Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry’s Incoming Wedding: Has Bloom Been Pressured On The Engagement Proposal?

Orlando Bloom and Katy PerryOrland Bloom in the movie 'The Three Musketeers.' Photo: discutivo/Flickr

Pirates of the Caribbean star, Orlando Bloom and ‘California girls’ pop singer Katy Perry are planning to tie the knot after the two announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day.

E!, the entertainment and Hollywood celebrities’ news magazine unveils the truth about the couple’s plan on getting married. It was hearts’ day when Orlando popped the question to Katy and ever since the revelation of their engagement reached the media and the public, the couple is bombarded with queries such as when and where will they plan to finally tie the knot.

And, now that the two are officially engaged, they are taking it to the next level. The A-list pair is starting to talk about future plans together, and that includes their wedding day. According to a source of E! news, Katy is inspired by different ideas of what their wedding might look like, the perfect spot to do the ceremony and who might be on the guest list.

Is Katy Perry living the teenage dream?

Well, their friends and family are happy about the news and are very excited to be part of the incoming big day. In fact, their loved ones planned a surprise engagement party just moments after Orlando announced his proposal to Katy.

‘He did so well,’ Katy dreamily answered in an interview. It seems that the singer/artist is happily living in a teenage dream after Orlando’s proposal, especially now that the two have taken another leap in their relationship as they are officially living together. It was revealed from several news outlets that the couple moved in together right after they got engaged.

‘They are loving this time in their lives.’ Katy has finished all the necessary works on her new house at the time they got engaged, and it worked out just perfectly fine. Orlando, on the other hand, is taking the move on the next level as he also prepared his 8.9 million dollar home in Los Angeles, California.

So who would be moving in to whose house? The two did not respond in an interview.

Has Orlando Bloom been pressured on the proposal?

Well, fans are happy with the news about the incoming wedding but they still remember the inconsistencies on Orlando’s end after being asked about any target date or year for the big day. Before his proposal, the Pirates of Caribbean star is avoiding any questions relating to something that would lead him on a topic about his betrothal to Katy. Thus, making his engagement proposal last February 14 a ‘shocking revelation’ for some fans and the media, among others.

Has he been pressured? Or is it the spur of love at the right moment? That will remain a mystery unless the couple answer all the intriguing questions about their incoming wedding.

Katy Perry wants a grandest wedding but Orlando has something in mind

Katy Perry’s marriage ceremony to Russel Brand was something every woman dreams to have on their wedding day. Imagine riding on an elephant, (like what Perry did) and then celebrate your wedding on foreign land? Isn’t that amazing? Perry is visualizing on something bright and colorful, which radiates positive vibes throughout the entire ceremony. However, Orlando’s view on their future wedding day is entirely different from that of Perry’s idea.

Unfortunately, Orlando doesn’t want anything big and ‘flashy’ which means that no fancy riding for Katy Perry and the guest list is limited to families, relatives, and some of the couple’s closest friends.

Who will be the lucky wedding planner?

Although news of who will be the lucky wedding planner has not been revealed yet, the couple is anticipating of getting one.

So to make sure that the couple achieves the wedding their dreams, the source shares that they will be having a ‘wedding planner’ to help them execute the plan and someone who will provide solutions whenever problem arises.

However, the wedding planner is not the total handler of everything, since Katy has some ideas of her own that are perfect for both of them. Orlando will also be imparting his personal thoughts to achieve his dream of having a simple yet modest wedding.

The surest thing yet

The two came from different weddings after their break up from past relationships. Katy Perry was formerly married to an actor/comedian Russel Brand, while Orlando Bloom was once taking vows with Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr. Their wedding, according to the couple, will definitely be unlike their previous marriages.

The couple wants to make certain that they decide on something that will be perfect for them as a couple, not based on others’ suggestions or proposals.

One thing is for sure: Although dates of their incoming marriage are not yet absolute, Orlando and Katy decided to maintain a low profile and pledge to focus more on each other and to hopefully build their own family in the near future.

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