‘BTS’ Miniature Figures Failure: Suffers The Same Fate With ‘One Direction’s Doll Tragedy’


A day after the launching of ‘BTS Mattel doll,’ fans of the phenomenal Korean boy band expressed different reactions towards the result of the creative collection inspired by the Barbie-maker. Some expressed amazement on the work of the toy manufacturer; while others are incredibly disappointed pointing out the failed resemblance.

Was it an extraordinary masterpiece or another failed attempt to represent the famous Kpop band?

The famous toy manufacturer first announced its collaboration with BTS in January 2019. And, the first glance at the upcoming doll collection from Mattel, the American toy manufacturer, and Barbie-maker, based on Korean boy band superstar BTS has finally been revealed yesterday, March 26. The figures were shared through Twitter teasing every fan of individual and group shots of the pint-sized pop stars.

Mattel’s official account on Twitter posted ‘Mic Drop Army!’ referring to BTS 2017 single that has garnered RIAA-certified platinum hit.

‘For the first time ever, we’re thrilled to show you the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls! Take a look at V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin, and J-hope as dolls inspired by the idol music video!’

Mattel had been teasing silhouettes and close up shots of the dolls since earlier this month, creating a spur of excitement to BTS’ fans. And the recently shared images of BTS boys in full effect with lights and all, are the highlights of this week’s show. However, the Korean boy band’s fans collectively known as ‘ARMY’ had mix reactions on the group’s miniature figures.

A majority of the fans across the globe are fuelled on the recognition given by the American Toy Manufacturer. Unfortunately, some think that Mattel should finish first its sketches before actually producing the effigies.

Also, there were those who criticized the colorful suits that these men wore. The seven figures feature copies of BTS’ members dressed in multi-colored suits which they wore in their ‘IDOL’ music video released last August. But, it wasn’t the all smiley-faces that fans are worrying about; it’s the lack of originality on the suits. They claimed that it was not an exact representation of Korean fashion, but instead a mere pun on the models themselves.

“Mattel can do more, can’t they? It can be creative enough to think on a good sense of clothing style for the super tars, now fans have to close their eyes so as not to get hurt with too many bright colors,” a fan says to Z6Mag.

At a public post generated by Z6Mag, the reason why Mattel gave so much effort and money to invest with BTS’ dolls is due to the fact that the well-known boy band group will hit the US and several other countries across the globe later this year. With that, a grand teaser for the coming of music video icons to the US will be a good idea and possibly may surprise US-based fans. Well, maybe not if they are represented by brightly colored clothes and awkward faces.

Now, the thing is, we cannot blame the fans for reacting too much on the recently released doll version of BTS. They have been through the group’s ups and downs; from gathering little audiences or small crowds back in Korea’s local bars and hard-earned shows to its huge success especially when they topped the Billboard 200 albums chart on two occasions last year. As what the Philippines-based fans said, avid supporters have all the right to react and comment on the finished product.

Below is the tweet from @Carolinacolorad, gathered from New York Post.

‘I mean… Nice effort. I had barbies when I was a child, and I love BTS will all my heart. So.. I expected more and I don’t like them, they are a little creepy.’

The appearances of the doll versions are somewhat creepy, but it does resemble a little bit of the boy band. But the hair, seriously Mattel? The hair just ruined everything. It could have been better if the hair is placed neatly on top of their head; even fans know the exact way on how BTS rock their hairstyles.

BTS Dolls

As the wildly successful South Korean pop group skyrocketed and amassed a dedicated fanbase, it has become the latest band to receive the ‘longed for’ toy treatment. And, no doubt about that as their presence in the public eye has plummeted over the past years.

But, some couldn’t get down with Mattel’s interpretation. Was it another ‘Hasbro’ tragedy? We haven’t moved on yet from the great ‘HASBRO’ One Direction doll tragedy back in November 2012 which made Harry Styles looked like a worn out singer.

Despite a general sense of disappointment, ARMY acknowledged that choosing BTS among different famous boy bands is a huge success for both fans and the pop group, and it reflects the impact of Kpop popularity not just in Asia but across the globe.

The boy band will conquer different countries including the US later this year with a stadium-sized show as part of their ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ tour. Now, fans can forgive Mattel of overdressing and making unrealistic BTS’ doll version but the failed introduction/interpretation of the boy band superstars to the Hollywood will always be remembered.

The BTS fashion dolls will hit the shelves on September this year.

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