RuPaul’s Drag Race Problematic Queens With Problematic Behavior


In the eleven seasons that the RuPaul’s Drag Race has run in the American television with four All-Stars spin-off, the reality TV show for aspiring drag queens have seen a lot of personalities that have walked through the werq room.

While some of the Ru girls are more contained, there are those who were there to stir drama and will leverage on their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it to the mainstream world. Some of them were loved, but a lot of them have received hate and backlash regarding specific things they did, during, before, and after their time on the show.

Drag culture used to exist in a vacuum, but through the show, it has managed to make its way to a more general viewership, making the contestants, and even RuPaul, more available for public scrutiny. While the fandom has become toxic, many have argued that their behavior comes from the queens themselves – who grew up in a culture of “reading” and “throwing shade.”

But some queens are more problematic than others. They become subject of Reddit threads, Twitter conversation, and social dialogues. These questionable queens have done things that are unbecoming of a role model, and people are calling them out on it.



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Phi Phi O’Hara, a half Filipino drag queen who grew up in Texas, is probably considered by most as the evilest villain in the Drag Race herstory. She appeared in the fourth season of the show where she ranked 3rd/2nd together with Chad Michaels.

Her notoriety began when her colleagues in the show, especially the winner, Sharon Needles, have accused her of being manipulative and condescending. One of the most iconic moments with Phi Phi was her altercation with Sharon where she told her to “go back to Party City where you belong.”

Phi Phi was unapologetic about her behavior in Season 4 but acknowledged her mistakes. That’s why she promised in her gig in All Stars 2 that she will no longer be that girl who will get into others head to get what she wants. Unfortunately, controversy followed her in her All-Stars appearance where she had a beef with Alyssa Edwards, one of the show’s most famous queens, during Alyssa’s elimination.

While discussing the challenge during that episode, Phi Phi made comments about Alyssa not knowing that the Mesquite Queen is just behind the mirror – hearing everything she has to say. At the end of the comeback episode and after the great Shut Up And Drive lipsync between Alyssa and Tatiana, both of them sent Phi Phi home.

Phi Phi becomes one of the most vocal critics of the show and has shown her other side – the good one – after her time in the RPDR franchise. She organized a benefit show for the victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico is solidarity with her Puerto Rican sisters and has become one of the biggest supporters of Ru girls outside the show.


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If problematic is a name, that would have been The Vixen. Although most of the time misunderstood, The Vixen, who entered the werq room in Season 10 “ready to fight,” has become one of the most problematic queens that have been in the show.

Her biggest moments in the show include her infamous altercation with Eureka O’Hara and have accused many of the people in the show, the production, and the fans with double standards and of painting her as an “angry black woman.” During the reunion episode of her season, she walked out of the filming after Ru questioned her behavior on the show.

Unlike Phi Phi, the Vixen’s behavior did not quite change after her time in the show. She managed to be in many controversies, especially in Twitter, especially when a discussion on race comes up. She once defended Kevin Hart and said that people would not accept his apology for his homophobic remarks because he was black. The Vixen also brought up the late Sahara Davenport during a beef with Manila Luzon (Sahara’s widow) that has pissed off many people including Manila. She later apologized for it, anyway.


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In this list, Silky is probably the latest queen to be labeled as “problematic” since she is still in the latest season of RPDR – Season 11. However, for the first three episodes of the show, Silky becomes one of the most hated queens because of her “obnoxious” personality that “sucks the air out of the room.”

However, her string of problematic behaviors started even before she got in the show. Only recently, she was in a series of online tirades after she allegedly called the show produced by Shae Coulet’s boyfriend a “cheap show that wants to get her to work for $50” on his face without realizing that she is talking to Shae’s boyfriend. Furthermore, because of this drama, many have commented on their experience with Silky with one person accusing her of sexual harassment. She was also seen to have made an Islamaphobic remark against Mercedes Iman Diamond, the first Muslim queen in RPDR saying that the season will “bomb” because Mercedes is there.

While these queens have exhibited problematic behavior, it is also important to note that they are also humans that are capable of change. Let’s give them a chance that they deserve and let us help them build their career in a better place. Can I get an Amen? /apr

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