Lara Condor Of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Announces Another Love Interest For The Coming Sequel

Nowadays, the best way to shock people in social media is to announce something massive, and for Lana Condor, its the all-time favorite Netflix teen rom-com movie entitled To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel.

The breakout stars of the first film, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, announced through Twitter that the sequel of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is currently filming indicating that the two were on their way to begin shooting the film.

Peter Kavinsky, broke the news first posting on his Twitter account ‘TATB2 here we come’ indicating LAX as the film’s location. While Lara Jean Covey retweeted Centineo’s post with a caption, ‘I can’t wait to see ya” with a heart emoji.

Netflix also took to Instagram, conveying a message to thousands of its followers that the sequel’s production is on-going alongside screenshots of Centineo and Condor’s previous tweets.

The first ever announcement about the sequel of the movie was officially published at the end of December through a mini clip entitled ‘Lana’s Christmas List.’ It was a FaceTime call between Lana and Centineo where the two stars drafted up a new contract of the agreement just like what their characters did in the first film.

After the declaration has gone viral on the internet space and fans consistent demand for the two to make an official statement, Condor wrote on her twitter that she was excited for the incoming project while Centineo chimed in to ‘bring on the sequel.’

Condor also confessed that she had no clue whether the first movie will have a sequel, so it was a dream-come-true for the actress after the team called her to convey the good news.

It all started when Centineo, who played as a heartthrob matinee school idol, conspired with Lara Jean to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, but it was a trick of destiny. The two fell with each other and eventually stopped all the pretentions and make love happens.

Since the sequel has been revealed, the probing question is ‘what is set to happen on part two of TATBILB?

There will be a love triangle between Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean Covey, and John Ambrose, although casting for that role has not been announced yet, the sequel promises to be as entertaining as the first movie. The book, P.S I Still Love You was the second in the trilogy and probably the title of the sequel.

The next chapter of ‘TATBILB’ which will feature another love triangle, created a chain of reaction from the fans who got excited into Peter’s competition.

But, Lara Condor talks out her new love interest in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2  

Fans of the romance movie can’t get enough of Lara Jean’s love affair with Peter Kavinsky, wherein most of them hoped for more cheesy scenes between the two stars on the forthcoming film. But there’s another relationship that Lana Condor is even more excited to explore and reconnect.

The female star told Today that she is looking forward to having more scenes with her sisters. She added that their familial ties and relationship with her co-stars Janel Parish and Anna Cathcart in the sequel is the true love story.

The first movie garnered a lot of support from fans all over the world which was also cited as one of the ‘most viewed original films ever with strong repeat viewing.’ Variety reported that almost 80 million subscribers had watched the rom-com film under Netflix’s ‘summer of love’ contents.

For Condor, there are two reasons why the movie’s story has resonated despite criticisms that the film is another substandard piece of art. The female lead said that because girls are seeing themselves represented on screen and also the story does not focus on Lara Jean being Asian; instead, it depicts more on the real essence of a person. ‘It just shows who she is, no pretentions’ Condor said.

Also, people like to smile and are pessimistic at their core. The light and feel-good atmosphere of the movie draws people together which explains the positive result of the film last year.

So to Netflix who might be reading this, hurry up with the sequel please?

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