Fitbit Launches A Cheaper Fitness Tracker To Cater Budget-Conscious Customers

Fitbit Versa Lite is the newest smartwatch from Fitbit that priced lower compared to other smartwatches in the marketFitbit Versa Lite

Being healthy is synonymous to living a happy disposition in life. That is why people will do anything to achieve that kind of feeling, even if it means spending a lot of fortune in gyms and or enrolling in different fitness programs. Others bought customized health trackers (which are too expensive) and placed it on their homes for personal use. But for Fitbit, you don’t have to be rich to own a fitness tracker.

Fitbit launched its cheapest smartwatch on Wednesday to reclaim its position as the second largest seller of smartwatches after Apple. The new Fitbit Versa Lite is not the most affordable smartwatch out there, but it is reasonably less expensive than the last year’s edition of Fitbit Versa, making it your personal top choice for your first ever smartwatch.

So what is Fitbit Versa Lite and why do people are getting hooked on this kind of wearable? The new Fitbit Versa Lite is a type of watch that can be used to track workout activities and heart rate. Although it lacks other features such as the ability to store music directly on the watch itself, it still delivers high-quality, easy to use wearable that can compete with other famous brands.

Sure thing, there is a lot of cheap smartwatch in the market so far, but Fitbit’s version offers not just an affordable price but also comes with quality assurance. The goal here of Fitbit is not only to sell a watch that can track one’s health status but also aims to cater people of all ages and those who have never tried one before due to financial constraints.

The company has said on one of its interviews that the Fitbit Versa Lite has been launched so that ‘getting healthy can be more accessible’ and having a healthier body is not only limited to people who can afford expensive health-related tracking devices.

Compared to other Versa smartwatches, the Lite edition is considered to be the company’s most lightweight smartwatch yet, and as what the reviews indicated, the device is particularly suitable to those who have a smaller wrist. There’s a touchscreen on the front, and the specs have a full-color display with a resolution of 300 x 300. The visible button (* the only button you’ll see) are available in the left-hand side of the watch which contains the menus you need to maneuver to control the device.  

If you take a more in-depth look, this announcement of Fitbit to launch a cheaper smartwatch will lure almost everyone in the country and not just those health-conscious individuals. Remember, Apple which is the number one seller of smartwatches does not make a cheaper tracker and its watches’ price start from 279 dollars, a big amount of money compared to Fitbit’s Versa Lite. As Apple continues to improve its health tracking devices, including a watch that has an electrocardiogram feature last year, its prices are also getting higher.

Even Samsung’s tracker and watches start at 200 dollars, and earlier this year, it added a blood pressure sensor to its Galaxy Active Watch. Again, the price will make your eyes bigger.   

However, for budget-conscious people, Fitbit’s Versa Lite Fitness Tracker Smartwatch is the best device for you. Aside from its high-quality feature, the price (*which may vary according to some country) is the greatest thing this company offers. In the US, the said watch costs only 159.95 dollars and 149.99 pounds in the UK.

This device is a great marketing strategy for the company; targeting almost 70 percent of the total smartwatch buyers who are health-conscious. Again, this will lure more casual users who might not be ready to spend a fortune in the pricier devices of other smartwatch companies.

The watch comes in different colors; white, lilac that is suitable for teenagers and younger individuals, mulberry to add that bit of sophistication in your outfit, and marina blue colors intended for everyone but which is specially designed for bachelors.

Now, you can pre-order the Fitbit Versa Lite, and it will be on sale starting this month in the US and UK. Visit the nearest smartwatch store and jump into the world of wearables. Stop tracing your money and start tracking your fitness!

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