The Most Expensive Car Is Already Sold But Its Buyer Remains A Mystery

La Voiture Noire sold, buyer remains a mystery

People love cars. We all do. Who wouldn’t want a luxury car? Some save money in hopes of buying their dream cars in the future. Others may be fortunate enough and jumped on one of the most expensive trends; collecting high-end vehicles.

For an average person, probably like you and me, we achieve satisfaction by merely browsing photos of the latest “it” cars on the internet and daydream of owning one. However, nothing is impossible with hard work. And, maybe someday, you’ll be like this mysterious buyer who purchased the world’s most expensive vehicle to date.

Unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, ‘La Voiture Noire,’ a French word for ‘the black car,’ was already sold to an unnamed Bugatti fan for ultimately 11 million euros or 12.4 million dollars, making it the most expensive new car in history. The hyper sports car is a one-off homage to Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic in celebration with the 110th anniversary of the company.

The car manufacturer ‘Bugatti’ has built a sports car boasting a 16-cylinder engine housed inside a sculptural body out of carbon fiber, with an extended front and the Bugatti C-line that separates both the driver and passenger seats. Etienne Salome, the designer of the luxury car, said that every single component had been handcrafted and the body has a deep black gloss made from a material that has been handled perfectly.

Way back 1936 and 1938, the original “La Voiture Noire” is one of the four types of 57 SC Atlantics owned by Jean Bugatti, the son of designer Ettore. It was driven regularly by friends and loved ones of Jean’s. However, the said car is a source of jealousy and controversy during that time. The Germans seized a Bugatti factory in 1940 during World War II, and the car was brought via train to Bordeaux. But, when the train arrived, “La Voiture Noire” was gone and hasn’t been found ever since.

Today, the car is a modern interpretation of the classic Bugatti Type 57, as designed and personally crafted by founder’s son, Jean during the World War II era. It offers comfort which most luxury limousines have and the power of a hyper sports car.

Although the final price has not been confirmed, Bugatti made an announcement today that the car was bought for 11 million euros or 9.5 million pounds excluding tax. If the tax were included, it would sum up to 16.7 million euros or 14.4 million pounds, claiming the number one spot as the most expensive new car of all time. With that price, La Voiture Noire outperformed the Rolls-Royce Sweptail, which was purchased by a private client in 2017, for approximately 12,800,000 million dollars or 9.8 million pounds including tax.

Everyone thought that the most expensive car, as reported by Forbes, is the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO that won the Tour De France in 1964. It was a race car and the only exclusive car built between 1962 and 1964, purchased by David MacNeil for a sum of 52 million pounds or roughly 70 million dollars.

Bugatti may have mentioned all the necessary facts and data about the black car, but not a single word on the buyer. After its successful launching last Tuesday, and until now, newspapers and online reports described the purchaser as an ‘anonymous enthusiast.’ A lot of hearsays are circulating about the real identity of the buyer, and rumor has it that it was ‘Ferdinand Piech,’ the former chairman of the German automaker, Volkswagen, who now owns Bugatti.

Another speculation arises that Bugatti refused to identify the said buyer because it is someone with a big attachment and influence on the brand. Whether it is a well-known individual, a businessman, a king, a superstar or even Oprah, it will not matter for Bugatti. And, it will not change the fact that the most expensive car has now been sold. Case closed. The important thing right now according to the company is on how to market again or remodel another version of “La Voiture Noire.”

Anyone who is as rich as the King can buy almost everything including a one of a kind hypercar. Anyone capable of buying it is willing to pay a king’s ransom, however, is that kind of absolute exclusivity worth a large sum of money? Well, Bugatti fans think so.

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