RPDR S11E02 Recap/Review: Good God Girl Get Out: Tea Is Spilling Like A Waterfall

RPDR Season 11 Episode 2

Season 11 has just started, and the tea is spilling like a waterfall. The queens did not lie when they say that this season is going to be obnoxious and loud. Well, they have got huge personalities in the cast this season – no doubt.

It’s the second episode, and the drama is hot, it’s not even about the elimination, but it’s about the queens themselves. And, we have some thoughts.


The episode started with, as usual, the lip sync for your life survivor, Kahanna Montresse. She erased Soju’s lipstick message in the mirror when all of sudden, Scarlet Envy, who was just ‘safe’ came for Brooke Lynn Hytes, the winner of last week’s challenge saying that she could not believe that she was safe and that Brook Lynn is feeling so much of her oats.

“When you feel your oats so hard, you forget that there are other oats there,”Scarlet said during one of her confessionals as a response to Brooke Lynn Hytes’ celebration of her win as she dances in the werq room.

To make matters worse, when Brooke Lynn and Silky Nutmeg Ganache won the mini-challenge, where they have to photobomb celebrity photos like Cardi B’s red carpet photo and the inauguration of Donald Trump, the two winners were given the opportunity to pick their teammates as the team leaders for the maxi challenge. Scarlet was the last to be chosen by either queen. Meaning, she was not selected; the team that got her technically doesn’t have a choice.

Brooke Lynn’s team, which played the cast of “Why Gotta Be Black, Panter,” includes Nina West, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Plastique Tiara, Ariel Versace, Shuga Cain, and Honey Davenport, while the other ‘movie’, Good God Girl Get Out, was a cast of Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Vanessa Vanjie Matteo, Yvie Oddly, Mercedes Iman Diamond, Kahanna Montrese, A’Keria Davenport, and well, Scarlet Envy.

Scarlet was so over her head being last, saying that it was a big mistake since she is a ‘Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.’ Being the only white girl in the team, Scarlet was given the lead role, which she said was not sure if Silky is sabotaging her, but what she deserves (the lead role). In the end, Scarlet triumphed and won the challenge with Yvie Oddly with their consistent and funny portrayal of their characters.


The second drama happens between the team of Brooke Lynn (yes her entire team) and Silky Nutmeg Ganache. The scene started during RuPaul’s visit to the werq room. She went to Brooke Lynn’s side and asked them who should they be cautious with from the other team in the challenge. All of them said “no one” is citing that the other side has a lot of prominent personalities that would clash. Of course, drag queens.

Then Ru asked them who is the problematic person in the other team. Brooke Lynn spoke out about Silky, and that she tends to become loud. She said that there are moments when she was too loud because she knows that the camera is rolling. Plastique seconded Brooke Lynn and said that she (Silky) was in it for screen time. Ariel Versace who called out Silky in last week’s episode of untucked for being annoying noted that ‘there’s a difference between having a big personality and being obnoxious.’

And of course, Ru being the patron saint of drama, she went to the other group to tell them what Brooke Lynn’s team told him. Ru made it subtle by telling Silky that the other side believes she is ‘sucking the energy out of the room.’

“I’m sorry that I was given a big straw to suck,” Silky did in response to Ru’s question.

She also went ahead and explained that she has excellent leadership skills because she has a Masters Degree in Organizational Management and is applying for a Ph.D. for Global Leadership. With that, Ru called her Dr. Silky Ganache.

Because of the revelation from Ru, not-so-little Silky was on her head and felt betrayed. She called out the other girls during the time they were putting on their make up. She asked who exactly opened the discussion about Brook Lynn’s team.

Ariel Versace immediately owned up and said it was her. This statement brings us to the next drama.


While only Ariel verbally owned up to calling out Silky at Ru’s presence, Yvie Oddly commented why queens would not say those things they said to Ru in Silky’s face. This statement solicited a response from Ra’Jah O’Hara who said that she ‘doesn’t like the energy’ of Yvie’s comments.

The drama was brought to Untuck, the segment where the queens hang out with each other in the Untuck Lounge while the judges were deliberating when Silky asked what happened to the two.

Yvie explained that she came from a place where nobody said to her face that she’s weird even if others are talking about it behind her back. Raj’ah O’Hara snapped back saying that she doesn’t operate like that she doesn’t treat anyone like that, so she doesn’t deserve that treatment from Yvie.

“I never purposefully go outside of my way to, like, attack a bitch, ” said Ra’jah.

The Denver queen, Yvie frustratingly apologized to Ra’jah in a very forceful and intense speech. She said:

“I’m sorry, I can only say I’m sorry. That’s legit. I’m sorry I popped off. It wasn’t cute; it wasn’t the tea, I’m so sorry girl, ’

Instead of making things work for both of them, the apology prompted Ra’jah to walk out of the room.

“Once you crossed that line with me, you crossed that line with me, ” she said speaking with Plastique Tiara outside the Untuck Lounge.

There are other drama in this episode aside from the ones listed above like Mercedes Iman Diamond’s stroke drama and the elimination of Kahanna Montrese, but those three made the episode a lot more colorful, and uhhhhh dramatic. /apr

All photos taken from the queens’ Instagram.

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