A Beyonce Documentary Is Coming To Netflix

Last weekend, Netflix posted an Instagram photo with a yellow background and the word ‘Homecoming’ written in black-colored Greek letters; there was nothing else in the photo other than the release date. As usual, people speculated what the streaming giant is serving in a couple of days. But it didn’t take long until people started pointing out that it was about Beyonce’s iconic performance during Coachella last April 2018.

And just this Monday, Netflix crushed the speculation by posting the trailer on YouTube. It’s a Beyonce documentary.

Let the BeyHive crack Netflix’s teaser photo as they go wild with Homecoming, an in-depth plunge into the life of the international pop superstar.


Based on the trailer, the documentary will most likely follow along Beyonce’s Coachella performance, but probably not the part where she’s already performing.

If you’re part of the very few people who weren’t able to watch the Queen Bey’s performance, Coachella had a live stream of the entirety. Allowing the whole world to tune in as the most explosive Coachella performance during that year; not necessarily having to be there and buy outrageously expensive tickets.

Back to Homecoming: Netflix will be giving us a peek into Beyonce’s life as a performer such as the conceptualization process of the whole idea and theme of the performance, grueling rehearsals, and maybe a few glimpses of Rumi and Sir, Beyonce’s twins.

We’re sure that getting that intense choreography on point wasn’t accomplished in a day, or all the featured performers weren’t just asked to sing and follow along.

We also believe that it will dwell on Beychella’s overarching theme about race, representation, and education.


Dubbed as Beychella, Beyonce’s performance made the world stop as she headlined one of the world’s most famous music festival stages.

Beychella was inspired from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the Divine Nine–5 black fraternities and four black sororities–and black culture as Beyonce was the first black woman to headline the world-renowned music festival.

The performance was even thought out to be an inspiration for all black teenagers to enroll in colleges and university to further their education. In relation, Beyonce started the Homecoming Scholars Award Program where she gave four HBCU’s $25,000 each to sponsor a student of their choosing.

Overall, it was a big deal since Coachella is known for attracting white teenagers who like to wear boho clothing, get drunk, and, usually, appreciate music. Vince Staples even referred to the Coachella main stage as “the white people stage.”

Via Instagram, Beyonce’s mother wrote shortly after the performance that she was afraid that the predominantly white audience at Coachella would be confused by all of the black culture and Black college culture because it was something that they might not get.

Beyoncé responded that she has “worked very hard” to get to a point where she has a “true voice” and that at this point in her life and career, she has “a responsibility to do what’s best for the world and not what is most popular.”

Known as an explosive performer with similar explosive stage designs, it was definitely hard to miss as the stage was decked with more than a hundred dancers and musicians donned with the Beyhive’s signature colors, yellow and black, which flanked the singer as she moved from one song to the next.

There was also a drum line, majorettes, step-dancing, and mock probate. Basically, she had the feel of a typical university game day, but this time from The University of Beyonce. There was also a Destiny’s Child reunion with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams performing the trio’s “Say My Name” and “Soldier.” There were also cameos by her sister Solange and husband, Jay-Z. She also sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” commonly known as the black national anthem, among others of her iconic songs.

Beyoncé had initially expected to headline Coachella in 2017, but she had to back out because of her pregnancy. During that time, she thought about how her Coachella performance would turn out. She said mid-performance, “I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly, and I dreamt up this performance, and this is more than I ever dreamt of it being. And thank you guys for sharing this with me. I hoped you all enjoyed the show. I worked very hard.”

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