RPDR S11E5: The Mermaid Fell And Ariel Has To Go

Ariel sashayed away from RPDRScreenshot from VH1

The recent episode of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 is one of the most intense events in the history of the hit reality TV show. The queens were able to showcase their drag, as well as their sewing and design skills as they were tasked to show up in the runway with the most sickening ball, looks in three different categories.

The first category is “Trampy Trick or Treater,” where the queens are challenged to come up with looks that are both sexy and Halloween-inspired. During the challenge briefing, Ru told the girls that a “trampy trick or treater” is like the “naughty nurse” or “dirty doctor” or the “sexy soccer mom.” In this category, there are definite standouts like Brooke Lynn Hytes who came out as a sexy mummy and in ballet point, Plastique Tiara who strut the runway with a sexy Playboy bunny, and Yvie Oddly as a sexy dinosaur.

The queens who have not impressed the judges were Ariel Versace in her ill-fitting plastic surgery/ needle gown and Shuga Cain who came up as a sexy Treasure Troll but failed to execute the concept properly.

“Witch Please” is the second category where the queens came up with their own interpretations of a witch costume. The standouts include Brooke Lynn Hytes who was inspired by the Enchantress from the Suicide Squad, Shuga Cain as Bloody Mary, and Scarlet Envy in her forest witch costume and nose prosthetics. Yvie Oddly also gained the praises for her stereotypical but couture witch costume.

Shuga Cain as the Bloody Mary. Image from @missshugacain / Instagram

Interestingly, Cara Delivigne is one of the judges during the episode. She played the role of Enchantress in the movie.

On the other hand, Ariel Versace did not impress the judges calling her outfit as “no witch” and “wearing black does not mean witch.” Silky Nutmeg Ganache who channeled Eveline from the Wiz in her outfit got the boot from the judges as well.

The most exciting part of a ball challenge is always the third category where the queens are tasked to make their outfits from scratch using the materials given to them. In this episode, the theme for the sewing category was “MILF (monsters I like to freak) Eleganza. Plastique Tiara, who was criticized earlier in the episode for being a ‘pretty’ queen and not knowing how to do ‘ugly’ drag stood out in this category with her interpretation of a beautiful grim ripper. The judges were impressed by her ability to paint her face in a way that it was monstrous enough, but still beautiful. Another stand out was Brooke Lynn Hytes.

The judges clocked ariel Versace, who decided to tatter and distress a mermaid costume in the challenge for not giving them personality and vulnerability in the runway. The judges told her that she keeps on doing the same thing and they don’t know who Ariel is anymore. Furthermore, Shuga Cain also did not impress the judges with her “wife of the devil” costume.

In the end, Shuga Cain and Ariel Versace had to lipsync for their lives to Whitney Houston’s I Am Your Baby Tonight. At first, it appears like Ariel is performing marginally better than Shuga Cain in the lipsync. However, everything changed when Ariel fell to the ground after she stepped on her dress.

Shuga Cain and Ariel Versace lipsynced against each other. Screenshot from VH1

The distressed Ariel fought her way through the rest of the lipsync, but she struggled in regaining the momentum she initially had after the fall. In the end, Ariel had to sashay away, keeping Shuga in the game.

Many speculations have surfaced that Ariel Versace should not be the one to go home that evening, but she left the producers no choice after her faux pas during the lipsync. According to noted Drag Race reviewer in Youtube Jakeyonce, he doesn’t think that Ariel was placed in the bottom in that episode for her to go home.

Ariel fell during the lipsync. Screenshot from VH1

Jakeyonce, through a video in her Youtube account, said that producers would most likely want Ariel to stay because she has a narrative that is going on and her storyline is just building up. Unlike Shuga Cain, Ariel has been in several drama and feud with her Season 11 sisters. One thing, in particular, is her confronting attitude towards her annoyance of Silky Nutmeg Ganache.

The Youtuber said that Shuga Cain has been fading in the background both in the challenge and the “reality T.V.” aspect in the show. He also cites the fact that a home video sent by Shuga’s boyfriend was shown in Untucked which usually indicates that the queen would go home in the episode because that’s the only time that producers can show the video. /apr

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