This Renew Boot Camp Steps Out From The Conventional Breakup Healing Process

Renew Boot Camp offers a new take on the conventional breakup healing processNo Broken Hearted Girl Photo By: Jonathan Lin/Flickr

Have you tried drinking bottomless liquor to feel numb? Or force yourself to sleep thinking that the pain will go away after you wake up? How about eating a whole tub of ice cream? Aside from making your clothes too tight, does that make you feel alive again? Drunken late night phone calls, getting sick of ill-advised and a rebound relationship is some of the effects of sudden breakups. But, the worst of all is a complete change in hairstyle, the new ‘do, new you’ thing we all love to do.

You see, being in a heartbroken state is too expensive and tiring. What people need is something out of the ordinary, but does not cost a fortune. Today, there is a modern way of healing one’s heart and may work best for those who can’t get it over with.

Renew Breakup Bootcamp in the USA

This type of business understands how hard it is to cope up with the effects of breaking up. This program offers a chance and a helping hand in resetting those people who wanted to mend their broken pieces through yoga classes, therapeutic workshops, and meditative sessions. An on-site nutritionist is also preparing all meals, to make it more convenient.

The program, which is considered more like group therapy than a boot camp, is brainstormed by Amy Chan, 36, a former marketing executive, and well, someone who is also unlucky in love. She started this all-female retreat with a goal to build a scientific and spiritual approach to healing the heart.

How does this program work?

The retreat camp or also known as the Renew Breakup Bootcamp is like a spa intended for your heart. At each retreat, a group of Science, Health, and Wellness experts are working to help you. Psychologists, Behavioral Scientists, Life Coaches, and yoga masters, as well as meditation instructors on-site, will help provide the fundamentals like what to do’s and necessary healings for these hopeful participants.

Participants need to undergo a twelve–step program including a “rarefied” type of therapeutic gathering. They are not allowed to bring phones and other gadgets during the whole duration of the retreat.

Campers will stay two nights and three days on the boot camp where they have to pay between $1,295 to $2,495, depending on the chosen lodging options. Participants also have a choice to purchase additional one-on-one sessions with some facilitators for an extra $145.

Do I have to get my heart broken to join the camp?

Since this is a breakup boot camp, some people think that this place is only exclusive for those who either failed in love or currently undergoing emotional tremor due to a recent heartbreak. But then again, the program wants to reiterate that, although it caters people who are mending a broken heart, it does not necessarily close its doors to other similar situations. People who are addicted to unhealthy sexual and romantic relationships can also sign in on the program.

Not your ordinary breakup outlet

If you think that this program is another avenue for ‘healing process,’ then this one is entirely different. The boot camp will let you peel back emotional layers and identify patterns which no longer served you. It will make you understand and recognize your feelings. Chan believes that the key to self-healing does not necessarily mean you have to let go of the emotional pain you are currently holding within. She encourages every participant to ‘recognize’ the pain, know where it came from, and appreciate it. By understanding what you are going through and the pain it brings, it would be easier for you to accept the things you don’t have complete control.

Feelings aren’t fact, they don’t define us.

One of the goals of the program is to help the participants discover their true self. This strategy includes talks about feelings and how it doesn’t make you less of a person. Chan says that “sometimes we do things because we feel too much and that is very dangerous.” Emotions are valid feelings but don’t make it as something that people will use to define you.

Romantic partners aren’t here to make us happy. They’re here to make us conscious.

Naomi Arbit explained, a behavioral scientist on the Renew curriculum explained that heartbroken people used their former partners “to fill their feelings of emptiness or loneliness.” But the thing is, before entering into a relationship, people need to “learn how to fill their own hungry ghosts.” Your romantic partner does not have the responsibility to complete you into a whole person; the task always belongs in your hand.

Currently, Renew Breakup Bootcamp is the only-running breakup retreat in Malibu and New York. However, founder Chan promised to go global with the hopes of helping women cope with the effects of breakup.

We all have our ways on how to cope with breakups. Others find comfort in watching movies, going out with friends, and or, spending an entire day on a salon because keeping one’s sanity intact on the process of self-healing is hard, and believe me I have done that too.

You will resort to self-hate and doubt, but the worst thing you can do to yourself is questioning your worth as a person. Friends and families may offer the best emotional support, but the truth is no one can save you except yourself. This breakup boot camp and other renew programs are just your guide to help you lessen the emotional baggage. But the key to complete healing lies within you.

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