Google Released Shoppable Ads In Image Search Results

Serving Ads on Google Image Search

Google is rolling out a new shoppable ad format in Google Images search results which would allow advertisers to run ads where buyers can directly buy from a sponsored Google Image search result.

The new ad format is similar to the image-based as in searches in Amazon, Pinterest, and Instagram. In the new shoppable ad format, prospective buyers will be served ads based on their keyword search, and they will be able to see the price and the brand of the product when they hover over them. The ad format also allows prospective customers to buy directly from the Google Image search results.

Google announced the rollout of this new format at ShopTalk, a retail conference held in Las Vegas this week. They said that they are testing ads in a small percentage if traffic with retailers on broad searches such as ‘home office ideas’ and ‘abstract art.’

“Google has always been a place where you can find a specific product or store, but it’s also a place where people increasingly come to look for inspiration or discover new brands and products,” Google’s president of global partnerships Daniel Alegre said.

“That’s why we’re investing in shopping solutions across more of our properties, helping retailers connect to more shoppers.”

Alegre also said that almost 50% of online shoppers are motivated to buy products after seeing the images of it; that’s why it is only logical for Google to invest in this new format. He also noted that the company is also planning to expand ‘showcase shopping ads, ’ a format it introduced in 2017, to Google Image search.

With Google’s entry to the visual search game, it becomes more evident that visual search advertising is maturing as more and more advertisers are using this format to drive sales and revenue.

“This is just further testament to the fact that search is becoming more than just a keyword,” said Doug Rozen, chief media officer at 360i. “Visual search is maturing, and platforms know that they have to contend with the same KPIs (key performance indicators) and deliver some form of conversion, not just a branded impression.”

George Manas, president at Omnicom Media Group’s Resolution Media, called Google’s move smart, given how online shopping has changed and the entry of other platforms to visual search.

“Besides reacting to obvious business pressures of people going directly to Amazon and Instagram to buy products, this is also a nod to how commerce is evolving online, from something that was historically a purely transactional experience to something that is now immersive,” Manas said.

Google accounted for 71% of the US search ad market in 2018, a report suggests. Google’s search ad revenue is estimated at $34.42 billion. According to Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, And Byers partner Mary Meeker, this is even expected to rise as voice, and image-based searches are forecasted to be 50% of total searches by 2020.

“I think they should all be worried, even though Amazon, Facebook (Instagram’s parent) and Pinterest all have some share,” Omnicom’s Manas. “Google is extraordinarily well positioned to capitalize on visual search.”

The advertising industry has received so many new features and options for publishers in recent months from different platforms. Instagram has rolled out a local directory for services and products through its location feature. Yesterday, Twitter released an Insight tool that would allow publishers to approximate the best time to post their video contents.

A set of Publisher Insight tools within its Media Studio focused on the timeframe that is best to post a video was rolled out by the tech giant.

Twitter announced in its media blog early this morning and advised that the feature is already live as of the moment.

“In an effort to provide our publishers with more actionable data to help them improve their performance on Twitter, we’ve been busy working on a new set of Publisher Insights tools that will live within Media Studio. After months of work we’re excited to announce the launch of our first new Insights tool — Timing is Everything, ” the blog post read.

“This data highlights the best time(s) to Tweet video content with an aim to maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership, ” Twitter added.

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