What To Expect From Netflix’s Queer Eye Season 3

The Fab 5 are back to makeover a diversified set of heroes from Kansas, Missouri.The Fab 5 of Netflix's Queer Eye. [Left to Right] Tan, Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, and Jonathan. Screenshot from Netflix

The hit reality TV show by Netflix, Queer Eye, was recently released by the video streaming tech giant and they have big and fabulous changes in the show. And no, I am not talking about a new or different member of the Fab 5.

The premise of the show is simple: Five gay guys visit a nominated “hero” (which is usually a straight guy) and give them a makeover on different aspects of their lives. The show is hosted by five gay guys with different expertise such as fashion, grooming, culture, home, and food.

In the previous two seasons of the show, the Fab 5 made over predominantly straight guys from Georgia, and as I said, the new season offers enormous changes. Now, they went to Kansas, Missouri to make over a more diverse set of heroes – women, openly gay lesbians, siblings. The more diversified pool of heroes gives the show a warmer vibe and helps it becomes more relatable to a broader audience.

Season 3 was released by Netflix on March 15 and included eight super-cool episodes where Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, and Bobby have worked hard to changed the heroes’ lives forever.

Antoni Porowski is more focused on food (both cooking and eating). His role in the Fab 5 is to improve the heroes’ diet or their food preparation systems. Anything that involved food, Antoni is the guy.

When it comes to fashion, Tan France is your go-to. He gives fashion advice to the heroes and offers them styling. Tan will usually be seen with the heroes in boutiques and dress shops to help them shop for the outfits that they should wear in their day-to-day lives. He also updates their closet and organizes them.

Karamo Brown, who I initially thought was straight (my bad), is more of a personality coach. He is tasked to help the heroes grow as a person by improving their confidence, facing their fears, and confronting their reservations.

I really think that the most underrated among all the Fab 5 is Bobby Berk. He is an interior designer who works in renovating the house or space of the heroes. He does the heavy lifting, the furniture shopping, the painting, and everything that’s needed to make the heroes feel like home in their own home.

And of course, my favorite among the Fab 5, Jonathan Van Ness. He is the bubbliest, funniest, and the most thoughtful gay guy I’ve seen on TV. He is the grooming expert. And no, he does not just bring the heroes to the barber or the salon, he does the cutting himself! He also suggests products and routines for the heroes to use and to do everyday to take care of their bodies. He is sucht a cutie.

Coming this new season, there are a lot of things to expect. Let’s take a look at what each episode will offer us:


“She can hunt, fish and grow her own food, but this self-sufficient woman needs help when it comes to crafting a look that’s both womanly and powerful.”


“The Fab Five goes back to camp to help a scraggly outdoorsman put down roots and create a cool home for his teenage son.”


“They’ve built a business on slow-cooked barbecue — and a secret sauce; now, these hardworking sisters are finally getting the break they deserve.”


“With his wedding just days away, a self-deprecating groom must learn to love himself before he’s ready to walk down the aisle.”


“A young lesbian struggling with her identity opens her heart to let people in, only to discover she’s much stronger than she realized.”


“A still-grieving single father whose wife died of cancer vows to honor her memory by moving forward with their two young sons.”


“A sweet but shy gamer who’s spent his life in front of a screen finds the courage to make new friends and find his tribe.”


“Asking for help is hard for this serial procrastinator, but with his house in disarray — and a baby on the way — it’s time to step up.”

There’s really something about the stories of the heroes that makes me cry every episode. Their changes and revamps were very inspiring. With that, I suggest two things: (1) watch Queer Eye and (2) watch it now! /apr

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