The New Maze-Like Structure Opens In NYC’s Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards opensPhoto By: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Flickr

The world’s most famous buildings have influenced different countries from across the globe to build its masterpiece. From Forbidden City in Beijing, Dancing House in Prague, Lotus Temple in New Delhi, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Europe, to the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur which held the title of the tallest building in the world between 1998-2004. Today, another breakthrough in structural development opens its doors in New York, and everyone calls it ‘vessel.’

Hudson Yards, New York newest neighborhood opens last Friday showcasing the new development complex on Manhattan’s west side which is surrounded by several shopping malls, restaurants, skyscrapers, and outdoor spaces. Aside from its exceptional business structures which aim to attract tourists as well as locals, there is a ‘vessel’ at the center of it all.

New York’s 25-dollar billion Hudson Yards development is open to the public which offers both basic daily life necessities and luxuries that suited its nickname ‘Manhattan’s mini-city.’ It features commercial and residential space as well as about 100 shops including restaurants situated on the center of a high-complex structure.

The so-called vessel is a part park, part art maze-like vertical structure that winds up 150 feet into the air. It has 154 staircases and 80 platforms overlapping together to form a web of nearly 2.500 solo stairs. Consisting of eight levels that are made up of 332,000 square feet of plated steel that stands 194.5 feet above sea level, the geometry of the project is one of a kind. People seem to have almost walked one mile if they followed the circular path going up and down on the vessel.

Stuart Wood, a senior designer with Heatherwick Studios and the man behind the creation of vessel, said that the place offers a sense of peace and a quick relief from the hustle and bustle of New York streets.

Some well-known companies such as CNN along with its parent company, Warner Media, will be a tenant at Hudson’s Yards. Other huge corporate tenants include the BlackRock money manager, L’Oreal USA, Equinox and Coach, Dior, Fendi, Neiman Marcus, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, and H&M. New employees employed in these shops greeted the customers as it lined up to check every stall. Aside from luxurious brands, the building has affordable Shake Shacks to accommodate average customers.

However, the name ‘Vessel’ is only temporary. Visitors are encouraged to create titles that will be used to become a permanent identity, from their mobile devices once they have completed the tour and exited the structure. It will be open daily between 10 am and 9 pm, although it is free to the public, tickets are still required to maintain the order of the said structure.

The Hudson Yards is one of the most heavily funded real estate development in U.S history. However, it is not the first time that the company built an expensive structure such as this. Last year it spent about 1 billion dollars on a complete redevelopment of the J.L Hudson project in downtown Detroit. The gem of the said project includes an 800-foot tall tower with an observation deck, becoming the city’s tallest building with a view to the town.

Though, the building billion-dollar project comes with controversy and issues.

The project mirrored the government tax breaks and limited affordable housing which have also drawn criticisms from residents and communities near the structure who said that the city doesn’t need another billion-dollar neighborhood. But its developers believe in the impact and opportunity that this Hudson Yards may offer in the town.

Gary LaBarbera, the powerhouse figure and president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York first argued with the company against labor dispute which claimed that union and non-union workers were overused. Finally last week, the two sides collaborated and settled its misunderstanding.

Today, the vessel symbolizes a creative and dynamic hub which maintains New York’s reputation as the greatest city in the world.

As of now, only half of the 28-acre community by the Hudson River is completed including the observation deck on the highest part of the Western side of the structure. It has not yet developed the 100-story building and the 200,000 square foot art center with a telescoping outer shell. The rest of Hudson yards is planning to be constructed by 2025.

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