R. Kelly Back In Prison For Not Paying Child Support

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R. Kelly may have posted bail for the sexual abuse charges he is facing, but he is still back in prison for failing to pay child support.

The 52-year-old R&B singer was taken to custody, Thursday, after a judge ordered his arrest for not paying child support for his ex-wife and three children. The Chicago judge did not accept the arrangements proposed by Kelly and instead demanded the full amount of $161,000.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, said that he has a financial problem. He noted that Kelly is facing unpaid rent and unpaid child support. He also now faces a $166,000 eviction notice for all his overdue rent.

“This is someone who should be wealthy at this stage of his career,” Greenberg said last week.

Greenberg blamed ‘mismanagement,’ ‘hangers-on,’ and ‘bad deals’ for the financial situation of Kelly, who was just taken out of custody at the Cook County Jail after a fan facilitated his bail money.

Kelly was prepared to pay $50,000 to $60,000 of the owed child support, but the judge did not accept his arrangements, his publicist, Daryll Johnson said.

“We were coming expecting that he was gonna come and make an arrangement, but they wanted the entire amount,” Darryll Johnson told reporters at the courthouse.

Kelly, who arrived in court in a blue business suit, was “expecting to leave,” Johnson said.

Instead, he was taken into custody and escorted from the courtroom by a police officer. He will likely remain in jail until his next court hearing on March 13.

“The reason he can’t pay, as you know, he hadn’t worked in a long time. He can’t book shows he can’t do anything,” Johnson said.

He initially was unable to arrange payment of a $100,000 bail. His attorney said at the time that Kelly’s finances were “a mess.”

Kelly is facing a trial and pleads not guilty on ten counts of sexual assault charges. The charges were pressed against the singer for allegedly sexually assaulting four different victims, where three of them are minors.

The development in the Kelly case came after a Chicago judge signed a no-bail arrest warrant against the 52-year old musician-producer, who for decades have faced multiple allegations of child pornography, sex with minors, operating a sex cult and sexual battery.

Kim Foxx, the state attorney for Cook County, told reporters that the alleged crimes took place between 1998 and 2010. A court clerk had earlier told AFP that nine of the charges involve minors with ages between 13 and 16.

Foxx said that felony charges carry three fo seven years of prison per count. That means R. Kelly is possible to be jailed for thirty to seventy years if all counts are ruled against him.

Reports have revealed that Kelly is in talks with Bill Cosby’s, a disgraced comedian who is now serving three to ten years in prison for sexual assault, crisis manager, Andrew Wyatt.

Wyatt believes that there are many similarities between Cosby’s circumstances and what Kelly’s currently facing, and Wyatt claims that he and Kelly are in the final stages of working out a deal.

While most of the Americans do not believe R. Kelly and are convinced that he is indeed guilty after many years and cases with similar accusations from many girls, Wyatt doesn’t.

He said in an interview that he wants to join Kelly’s team to make sure that “public lynching of a successful black man in America” won’t happen. The crisis manager goes on to say that there are those that have an “ax to grind” and are looking to derail justice by convicting “black men in the court of public opinion.”

On Wednesday, Kelly appeared in CBS’s This Morning talk show to tackle about and deny the allegations thrown at him by parents of two young women who he had an intimate relationship with.

The emotional outburst by Kelly was called out for by the host, Gayle King, as ‘playing the victim’ but the R&B superstar did not falter. During the interview, King brought up the cases of Joycelyn Savage, 23 years old, and Azriel Clary, 21. Both of the women’s parents have claimed that the disgraced singer, R. Kelly, has manipulated and brainwashed the girls to be with him.

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