You May Have Been Playing UNO The Wrong Way And Here’s Why

UNO clarified the rule that disallows stacking +4 and +2 cards.Apparently, yoj cannot stack +4 and +2 cards! Image from

Admit it or not, you have forged so many friendships, created so many enemies, and made so many memories while playing the game of UNO. However, the company that built the game and officially sells the trademarked UNO cards recently said that players have been playing the game wrong.

In a post from the company’s official Twitter account, the world famous card game manufacturer said that players have been making an illegal move in the game sneakily and clarified the ambiguous rules of the game. According to the official post, a player cannot stack a +4 or +2 card after another.

“We know you’ve tried it,” teased UNO’s tweet. Stacking a +4 or a +2 card has become a common strategy for UNO players around the world to get around the consequence of being thrown with a +4 or a +2 card. In the most common rule, when the player before you put down a +4 or a +2 card, you have to pick four or two more cards from the deck and skip a turn unless you have a +4 or a +2 car to transfer the consequence to the player after you.

But UNO clarified that this is the wrong way to play the game and to use the said special cards. “If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4, and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6,” they explained in the tweet. This means that when the player before you put down a +4 or +2 card, you have no choice but to draw four or two cards from the deck and skip your turn, even if you have in your hand a +4 or +2 card.

The game, UNO, was initially developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins in Reading, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati and has become part of the Mattel brand since 1992. In the unpopular buy official rules of the game, the player will only win the entire game by being the first to come up with 500 points, usually earned throughout different rounds of the game. The total score can be achieved by being the first to play all of one’s cards and scoring points for the cards still held by the other players.

According to the game’s website, the deck consists of 108 cards with “four each of “Wild” and “Wild Draw Four,” and 25 each of four different colors (red, yellow, green, blue). Each color consists of one zero, two each of 1 through 9, and two each of “Skip,” “Draw Two,” and “Reverse.” These last three types are known as “action cards.”

The game becomes so popular that the brand has sold billions of decks worldwide and has remained to be one of the best selling card games of all time. There are also videos, movies, and shows that feature the game as well as a game show based on playing UNO. A slot machine has also been based on the game.

While there is no clear rationale behind the sudden clarification of the rules made by the brand, the tweet which was posted two days ago and has already garnered thousands of reactions and comments, have solicited violent and shocking opinions from fans around the world.

“My deck, my rules…someone’s eating this +24,” asserted by one Twitter user who seems to be shocked and angered by the clarification made by UNO. Another Twitter user said that the rule cleanup ‘completely ruins the game.

Following the downpour of reactions from players on Twitter, UNO decided to post another tweet saying that the rule can also be used as a strategy.

“This is a completely valid move and the only sure way to assert your dominance at the table. See Also: House Rules, “ UNO wrote.

But players seem to be unfazed by the assertion of the dominance of the brand to the rules of their own game. As a response, a Twitter user bluntly exclaimed “your (UNO) rule sucks! “

Many responses to the tweet saying that no matter what UNO says, it’s the house rule that applies and that they will be playing the way that they want. Besides, “it’s not an Olympic sports.”

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