Airbnb Acquires Online Booking App To Lure Consumers Away From Scammers

Airbnb acquired HotelTonight app in hopes to lure travelers away from scammers

Vacation planning and trips dominated everyone’s planner, especially now that summer is fast approaching. Even the online world leads travel companies in featuring scenic destinations and top spots from different countries. The excitement also comes during the preparation of the much-awaited vacation, which includes booking for hotels or renting a stranger’s house to accommodate travelers’ housing needs during the whole trip.

However, for some of the most popular destinations, people may find that traditional hotels are inadequate or already fully booked. This idea may force people to rent a vacation home as alternatives to hotels and other lodging houses. According to the Vacation Rental Managers Association, at least 24 percent of leisure travelers choose to stay at home rentals. And, the easiest way to book reservations is through online which has offered multiple choices for vacation planners, from the most expensive houses to the most affordable ones in the country.

With the boon of reservations apps online, the risk of getting fake vacation rent houses increases significantly. Complaints and grievances from travelers were reported since 2014. The table has turned for almost every traveler, as they resorted to expensive hotels and lodging houses to make sure that they have a place to stay during the whole vacation. Although these reservations cost a lot of fortune, customers will be staying on a safer and more secure environment.

This scenario is where travel-booking companies enter into the picture. People, nowadays, have avoided vacation houses due to recent reports on the increasing number of online scammers who pretended to be agents of a known leisure housing company. Since vacationists are looking for a legit place to stay, hotels and lodging houses are facing a tight competition. With the aid of technological advancement and the internet, these hotel-booking companies are now making its way on the hospitality business.

One competitive company, known as Airbnb, is one of the top businesses today which became successful in the home renting industry. Aside from owning vacation hotels, its name resonates after it launches travel services defeating large travel sites such as Expedia Group and Priceline. And, this Thursday, Airbnb announced that the company had bought HotelTonight, an app for finding hotel rooms at a discounted price, as it paddles deeper into the hotel-booking business with a goal to attract a wide variety of travelers.

Aside from the fact that Airbnb wants to become a one-stop travel service that puts up with large tourism sites, the acquirement is also part of the company’s strategy to win over travelers who have moved away from the risks and hustles of renting a stranger’s home. The company changes the services offered by the HotelTonight app, adding guided tours and activities, reservations for restaurants, and luxury hotels, and even pursuing the transportation facilities shortly.

Before the invention of the internet and online booking apps, the process to rent a vacation house is too slow and time-consuming. This action involves a lot of phone calls, mailing of printed packages, and diving into the hustle of solving booking issues. But, with the advent of technology and through the help of the internet, bookings and online hotel reservations become a lot easier.

However, travel-booking frauds and scammers increase in the online world today. Individual companies like Airbnb knew what to do, as these rental scams pestered vacationists. Further, the management warned consumers that these scammers create websites that interpret the site but have no connection to the actual real estate.

They would offer fabulous pictures of these fictitious properties, and once the renter is hooked, the phony agent will then collect a security deposit. After such transactions, victims are left unaware that they are cheated on, until the first day of their supposedly grandeur vacation.

With this, Airbnb acts as an ultimate rescuer of travelers who would want a legit hotel or home reservations. In 2018, it barely made an impact as mainstream sightseers choose travel site giants such as Expedia Group and Priceline over them when these people needed a one-stop travel service. However, Airbnb proves this year that it can outgrow and outperform competitors by focusing on its online-reservation business. Also, its move to protect travelers from fake agents poses a promising career to its line of business.

Now with HotelTonight’s app, people will have the real opportunity to make last-minute bookings and will be lured away from online frauds. Other than that, it will offer discounted rooms to travelers and target business districts as well as urban areas. The app started as a service for same-day room reservations but will now expand to months of bookings.

The internet is being surrounded by fictitious people who will do every means to make money out of innocent individuals. The scariest thing is that they don’t choose who will be their victims or when they will stop. With the increase of online scammers, AirBnB’s recent decision to acquire the booking app is timely and equally reasonable which may lessen the cases of travel-booking frauds.

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