Stephen Curry Made Under Armour Icon Curry 6 Available On Women’s Section In Celebration Of Women’s Month

The nine-year-old girl who once asked Stephen Curry why his iconic sneakers have boys sizes only made a profound impact not just to the basketball star but also to the society and women sector as a whole.

The little kid’s demand to equally create sizes for girls inspired Curry and the shoe company to introduce its new sneakers intended not just only for the opposite sex. Under Armour said in a statement that the girl designed the sock liner and came up with the idea that customers should have the option of personalizing the sock liner with their photo.

This movement started when Riley Morrison, 9, wrote a letter to Curry in November saying that she had tried to purchase his Under Icon Curry 5 sneakers online but found out that there was no size available for girls. Then, she innocently asked Curry if the same shoe design could be available for girls her age.

Curry, who responded in the letter shortly after receiving it, promised to converse with Under Armour to put the iconic shoes in the girl’s section. As a gift, the Golden State Warriors point guard is going to send her a pair of his newest Curry 6 sneakers a day before its official release.

If you come to think of it, ever since the release of Curry’s iconic shoes under the same company, there have been numerous demands from fans around the world to create sizes for women. So why now? What is the motive behind launching the new Curry Icon 6 shoes today if the company can certainly do it a long time ago?

Mainly because its the International Women’s Day. It’s a way for Curry and the rest of Under Armour to launch the said shoes in celebration and to honor women who have been brave and fought countless battles throughout their lives.

By bringing the shoes to the women’s section, it only symbolizes that the barrier between both sexes in the field of sports is gradually breaking. Meaning to say, creating sizes for women breaks the notion that basketball is a profession meant for men only. Though there is already a basketball association for women and the said sports is being played on a national level, the degree of acceptance is still low. With this, Curry is emphasizing an equal amount of opportunity in all aspects for both men and women.

Stephen Curry is the face of Under Armour, a multinational corporation that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. It has widened its reach over the years by building headquarters and store chains in Amsterdam, Paris, Portland and almost different countries around the world. So, it is just fair to say that a letter from Morrison will be left only in a pile of correspondence and emails from fans all over the US. However, this is another opportunity for Curry and the company to incorporate its recent project about building nationwide camps for women.

Launching the said shoes for women opens a new door for Curry, as he continues to focus on empowering women through basketball. It eventually leads to justifying the fact that, to empower women in society, one should promote their participation in all areas and sectors to bring gender equality through equal opportunities.

So far, the camp has already been to three different cities and is planning to reach far-flung areas in the US this year.

Women empowerment is not just about elevating the status of women in the society, but also recognizing their rights and capabilities as they pursue a career in different fields including business, science, arts, and politics. Thus, eliminating gender discrimination and stereotypes in all ways. Moreover, women should make their own decisions by breaking personal rules, which are too restricting, that society and family have created for them.

In the same context, empowerment also refers to how men play a significant role in facilitating the recognition of these women in any way they can. Curry’s initiative to launch sports shoes for women and building camps to encourage young girls with impressive skills to pursue basketball is a way on how men participate in empowering women.

The shoe known as Under Armour Icon Curry 6, under the program slogan, ‘United We Win,’ has a mixed color of dark and light purple with a figure of two girls holding a basketball on a sock liner with empowering messages that read “Rock the Currys”, “Girl Power” and “Be Bold.” Consumers can purchase the shoes for 130 dollars and the sales generated from these sneakers will go to a scholarship of all incoming college women in the Bay area.

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