towards the company’s attitude towards tolerating sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Moreover, Google also faced issues regarding its controversial military contracts and works in China. Employees publicly voiced out their concerns with the company’s treatment of temporary and contract workers.

Nonetheless, the tech giant’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, will be headlining Google I/O’s keynotes. It’s a good time for Pinchai to speak on behalf of the company to address the issues piled against them, which has grown to be one of Google’s most controversial years in its 20-year reign.

Setting aside Google’s setbacks this past few months, we’re here to embark on another week full of new technologies that Google has in store. The event will run from May 7-9 at 10 AM PT or 1 PM ET. Here are some tech-related introductions that we’re waiting to hear in Google I/O 2019.

Pixel 3A and 3XL

The leaks regarding Google’s latest smartphones have been all over the internet for the past several months now, so it’s a no brainer to expect that Google will be introducing them this coming weekend. The Google Store website also teased a photo about a pixel-related announcement set to happen on the first day of Google I/O.

Both phones are allegedly Google’s mid-range phones pegged to compete with other mid-range phones available in the market. This new device will be a stretch since cost-cutting is one where Google continues to struggle. Reportedly, the Pixel 3A will start at $399, while the larger Pixel 3A XL with a 6-inch screen will be $479.

However, what we’re expecting to hear during the conference is how the Pixel 3A and 3XL will fare against other mid-range phones. At this point, they’re not doing much in terms of appearance, so we’re holding on to the software announcements about this.

On better news, the headphone jack is back!

Nest Hub Max

Last month, Google had another store mishap where it accidentally leaked its latest smart home devices. The Nest Hub Max apparently will include a “10-inch HD screen and stereo speakers,” and a Nest Cam.

Although Google usually makes its hardware announcements during the “Made by Google” event, it’s not out of the ordinary to introduce it during the Google I/O event.

Google Stadia

Google has been teasing Stadia for several months now and is said to announce the product in the summer. But it’s not overreaching to expect more information regarding the service during Google I/O.

The idea behind Google Stadia is that it will become a unique gaming platform where users can play through Google’s data centers instead of a console. Think about Netflix’s Bandersnatch but at the gaming level.

There still are a lot of questions surrounding the service like costs, subscription, or how it will perform in terms of lag across different providers.

Google Assistant

Every year, Google I/O takes a chunk of time to elaborate on how their Google Assistant is smarter, more efficient, and more human-like. The Google Assistant is currently on a race with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Alexa has taken the lead with AI-learning tech. Google’s Assistant made its own with human-like speech; all achieved with some controversial privacy concerns where Siri is apparently using an advantage where they don’t store information and operates through given software capabilities alone.

Android Q

Every year, Google also introduces new updates with its Android software. This year, we’ll be expecting how its software will perform with the introduction of foldable phones and privacy updates to address concerns that have been circulating over the idea of tech companies storing people’s information, more specifically on location services.

However, it’s also most likely that Google will answer questions on how the new updates will reach more smartphones as most of them still run on older versions.

If you don’t have a ticket to attend the Google I/O, a live stream will be available on the Google I/O page.

To keep you up to date as Google I/O introduces the future over the weekend, here’s our streamline you can follow:

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