Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16 Presents Kanye West As Official Cast And Crew

Kanye West In KUWTK Season 16

The greatest reality show of our time, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is coming back with Season 16 and the premiere is totally amped with their apparent new cast, Kanye West.

West has formerly not often seen on the reality show and is usually quiet about it. However, in the season 16 premiere, we see Kanye West doing a double interview in the show’s uber-famous interview chairs where the family is often seen giving confessionals.

Episode 1 “Chicago Loyalty” revolves around Kanye West and his feud with Rhymefest, Kourtney’s anxiety about being single again, Khloe’s ‘happy’ relationship with Tristan Thompson and newly born daughter, True Kardashian-Thompson, and Kim and Kanye’s baby #4!

In the duo confession, West humorously says that “The movie The Incredibles, it starts off with the interviews,” he explained, adding, “The wife got a big butt, and I just see our life becoming more and more like The Incredibles.” You read that right, he is literally comparing his life with a superhero movie from Pixar, which is funny other than annoying because Kanye’s mind is definitely a puzzle!

Moreover, in an interview, it is revealed that Kanye will in fact appear more regularly on the show and he’s even often in touch with the show’s producers. For the Kanye-Kim fans, this is a thrill since we this will really dive into the personal lives of the famous couple.

Kanye even goes beyond with artistically waving his hand over the 1970s theme that the show has. “He’s a real creative force, clearly, and had thoughts on marketing, thoughts on presentation of the show, on the opening title sequence,” Adam Stotsky, the president of E!, told us.

Donda House

In the episode, we’ll be seeing Kanye and Kim take a trip to Chcago with daughter, North, to show her Kanye’s old home town.

While in Chicago, Kanye patches issues between Kanye West and childhood friend, Rhymefest over a Twitter feud where the latter called out Kanye for abandoning the charity project named after his mother.

Kim, who involved herself in the public feud said, “He was using your mom to s—t-talk you and that’s where I draw the line.”

Kim was annoyed with how Kanye randomly forgave Rhymefest and questioned Kanye’s rationality to which he responded, “I’m not rational, I’m spiritual. Spirit is love. … I’m all about forgiveness,” adding “That Buddhi. That Gandhi.”

The episode goes on with Kim venting here and there about not understanding how Kanye was so easy to forgive and allowing people to step over him. She even goes telling her mom saying “I can’t babysit him.’

The episode ends with Rhymefest having a sit down with Kim and Kanye and just talk things out. Rhymefest clarified his side of the story, emphasizing that his frustration “wasn’t about money,” bit was frustrated over Kanye not promoting for Donda House. Kanye excused his behavior saying, “I was going through some s–t.” Rhymefest eventually apologized for handling the situation so publicly and the trio made up.

Baby #4

We’re still not over the Kardashian baby boom with Kim confirming that baby #4 is coming! Although, this was already confirmed in early 2019, hearing it on the show’s just much better.

Kim tells sister Kylie Jenner that she’s not telling anyone about the news except family only.

Speaking of siblings, during a meeting with Kylie Jenner (the first time we’ve seen the youngest in the episode), Kim tells the fellow mother that she is not telling anyone except family about the fourth West baby. However Kim jokes saying “I am only going to tell your friends,” since Kylie’s pregnancy was a well kept secret around Kylie’s close circle.

On the other side of the story, Kim says that North is an informant. “North is going around saying she is having a baby brother so now Saint won’t bother her,” Kim tells Kylie.

Another Kardashian Breakup

Well, not yet the explosive Khloe-Tristan breakup but the Kourtney-Younes Bendjima one.

The episode talks about anxiety facing the idea of being really single after a long time. That’s where her family steps in and tells her to get a break.

Family and friends go to Palm Springs to tan, relax, do some karaoke, and a little dancing. It’s not the best Kardashian party but totally relatable!

Khloe tells Kourtney that “it’s okay to be a single.” A very clever pre-cursor to the drama that’s about to unfold with Khloe saying the exact same words to herself.

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