RPDR S11E4: Politics And Drag Queens? Orange You Gooped?

Mercedes Iman diamond eliminted from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11, Episode 4.Screenshot from VH1

RuPaul’s Drag Race went to the gut to make a political statement in this week’s mini challenge where the competing queens starred in a very politically toned lipsync musical entitled as “Trump: The Rusical.”

The musical was very though provoking especially that it talks about the women in President Donald Trump’s lives like his wife, daughters, Sara Sanders, Omorosa, Oprah, Betsy DeVos, among others. It was a live lipsync musical based on Grease.

Many conversations have come up while the queens are preparing for the challenge, including Nina West’s revelation that she grew up as a Republican and that she was targeted during college because she was gay. But this article is not about the political nature of the episode; if you want a political discussion, you can refer to this: RPDR S11E4: Nina West Shares Her Story Of Growing Up As A Republican While Growing Up As Gay.

In this article, let’s tackle the creative inputs of the queens and what happened during the episode and some spoilers.


After a gagging and going 6-way lipsync from the previous episode, the queens are starting to realize that Ru is not playing and that all the rules they know about Drag Race have been completely thrown out of the window.

“Mother Ru has already thrown us a curve ball having six b*tches lipsync at the same time, everything that you know about drag race is thrown at the window,” Raj’ah O’Hara said.

The queens become extremely anxious about what happened and have pledged to do more work to stand out. Shuga Cain, the queen who was last to be saved by Ru in the previous episode that has eliminated Honey Davenport in probably one of the most heartbreaking way, cried her heart out as she said she thought she would go home. She said that it sucks that it took that to make her realize that she should show more.

“It is like an actual push, it’s from Mama, saying like don’t f*ck up,” chimed Scarlet Envy, who also part of the six who did the herstorical lipsync last week.


With a renewed confidence after last week’s heartbreaking gaggery, the queens were greeted by Ru with a mini-challenge inspired by her favorite new anchor, Rachel Maddow. The queens did a quick drag to look the part and started reading news articles in the way the famous broadcasters do it.

Personally, I don’t understand why there are queens who can’t pronounce words like “sophistication” but well who cares. One of the highlights of the challenge was when Silky Nutmeg Ganache struggled to pronounce “Colonel” and said KFC instead. It was so fun!

In the end, Scarlet Envy was pronounced as the winner that got her the right to assign roles for the maxi challenge.


Right off the bat, Scarlet Envy, who is vocal about not being good with choreography, took the part of Betsy DeVos because she would “hold a cocktail all the time” which means lesser choreography for her. Mercedez Iman Diamon, who was known to not be so good in challenges expressed her intention to be the lead star, but the queens dismissed her and gave the role to Ariel Versace. Mercedez was cast as Ivanka Trump.

Rajah O’Hara volunteered to be Omarosa because she said that she and Omorosa are the same – they command the room they enter – with which Scarlet jokingly asked if they are “typecasting this?”


For me, the most impressive performances during the maxi challenge was that of Brooke Lynn Hytes, who has been praised by the choreographer for her dancing skills being a trained ballet dancer with “French Training.” Her claims translated very well in the performance, and you can see that she has the moves, the looks, and the confidence.

Additionally, I think Nina West’s performance of Sara Sanders is also breathtaking. She is funny, and she commands everyone attention every time she’s on stage. Silky’s Oprah performance is good too.

On the other hand, as expected, Mercedes did not stand out in the group, and I think she is clearly in the bottom for her lackluster performance. Ra’Jah’s Omorosa also bombed the challenge.


In the runway, the most iconic looks were that of Brooke Lynn Hytes, Yvie Oddly, and A’Keria Chanel Davenport. The theme is “orange,” and the three really brought it in the runway. Interestingly, I love Shuga Cain’s interpretation of the theme and came out as a feminized Donald Trump. It was just so hilarious and weird, but it is so good!

In the end, Silky was declared the winner of the challenge and left Ra’Jah O’Hara and Mercedes Iman Diamond to lipsync for their lives. With James Brown’s Living In America, Ra’Jah killed it, and Ru sent Mercedes packing. /apr

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