Male Birth Control Pills To Slow Down Growing Population

Male Birth Control Pills

The intriguing question that continues to haunt every one of us is if male birth control pills pose as essential to stop the growth of the human population? The move of scientists to prevent the alarming progression of the human race has been widely acknowledged; from vasectomy and the creation of condoms to current family planning methods, which in most cases, help a lot of families to achieve a considerable number of children in one household.

Now, what inspired recent studies to create male contraceptives?

According to LiveScience, birth control pills have been discovered mostly to benefit women for almost 60 years already, and males would check on pharmacies and find nothing in equivalent for them. Today, the only available contraceptives for men are Vasectomy which follows a surgical procedure for sterilization or permanent birth control. In this process, the vas deferens of males are sealed in a manner that the sperm will be prevented from entering the seminal stream.

Another well-known method of preventing pregnancy is the use of condoms or rubbers which is typically rolled onto an erected penis before intercourse to block the semen from entering the body of the sexual partner. And, the withdrawal method largely depends on the control of a man during sex with a failure rate of 22 percent per year for typical use.

Other forms of male contraceptives are in various stages of research and development.

The current world population is becoming a problem for both developing and underdeveloped countries. Today, the total number of people is growing at a rate of around 1.07 % per year (2018-2019) according to worldometers, with an average population estimated at 7, 714,576,923.

According to the World Health Organization, the number one cause of increasing population is the lack of family planning chorused by early pregnancy. And, if this situation continues, it threatens most economists and scientists since the world population will most likely reach 10 billion in the year 2055, and if the government or the field of science have no clear solution, it’ll significantly affect our stocks for various consumptions.

However, researchers continue to prevent the growth of population by developing means both applicable for men and women. Women, on the other hand, have been the subject of these scientists since 2013, creating formulas and other contraceptive methods.

But recently, a group of researchers announced that it had developed a study intended for men to prevent fertilization. They informed the public earlier this month that its unique take on a male birth control pill passed human safety tests in a 28-day trial without any participants drooling out from side effects; a problem that phased out other attempts for male contraceptives.

How does the pill work?

Researchers attribute their success to the active agent in the pill, which is two hormones in one; part progestin and part modified testosterone. As per Dr. Christina Wang, the Associate Director of the Clinical and Translational Science says that when the two hormones separate, the body processes equal doses at different speeds. In layman’s term, Progestin helps stops sperm production, and testosterone will pair with the former so that the molecule will ideally keep the sperm count low while also making sure that there’s enough of the modified sex hormone to maintain its essential roles filled.

Why focus more on male rather than female birth control methods?

The focus of the study diverted to men, wherein, they believe that the pills are effective if used by males correctly. This is by far the most recent development in controlling the growth of population which focused more on birth control programs for men.

Recent studies developed for women are also useful, so it is high time for men to take on the task of keeping the family growth in check. This is also a big step towards the division of responsibility, wherein, women have always been the target of accusations and blame every time there is a failure in the attempt to prevent the population’s growth. In this millennium where women continuously fight for equality, it is just fair that men should also understand the obligation of taking part in the move to slow down the population.

Male Birth Control Pills, are they necessary?

If vasectomy and other birth control methods for men are a big help to stop the growth of population, then there is no doubt that the pills would most likely create a significant impact to prevent pregnancy.

If health risks are getting into the governing bodies before giving a signal to allow birth control such as this, then it should be fair to say that participants took a 400 or 200 milligram of the pill during the 28-day trial, as it was reportedly safe. The trial aimed to evaluate the safety of the drug which gave positive results after none of the men showed severe side effects such as too low testosterone levels, high blood pressure, or depression.

Health effects issues when this pill is taken long term are still unclear, but scientists are currently applying the same method with rats and monkeys to see future implications to humans. This is a significant development in the field of science, and although the world population continues to grow in the 21st century, through the help of the pill, it will slow down the rate as much as fifty percent.

The world will not repeat its mistake for abandoning possible solutions offered by birth control decades ago. And, what happened in 1959, when the percentage reached almost 90 percent and doubled to 6 billion at the end of 1999, is a lesson for us all.

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