Apple Launched The First Tv Ad Campaign Against Data Breaches

Apple Tv Ad targets data breachesPhoto By: Kansir/Flickr

Apple, the tech giant, launched a television advertising campaign on Thursday promoting its stand against data privacy which became extremely rampant these past few days, pestering several companies in the country. Part of the campaign is to demonstrate the company’s difference from several tech industry rivals such as Alphabet’s Google and Facebook that have been the target of regulatory scrutiny over the issue.

People can view the 45-second commercial on US TV stations on Thursday and will be aired throughout the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Annual “March Madness” basketball that draw millions of viewers. This is deemed as one of Apple’s strategies to penetrate the viewer’s mind and change their views about data hacking.

The ad also emphasizes its stand on the company’s recent banter against Facebook, where earlier this year, the latter’s privacy scandal sparked a feud with Apple. It is said that the Apple-Facebook standoff over consumer privacy had been the center of news reports both in Television and social media.

It all happened when Apple run by Tim Cook, pounded on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after it was revealed that the social networking site had been paying consumers and some of them are teenagers, 20 dollars a month to put up an information gathering app on their phones. The said app granted Facebook the opportunity and unlimited access to the user’s device such as the apps that were recently installed, the location of the phone’s owner, and nearly all contents of private messages.

This exchange started the cold war between the two, and the feud intensified when Apple called Facebook’s behavior a “clear breach” of the terms and policy set by the former regarding data privacy.

The ad allows Apple to explain its side regarding with the recent feud against Facebook and how the issue on data privacy breach affect its reputation as a gadget giant, which aims to protect its consumers from all sort of illegal activities. Also, to reach significant viewership over the said ad, it will be shown in other countries later this year. However, when Apple was asked whether it would air in China or how much it was spending on the campaign, the company remained silent.

The television ad is the first time that Apple chose a national ad campaign over other outlets including social media. The last time Apple pressed a particular issue to consumers was via a billboard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January that said: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”   

Today, the content of the ad reveals a variety of situations which are happening on the present society such as people closing window blinds, doors, or shower curtains to seek privacy with a life-changing slogan of “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on. Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

Apple’s campaign, according to the critics, draw attention from other large technology companies that are under strict scrutiny of their data privacy practices. One example are the cases of Google and Facebook – the two companies have attracted consumer lawsuits and been the subjects of lawmakers recently. As per Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the company is making necessary changes to boost user privacy. Last week, the social networking site planned to encrypt more of the conversations happening on its messaging services to protect its users against data breach.

Google, the company’s ultimate rival, which produces Android operating system that power’s most of the world’s mobile phones, confirmed that it is working on a system that will enhance privacy settings for Android phones such as locking down access to a phone’s camera and microphone to primarily secure users’ data.  

Apple, however, was also criticized for breaching its consumers’ private information but defended itself by explaining that no one other than the owner himself can access the data because it is highly secured with a personal postcode encrypted on the user’s device. Thus, attempting to breach any sensitive data is deemed unsuccessful or impossible.

In a lighter note, the ad also encourages not just Apple’s consumers to secure their data but also those from the other companies. Apple views privacy as a ‘human right,’ as well as, civil liberty which should be respected and taken care of once the customers already gave its full trust on the company’s capacity to protect them from the risk of data leakage.

The campaign, which is believed to spark a revolutionary movement not just from Apple itself but also from other tech companies, is a way to stop data breaches that became out of control and remind people that this act doesn’t have the power to control everyone’s digital lives.

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