BTS Newest Trailer For Upcoming Album Inspires Millions To Do The ‘Persona Challenge’

The phenomenal Kpop boy band ‘BTS’ is inspiring millions of fans with the new challenge known as Persona Challenge.

After a surprise-releasing ‘comeback trailer’ for the boy band’s upcoming album, Map of the Soul: Persona on Wednesday, fans of Kpop group BTS are inspired by the themes presented in the rap track performed by leader RM, which became a significant knockout after its release.

Fans took the chance and created a viral trend called the ‘Persona Challenge’ which allows them to share throwback photos and stories of their personal growth. The images will then be uploaded through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Looking through the new song and video, the leader RM also known as Kim Namjoon features past eras of the group where they have to deal with inconsistencies, as well as, his challenges in the spotlight and the music industry. The group formed in 2013 and the boys can tell how much sacrifices they have to make before finding self-worth and finally reaching their ultimate goals in life.

The video also serves as an opportunity for the Kpop band to remind everyone that self-love is detrimental to the person’s development. With that in mind, the fans, who call themselves ARMY, have decided to put their own stories to the ‘Persona Challenge’ test.

The truth behind the challenge

The challenge is a way of showing the growth of an individual in a positive light.

What differentiates this challenge from the previous ones, is its contribution to the self-love awareness campaign. The boy band has long made it a priority to discuss social issues and anxieties in their mostly Korean language lyrics and complex videos, which fans eagerly comprehend. Their recent song allows individuals to look on things that are mostly invisible but deem essential to our lives including love, self-respect, self-worth,  and kindness.

The challenge gives fans the chance to discuss the insecurities that they have worked to overcome and the struggles of being isolated due to their outside appearances. Some fans talk about how gaining self-worth is based solely on the validation of those people who know nothing about them, while others make sure to thank the boys of BTS and their music for helping them awaken the real beauty residing inside and for helping every lost soul to move forward.

The challenge is based on the song ‘Intro: Persona,’ which was revealed when BTS’s comeback trailer came out. Now, the Internet-based hashtag encourages others to share how they’ve grown as individuals and overcome the struggle to understand ‘who they truly are.’

BTS ‘ARMY’ dominates not just South Korean soil but almost everyone on the planet

The fact that the challenge is getting viral even today proves how influential the boy band is, not only to South Koreans but also to every person around the globe. Many people are taking part, and it just shows how genuinely relatable BTS are primarily with the youth nowadays. The data presents almost 4.4 million people took the challenge on Twitter alone, which mirrors how fitting the said task for a lot of BTS fans because it’s a thing that resonates to almost everyone.

Among the highlights are the fans in Europe who rejoice their periods of growth and also point out how they have learned to ‘overcome European beauty standards’ and celebrate their natural hair.

The Persona Challenge is very timely as the Kpop group also releases its first batch of concept photos for their upcoming album which inspired the creation of the said test. The collection features over 100 new pictures of the seven members.

In the BTS website visited by Z6mag, there are two batches of photos; one is the new visuals reference photo booths, and another is the photo contact sheets which show off each member’s different personas.

BTS next album is set to conquer the world

Since the announcement of their comeback trailer last week, fans of the boy band have been waiting for more news and hints about the upcoming album, and the ‘persona’ in the album’s title comes out more strongly than the previous titles.

With apparent responses to the group’s impact coming in from fans all over the world, it is safe to say that 2019 will likely be another phenomenal record-breaking hit and momentous year for BTS and members of the ARMY.

Their next album is set to dominate the world on April 12.

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