Beats Powerbeats Pro Review: Pros And Cons

BeatsBeat's New Powerbeat Pro

It’s Beats time to shine as their new EarPods is out! Let us all welcome the new Powerbeats Pro that is set to be released next month.

Beats took their time to release a new version of their earphones. And it seems like the long wait is over and worth it. Beats Powerbeats line last issued was in 2016, and it was the time Apple’s EarPods was released. We all know that Beats do not want to compete in the market with Apple. Besides, they are one big happy family with a little dash of partnership in some parts.

The Powerbeats Pro is Beats’ first wireless earbuds. It was released after Apple’s second-generation AirPods. I know that we are all itching to know the pros and cons of the Powerbeats Pro, as this kind of routine is standard nowadays. Before purchasing an item, we always tend to check the review – the pros and cons of the accessories to widen our understanding further before buying.

Here’s our review of the Powerbeats Pro with the Pros and Cons for better guidance.

The Pros

(1) When it comes to the physical features of the Powerbeats Pro, it is a perfect earpiece for the user because aside for from being ergonomic, the shape of the EarPod is ideal for the ears, making it extremely comfortable to wear. With its comfortability, you can wear it conveniently even with your glasses on.

(2) Of course, we cannot eliminate the fact that the latest Powerbeats Pro is compatible with any Apple products like iPhones and iPads. Hence, Apple users will have no issues connecting the wireless earbuds to any of their devices.

(3) Aside from the usual white color, Powerbeats Pro comes with three sets of colors such as black, dark green, and navy.

(4) When it comes to the battery lifespan, the Powerbeats Pro has an impressive range of battery life, running up to 9 hours with the pods alone and 24 hours when combined with its charging case. Using the earbuds for an everyday routine like running, carrying the charging case is not essential. Convenience-wise, you don’t have to worry for the Powerbeats Pro to run out of battery while jogging, unless you exercise for 9-hours straight. But, for activities that would take you more than 24-hours, then bringing the case with you is highly recommended.

(5) The Powerbeats Pro is highly similar to the second edition of Apple’s AirPods. The accessory has a built-in H1 chip for hands-free “Hey Siri” voice commands and easy access on iOS syncing.

(6) Sound-quality wise, the Powerbeats Pro has an excellent quality compared to others. Beats assured that their new product would surpass competitors by improving quality and eliminating distorted bass, which is usually the problem with other earphones. You can never go wrong in using the earbuds while listening to music as it gives a great clear sound even when listening to upbeat tunes.

(7) The Powerbeats Pro has an automatic paused function that you can set up once one or both earbuds are removed from the ears. You can then resume playing once you put it back on.

The Cons

(1) Although it may not sound lousy thing for the Powerbeats Pro, everything has its downside, unfortunately. In this particular juncture, the charging case of the Pro. The charging case is too big. Yes, it’s noticeably bulky enough when you carry it around inside your pocket, especially when you decide to bring it with you while running in the morning. In a sense, it’s quite uncomfortable running around with the charging case.

(2) Similar to Apple’s AirPods, what is lacking is the light status showing if your EarPods are fully charged. There is no indication if it is charging or not. In the case of the Powerbeats Pro, the LED light on the front only shows the status of its battery. Nothing more, nothing less. So, it’s quite a guessing game.

(3) Beats assured that the Powerbeats Pro is water resistant. Once worn, and sweats are all over it, rest assured that the earbuds are fine. But, not with the charging case. Hence, you need to wipe off the sweat of the EarPods before placing it in the case.

Regardless of the above-mentioned pros and cons, buyers will for sure never go wrong in purchasing the Powerbeats Pro due to its excellent features, disregarding the minimal drawbacks of it. I won’t have any ounce of worries that the Powerbeats Pro will flop, for sure, it’ll be endorsed by famous athletes like Lebron James or Stephen Curry, soon.

The Powerbeats Pro will cost $249.95 once released in May. Nonetheless, Beats’ latest offering is considered as the best fitness earphones out there. We’re fascinated. So, grab yours and be inspired to get fit with the newest Powerbeats Pro from Beats!

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