Netflix Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

Following Netflix’s renowned documentaries like Gaga: Five Foot Two, Ellen: Relatable, and Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour comes Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

The stand-up comedian gets to have his very own documentary filmed by the online streaming legend, which follows iconic performers too.

Irresponsible is filmed in an audience packed stadium with a square stage in the middle of the whole arena. Hart stands in the middle, with the audience surrounding him. It’s an accumulation of the tour that he did just last year.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he says that “It’s a little raunchy. I would definitely say Rated-R plus R.”

As usual, Hart brings in the intense energy and quick shift from one topic to another. He starts his set with introducing the title: “The name is Irresponsible for a lot of reasons — we’ll get into all those reasons as the show goes on.”

It is important to note that Hart’s material for the special will not cover anything about the controversies about his homophobic tendencies towards his jokes that got him fired from hosting the Oscars. Although, this would have been a great avenue to address them if they were indeed false allegations. 

Back to the show, initially, his jokes start with stories revolving around his kids and family. Eventually, he starts talking about his kid catching him and his wife doing sex, then sends out a flurry of jokes about how a person can reason to a kid about what they were doing and a few long sentences about sex positions, that’s how this special would be R-rated.

It’s a strong start. But as the show goes on, you’ll notice that Hart starts to joke about his insecurities. He mainly talks about it from a very light perspective with his infectious lively energy, but are rooted from very emotional circumstances. 

In this documentary, we are getting a very raw and vulnerable side of the comedian in this one-hour special. “Honesty and authenticity are what people respond to. You want to laugh at what you can relate to and what you believe,” Hart says to Jimmy Kimmel. “Nothing is malicious. It’s all done from my point of view. So it’s the way I see myself in certain situations.”

He introduces topics about being a short man and feeling down when he saw his wife’s porn search history only to find that she’s looking for ‘bigness.’ In an interview he shared about a random conversation about his wife, “She showed me. It really hurt me. It did a number,” Hart said. “It was so different from what I am. Everything was big. Everybody was tall. I got mad.”

It will also develop into him getting caught in a cheating incident, which he will stitch together with him trying to gain back a level of trust and sense of security that was lost. 

The topics of his material, at some points, will get deep. But, he will shift you back and forth with the same enthusiastic energy he has in the beginning that, as a live audience, you wouldn’t notice and will laugh along.

Overall, Hart would undeniably show how well he would command an audience. He would keep the entire audience’s attention for a solid hour without rest. Even though his height is an often joked-about topic, he stands tall in the middle of the audience; he compensates with enthusiasm and infectious energy that would carry the whole crown during the entirety of the show. 

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is the kind of comedy show that you would pay to watch and gladly spend your time laughing along.

However, if you’re watching it from a TV or your laptop, the whole performance would seem like a dud. It’s titled ‘Irresponsible,’ but nothing of what he does in the entire documentary would resemble the word. You also don’t pick up the same energy in the room as when you’re watching it live. Yes, they’re quick and quirky jokes that would bounce off from one to the next, but they don’t stick and give you a genuinely satisfying laugh.

Whatever the case, Hart definitely is a force to be reckoned with on live shows. His level of determination and ease to keep people’s attention is unmatched in his generation of stand-up comedians.

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is available for streaming on Netflix.

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