Alessandra Mussolini Melt Down On Twitter Over Jim Carrey Cartoon

Alessandra MussoliniPhoto: Giuseppe Nicoloro/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.0

Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of the former fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, melts down on Twitter after Jim Carrey posted a cartoon about her grand father’s execution.

Jim Carrey, a comedian popular for movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber, on Saturday posted his latest cartoon inspired by a photograph by Vincenzo Carrese; a slain Benito Mussolini at Piazzale Loreto after Walter Audisio shot him together with his mistress, Clara Petacci hanging from a steel girder after his public execution in 1945.

Carrey, while being a comedian, rebranded himself as a political cartoonist who claims himself as an anti-Trump artist and usually features the president himself on his recent pieces of art. In his latest artwork, he tweeted, “If you’re wondering what fascism leads to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta.”

Andrea Mussolini, who’s been very vocal about defending her grandfather throughout the years, was enraged by the tweet and has spent the last 14 hours or so attacking people on Twitter. She replied to Carrey saying, “You are a bastard.”

However, the one-liner didn’t seem enough to make a point, so she made several follow up tweets.

Mussolini asked Carrey to draw several photos of American atrocities to make what her grandfather did look less, apparently. One of them was a mushroom cloud created from a nuclear bomb explosion, the four fathers of America with Native Americans, and a rather odd photo.

The last photo is odd because Mussolini was referring to slavery in America, but what she posted was a whipping post in Delaware. She may have political sentiments about whipping posts in Delaware back in the 1970s, but she may not be sure herself.

Lastly, on Carrey, Mussolini comforted American citizens and pro-Trump supporters that they shouldn’t be worried about Carrey’s cartoons since they’re “dirty paper.” Contrastingly, Carrey’s not the one feuding with a comedian whose latest outlet is through his drawings.

But Carrey, who doesn’t usually meddle with his critics remained silent. In casual misplaced aggression, Andrea lashed on other people who were tweeting about Benito Mussolini both in English and in Italian.

People on Twitter quickly jumped on the train and kept stoking the fire that is Mussolini’s anger, which she then resulted to using insults and threats. Not a pretty sight to see when you’re already defending a fascist dictator.

To which, Mussolini responded, “What about your piggy family?” and later going on to say “I have other terrible information about your bad family.”

She then tweeted something in Italian, which roughly translates that she’s tired and done for today, seemingly claiming victory, but then goes back and sending another flurry of tweets. This time, emphasizing that Carrey should also be made to pay for America’s crimes.

However, people quickly corrected her saying that Carrey is Canadian. She claps back saying he’s Naturalized American, which is true. Whatever the case, Carrey at the end of the day should suffer for it, at least off of what Mussolini was trying to imply.

She ends her Twitter storm by saying that American anti-fascists are more boring but are more sensitive than Italy’s.

On the other hand, Mussolini refuses to be called a fascist and embraces the idea of democracy, but she was elected to the Italian Parliament as a member of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement in 1992, which was seen as a successor to her grandfather’s National Fascist Party.

Interestingly, Mussolini is an independent, far-right member of the European Parliament and has been successful at re-election for the past decade through the same fascist political party that she refuses to identify as fascist.

“I am not a fascist and my party is not really fascist,” she explained at the time. “All we want is change in Italy. I want to be the voice of joy and anger of the common people.”

Over the course of her career, she has been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, but she also declared artificial insemination to be “against the dignity of women,” used a pejorative term to describe a transgender candidate.

Her actions pretty much sum up as indecisive and contradictory.

Moreover, she’s also a former actress and has done a dozen Italian films as well as a song producer. She was even Playboy’s cover model twice.

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