RPDR Update: Vanjie And Brooke Has A Crush On Each Other And ‘Branjie’ Is Born

Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes admitted that they have a crush on each other. Their fellow queens called them "Branjie."They said they have a crush on each other. Screenshot from Jakeyonce / Youtube

The ‘showmance’ between Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes have had all people talking about what exactly is happening between the two queens. Are they in-love?

In the preview clip for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Episode 5 that was released a few minutes before writing, the two have confirmed that they have crushes on each other.

“Me and Vanjie have a crush on each other, and we’ll see where it goes,” said Brooke in one of her confessional videos included in the preview clip. “I think Vanjie is really cute, and we’re just getting to know each other.”

Miss Vanjie seconded Brooke Lynn’s statements by kissing her (again!).

“It’s really fresh at the womb. You know, I’m just going on with the flow, and if those kisses keep coming, I’m gonna keep accepting,” Vanjie said.

Many have speculated about the relationship that is happening between the two competing queens in the previous episode of the show. The speculation started when in Episode 3, a short clip was shown in the show where Brooke Lynn, the first Canadian queen in the competition, and Vanessa Vanjie Matteo, the comeback queen from Season 10, kissed. While it is normal for friends to kiss, other queens began to notice that there is something that’s happening between the two when they exchanged compliments regarding the performance they did in the challenge.


The flirting continues, this time, in Untucked for Episode 4. Miss Vanjie placed low in the episode and was in the brink of lipsyncing. Brooke Lynn approached her to console her for the critiques given to her by the judges in the main stage. Guess what: they ended up kissing again. This time, it was more romantic. Nina West saw what happened and asked the two about their relationship, which they both denied.

When Tiffany Pollard, New York’s famous reality T.V. superstar who was the guest judge for the episode, went in the lounge to talk to the girls, she asked if there are special feelings brewing among the queens. The contestants pointed their stares at Brooke Lynn and Vanjie, but both of them refused to either confirm or deny.

In the short clip for the preview of Episode 5, the two were teased by their fellow queens and gave their love team a name: Branjie.

Plastique Tiara even said that the “Branjie” name should be in both queens new merch so “you’re welcome.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Nina West jokingly mocked the Branjie and started kissing each other while everyone laughed.

As the controversy (if you can call it that) progressed, many previous queens have spilled the tea about the new Branjie thing that is going own.

During the viewing party at Roscoe’s with Detox, Shuga Cain, and Kahanna Montresse as the guests, Detox spilled that after filming, she went to have drinks and hang out with Brooke Lynn and Miss Vanjie came through. At the end of the night, she said she was gagged by what’s happening between the two. This confirms that Brooke Lynn and Vanjie are still seeing each other after filming.

Kahanna, on the other hand, said that during the time of filming, in the bus that transports girls from their hotel to the place where they are filming, Brooke Lynn and Vanjie were obviously flirting with each other.

“They were like more like connecting with each other [not kissing], so I know that something is coming, but I didn’t know that they’re gonna take it to that,” Kahanna explained.

As the new Branjie partnership start to get media attention, the two queens are milking it for all its worth. The queens have been taunting audiences in their social media accounts where they exchange sweet and flirtatious messages to each other. In one instance, Vanjie called Brooke Lynn a “cute raccoon” and complimented her “nice” butt.

Recently, Miss Vanjie even posted a photo of him and Brooke Lynn hugging each other with the caption: “Everyone let me introduce you to my toes. [heart emoji]”

The gaggerama between the two seems to continue throughout the show as it brings more interest to the viewers, so it can be expected that heavy edits would be made to highlight the Branjie phenomenon. Besides, who knows, they could be the first real-life couple who first met in Drag Race. /apr

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