Apple Struggles With Engineering Problems

Apple Engineering Problems

Apple has built a brand upon releasing groundbreaking technology that shook the world. They created the foundation of how modern smartphones are made today. However, in recent years, technological innovation that once ascribed to the company is slowly receding.

In the past few years, Apple has slowly introduced innovations to its technology and is merely adding features to their iPhones and MacBooks. Although their full-screen display on the iPhone X, their wireless earphones or AirPods, and their smartwatch AppleWatch Series received tremendous support from its loyal customer base, it still lacks the technology to cope with other companies in the market.

Apart from the lack of ‘something new and fresh’ from the tech giant, they’re also struggling with performance complaints from their customers.

They’re still making great quality products, at even higher prices, but they have a hard time to catch up with competitors who are innovating things faster, at the same time, with quicker production rates.


The AirPower was Apple’s answer to people’s demand for a wireless charger that could compete with other markets like Samsung, who already has their wireless charging capability available across their devices.

First announced in iPhone X’s event in 2017, Apple detailed that it would release the AirPower with extreme functionalities. The AirPower will enable charging of three different devices all at the same time, specifically an iPhone, and AppleWatch, and the AirPods’ charging case. Moreover, it would include an iPhone feature that would indicate battery information on-screen while it was on the charging mat.

The AirPower would have been available in 2018 if Apple did not face specific engineering problems that hindered their production. Almost two years later, Apple announced that it would cancel the AirPower’s production, and most likely, we won’t be getting our hands on it anytime soon.

“After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have canceled the project. We apologize to those customers who were looking forward to this launch. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and are committed to push the wireless experience forward,” said Apple SVP of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio in a statement.

The problem with the AirPower was it promised to do much more than charging a single device, without the need to find that sweet spot when you place a device on their charging mat, a feat not yet achieved by other companies.

To do this, it was reportedly said that Apple would place multiple charging coils across the charging mat. However, the coils would often cause heating issues that Apple wasn’t able to get around with.

Apple’s high standards prevented them from releasing the AirPower. Well, who would want their devices to experience overheating, or worst, damaging their phone due to the faulty engineering in the AirPower.

AirPods 2

Apple dropped its latest update on the cult favorite wireless earphones, the AirPods.

What’s particularly interesting with the new AirPods is that it will be allowing wireless charging through its charging case, a feature that sets it apart from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

However, with the latest news that Apple will be canceling their production of the AirPower. The billion-dollar tech company even went out of its way to include directional images on the box of the AirPods, suggesting that it would work with the AirPower. However, the cancellation was a bit of a sloppy move from the company.

So, in light of the current mess, people are wondering if the device would still perform that way it said it would. Because what the AirPods 2 brag is really the wireless charging feature.

The company said that it would work with other wireless charging mats and sources. Ironically, it would work over a Samsung Galaxy phone, the same way it does with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

Other than that, AirPods 2 is a dud. It’s not an innovation from the first AirPods since the design, auditory, and functionality are pretty much the same. There’s no point in buying the new AirPods 2.

MacBook’s Butterfly Keyboard

In the pursuit of a thinner and lighter MacBook, Apple innovated the way with how their keyboards functioned with using the butterfly method on their keyboards.

What the butterfly keyboard accomplished was to make the keyboard keys press down like butterfly’s wings, unlike the standard scissors method found in most keyboards that are usually bulkier.

However, it has resulted in some rather complicated customer complaints that their MacBook keyboards have the sticky-keys problem. In some cases, some letters in the MacBook keyboard will not type, and in others, it would type way too much.

The problem with the new design was that dust accumulates in the keys that would cause a jam, thus, not being able to type any character or that it would get stuck typing the same character.

Apple has tried resolving the issue with applying some sort of barrier in between the keys to prevent dust from accumulating in that spot.

What do you think? Is Apple on the brink of its success and is starting to fall or is it just a setback waiting to become great again? Sound off below!

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