RPDR S11EP5: Monsters, Witches, And Branjie

Brooke Lynn Hytes rocked the Enchatress-inspired costume in front of Enchantress herself. Image from @bhytes / Instagram

In eleven regular seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Branjie storyline is probably one of the most talked about. The on-screen romance between Miss Vanjie, the comeback queen from Season 10 and Brooke Lynn Hytes, the first ever Canadian queen in the show and the current front runner in her season, has become one of the richest storylines that the show has ever shown.

As Ross Matthews said, this is the first time that a love story is born in the show and producers to have been milking the “showmance” for all it’s worth. Speculations about the real score between the two queens have sprouted all over the internet and theories have been conspired.

The two queens have never admitted in any way that they are dating; however, the two queens have been very suggestive with their answers every time they are asked the magical question: “Are you dating each other?”

In a recent interview made by Brooke Lynn Hytes for ET Canada with Stephen Krajinovic, who said that he has been waiting for eleven seasons for two queens in the show to have a blossoming relationship with each other, Brooke said that Vanjie “is so cute. He makes me laugh.”

“Vanjie is amazing and yeah, we gotten really close. I’m not gonna spoil anything because the season is not over yet.”

While she did not deny the relationship nor confirm it, Brooke Lynn admitted that there were kissing and touching that was happening in the show.

“We were kissing. There was touching and kissing […] I am getting those cookies.”

“He’s wonderful though, I love him,” Brooke added.

In Episode 5, Brooke and Vanjie clarified their relationship with each other to other queens saying that they were just “good friends.” They even admitted in front of national television that they have a crush on each other.

“Me and Vanjie have a crush on each other, and we’ll see where it goes,” said Brooke in one of her confessional videos included in the preview clip. “I think Vanjie is really cute, and we’re just getting to know each other.”

Miss Vanjie seconded Brooke Lynn’s statements by kissing her (again!).

“It’s really fresh at the womb. You know, I’m just going on with the flow, and if those kisses keep coming, I’m gonna keep accepting,” Vanjie said.


Brooke’s newfound love (maybe) with Vanjie may have been very inspiring for her to do well in challenges. For last week’s episode’s maxi-challenge, Brooke Lynn Hytes snatch the win for this season’s ball.

The challenge for the last episode was one of the most awaited parts of every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race – the ball challenge. Last week, Ru dared the competing queens to outshine each other in three different looks in the runway for the “Monster Ball.”

Ru said that Halloween is what drag queens called the “amateur nights” and challenged the girls to show younger generations of queens how it is done. “Trampy Trick or Treater” is the first theme of the ball where queens should show up in the runway in their most sultry, sexy, and trampy Halloween costumes.

In the first look, Brooke Lynn was the clear standout. She showed up in a sexy mummy costume and in ballet shoes. She was serving ballerina realness as she struts the runway in full ballet pointe, walking with her toes, wowing the judges.

Brooke Lynn Hytes came out of the runway with a sexy mummy look and in ballet pointe. Image from @bhytes / Instagram

The second theme for the ball challenge was “Witch Please” where the queens should show their interpretation of a witch costume in the runway. As expected, Brooke showed up with the most bizarre yet captivating look in that category.

The Enchantress from the Suicide Squad inspired her witch look, and she served it with an almost theatrical dance as she walks the main stage. Interestingly, one of the judges for the episode was Cara Delivigne who played the Enchantress in the movie.

For the final look, the queens were tasked to design and create a look from scratch that serves “both beauty and beast.” The category was “MILF (Mosters I Like To Freak) Eleganza), where the queens need to create a spooky Halloween look that would both be beautiful and scary. Brooke Lynn also slayed this category as well. She came up with a well put-together Adam’s Family-inspired all-black gown with a snake crawling around her neck.

She definitely impressed the judges, and there’s no doubt that she won that challenge. She also won the first design challenge of the season in the first episode.

Meanwhile, Shuga Cain and Ariel Versace were placed at the bottom to lipsync at I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston. While the two queens were equally serving it in the first half of the song, everything changed when Ariel fell down mid-lipsync that threw her off of her performance. Shuga got to stay, and Ariel has to sashay away.

Brooke Lynn, on the other hand, already has two wins under her belt making her the front-runner of the competition as of the moment. /apr

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