Witness Reveals Johnny Depp’s Security Team ‘Stood Back And Did Nothing’ During The Alleged Abuse Of Amber Heard

Witness Reveals Johnny Depp's Security Team 'Stood Back And Did Nothing' During The Alleged Abuse Of Amber Heard

A witness in the legal dispute between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard said that she witnessed first hand the abuse that was committed by The Pirate of The Caribbean star against his Heard.

According to a court declaration obtained by Z6 Mag, Raquel Rose Pennington, a long-time friend of Heard said that she and her then-fiance’ went to the condominium of Johnny Depp and witnessed how the actor has physically abused Heard.


The court document revealed that Heard messaged Pennington on May 21, 2016, asking her to come over her place. Pennington alleged that when she and her boyfriend, Joshua Drew, arrived at the front door of Depp’s condo unit, they heard the two ex-couple arguing where Depp was shouting at Heard. She then immediately went back to her unit to get the key to Depp’s condo unit which Heard gave her, and saw that Johnny Depp was attacking the actress.

“I saw Amber by the couch in the living room covering her head with her arms and hands as Johnny was loudly screaming at her,” Pennington writes in her court declaration.

She said that she tried to protect Heard from the actor by standing between them, but the actor slammed her hand away and screamed obscenities at her.

“I ran over and stood in between Johnny and Amber, begging Johnny to stop yelling at her. I put my hands out in a defensive manner motioning him to stop. Johnny slapped my hands away and screamed foul obscenities at me. I then tried to cover Amber up with my body to protect her from him,” she added.

It was then, she said, that Johnny Depp picked up a “magnum sized” wine bottle and began swinging it like a baseball bat.

“Wine was flying all over the walls floors and furniture, and he began using the bottle to smash everything he could […] He then charged at Amber, screaming at her to stand up. He repeatedly yelled at Amber to stand up about ten times and each time, he got closer, louder and more threatening,” said Pennington.

When the security team of Depp arrived, Pennington and Heard beg them to stop Depp but they “stood back and did not say or do anything.” Only when Heard pleaded and threatened to call the police on Depp did Jerry Jude, head of Depp’s security team, asked the actor to stop.

Jerry said “Boss. Please.”

When the Pennington and her fiancé got a chance to escape, they took Heard to their condo unit for safety. It was then that she noticed the injuries sustained by Heard for the incident, which she took a photo of.

“I observed that Amber sustained a significant injury to her right as a result of the incident with Johnny, as there were redness and swelling. Amber was crying, shaking and very afraid of Johnny […] Many times over the past few years, Amber has confided and complained to me about Johnny’s abusing her, both physically and verbally.

Contrary to the declaration made by Pennington, investigators revealed that law enforcement officers who responded during the night in question found no evidence of an assault after a domestic dispute call they received. They also claimed that Heard said that she would not press any criminal charges against Depp.

Depp’s $50 Million Lawsuit

As a response to Amber Heard’s accusations of domestic abuse against the multi-awarded actor, Depp filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against his ex-wife that paints Depp as the victim of sexual abuse rather than the abuser.

The Sweeney Todd star is now seeking for defamation damages from Amber Heard and has submitted some evidence that suggests that his ex-wife was the perpetrator of domestic violence, and not him. According to reports, the lawsuit includes over 80 surveillance videos, pictures, and 17 witness testimonies. Several of the witnesses named in the Pirate of Caribbean actor’s lawsuit are responding police officers. Depp’s lawyers argue that Heard leverages the allegations of domestic abuse to further her career – to the expense of Depp’s.

The lawsuit came after an interview Heard gave to Washington Post Op-ed where he accused Depp of beating her in his home in Los Angeles. The claims were dismissed by Edward Scissorhands actor saying that it was a false accusation that has drastically damaged the star’s blooming career, the lawsuit alleges.


The lawsuit said the 2016 allegations are “false” and “an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity for Ms. Heard and advance her career.”

Depp alleged in the lawsuit that the accusations damaged his career and that he was dropped from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise after the op-ed was published. /apr

Update: The court document cited in this article was filed in 2016 during the divorce hearing of Depp and Heard.

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  1. That sounds ridiculous, of course, she’ll lie for her paycheck. Sounds like scAmber fed her thatone-it has the earmark of all her lies. She takes the truth and turns it on its head. It’ll be good when the law turns er on her head!

  2. Maybe you should check out the twitter account of Brian McPerson@thatBrianFella, who did a lot of investigation into the allegations. He made three videos which prove Amber and her girlfriends Raquel and iO lied in their statements. It also proves the location of where the alleged bruise was taken which again, was a lie.

  3. Nice copy and paste of Amber Heard’s and friends’ lies. This is exactly why she is getting sued now and those kind of “articles” are strengthening Depp’s defamation case.

  4. The hoax statement that Pennington would not give in court has once again reared its ugly head. Pennington was Heard’s best friend. The two are no longer friends (in the last 6 months). Pennington’s then husband who was supposed to have witnessed this “abuse” severed ties with Heard and Pennington shortly after this incident and divorced Pennington. Pennington is now aware she will can be charged with filing a false statement and has been hiding in her yoga studio in L.A. This is a very craftily worded article that makes it appear as if new evidence has come to light against Depp, when in fact this was the original statement Pennington made, proven to be false. Once again, police at the scene saw no thrown/spilled champagne, no broken glass, no evidence of a struggle, and no injuries what-so-ever on Heard, and Heard declined to file a report with police. Whoever wrote this has clearly been paid off by Heard and her team of rich white men (that she loathes so much). She has been caught red handed in a lie and this is a disgusting attempt to rehash the original false allegations. Disgusting.

    • It ‘s infuriating to follow this ongoing three years trail of lies she’s plopping everywhere, so even though most people aren’t aware of these details, Angry, and I didn’t know, but it sounds like SCAMber, there is a trail of paper following her that’s going to set on fire and burn her liar, liar pants on fire!

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